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business  Noun
Plural: businesses
  1. Translate "business" to Spanish: negocio, comercio, negocios, chiringuito
    English Synonyms of "business": affair, biz, deal, negotiation, trade, traffic
    Define meaning of "business": The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects. ; The volume of business activity.
  2. Computers are now widely used in business.
    Business is good today.
    Show me where the business was today.

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  3. Translate "business" to Spanish: negocio, casa comercial, compañía, empresa, empresa de negocios, casa, comercio
    English Synonyms of "business": concern, business firm, company, firm, commercial organization, establishment, commercial house, house
    Define meaning of "business": The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects. ; A commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it.
  4. Computers are now widely used in business.
    He bought his brother's business.
    A small mom-and-pop business.
    A racially integrated business concern.

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  5. Translate "business" to Spanish: asunto, cuestión, achaque, carambada
    English Synonyms of "business": affair, issue, matter, subject, theme, topic, concern, point
    Define meaning of "business": A rightful concern or responsibility. ; An immediate objective.
  6. It's none of your business.
    Mind your own business.
    Gossip was the main business of the evening.

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  7. Translate "business" to Spanish: local del negocio, edificio u otro local donde se conduce el negocio ya sea fábrica o almacén o despacho, negocio
    English Synonyms of "business": business place, building or place where business is carried on

  8. Translate "business" to Spanish: profesión, ocupación, laburo
    English Synonyms of "business": chore, profession, calling, career, pursuit, trade, vocation, occupation
    Define meaning of "business": The principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.
  9. He's not in my line of business.

  10. Translate "business" to Spanish: pequeño gesto usado en teatro para distinguir una escena
    English Synonyms of "business": piece of business, stage business

  11. Translate "business" to Spanish: excremento
    English Synonyms of "business": excrement, stools, buffalo chips, ca-ca, caca, cowflop, doo-doo, pooh, poop
    Define meaning of "business": Waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body.

business  Adjective
  1. Translate "business" to Spanish: comercial, comerciante
    English Synonyms of "business": mercantile, trading, commercial, dealing, marketable, mercative
    Define meaning of "business": Of or relating to or characteristic of trade or traders.; Profit oriented.; Of or relating to the economic system of mercantilism.

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  3. Translate "business" to Spanish: empresarial, corporativo, de la empresa
    English Synonyms of "business": corporate, entrepreneurial, corporative, enterprising, free-lance, company, consortial
    Define meaning of "business": Of or belonging to a corporation.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "business"
a big business
a good business
a large business
a nice little business
accelerator theory of business investment
accounting for business transactions
American Business Press
Americas Business Forum
another's business
anticompetitive business practices
area of business
Ashridge Business School
astronomical theory of the business cycle
attend to other people's business
attend to routine business
average volume of business handled
Bachelor of Business Administration
banking business
be a man's business
be a sharp business person
be a woman's business
be away on a business trip
be away on business
be clever in business
be in monkey business
be involved in monkey business
be no business of theirs
be none of her business
be none of his business
be none of my business
be none of one's business
be none of our business
be none of their business
be none of your business
be on a business trip
be one's business
be out of business
be razor-sharp when it comes to business
be sick about the whole business
be somebody else's business
be someone's business
be the business of
be up to some crooked business
become involved in business
Better Business Bureau
big business
big name in business
big wheel in business
bit of business
brokerage business
building business
business is business
car-rental business
carry on a business
carry on business
carry out business operations
Cass Business School
cease the business
census of business
central business district
cessation of business
close business permanently
close of business
collateral businesses
commission business
complicated business
computer application that analyzes business data
concerning business
conduct business
conduct of business
conduct of business meeting
conduct one's business
confectionery business
contingent business interruption
continuity of the business unit
counteract the business cycle
course of business
craft business
criminal business
cultural business
curiosity and meddlesomeness about someone else's business
customary business practices
cut out the funny business
decreased business activity
dedicate oneself to business
direct business
direct business cost
dirty business
dishonest and contemptible business person
do banking business
do business
do one's business
dreadful business
eager to do business
earning power of the business
endless business
engage in business
engaged in business
enter unto business relation with
entry in regular course of business
Esselte Business Systems
expert in quantitative analysis of stock market and other business trends
export business
extra business
Faculty of Business Studies
family business
family-run business
farm business
female owner of a business establishment
fierce disloyal competition in the business world
financing business
financing the business
flair for business
foreign-controlled business
form of the business unit
found a business
funny business
general level of business activity
get down to business
get in business with
get into other people's business
get involved in somebody else's business
get oneself into business
get the business
get the business going
give a financial interest in a business
give a share in a business
give the business
give the business to
go about one's business
go into business with
go out of business
going business
good business
good business sense
goodwill of a business
government intervention in business
grape-basket business
greeting cards business
greetings card business
handling of someone else's business
have a small business
have no business
have no business in
head-end business
Henley Business School
historically underutilized business zone
home-based business
honest business
hotel business
Hult International Business School
illegal business
illicit business
import business
in business
in show business
in somebody else's business
in someone else's business
in the ordinary course of business
independently owned business
inferior business
information systems that provide information regarding business operations
insurance business
International Business Machines
International Business Machines (IBM)
International Business Machines Corp.
Intl. Business Machines
investment business
it's none of my business
it's none of our business
it's none of your business
it's not my business
it's not your business
it will be a long business
keen on doing business
keep on investing in a bad business
keep your nose out of other people's business
know one's business
know the ins and outs of business
land-office business
large business organization
lawful business
lending business
let's get down to business
lie like nobody's business
like nobody's business
line of business
line-of-business data
line-of-business entity
lines of business
liquidate a business
liquor business
loan for a specific business purpose
loan to business
London Business School
loss-producing business
lossmaker business
lucrative business
mail order business
manage a business
Manchester Business School
Master of Business Administration
mean business
meddle in other people's business
meddle into other people's business
medium-sized business
middle-sized business
mind one's own business
mind other people's business
mind your own business
money-producing business
moneylending business
monkey business
multi-product business
municipal business license
natural business year
neglected business contact
net business formation
none of anybody else's business
none of my business
none of one's business
none of our business
none of their business
none of your business
nose for business
on the ordinary course of business
one-man business
one's business
one-woman business
open a business
open for business
order of business
ordinary and necessary business expenses
ordinary business expenses
ordinary course of business
out of business
owner of a business
painting business
parent business
partner who has no active role in the conduct of a business
peak of a business cycle
pending business
person holding a degree in business administration
person in charge of business
person in charge of direction and management of public businesses
person who knows and tells everyone else's business
person whose job is to stimulate business
personal business
piece of business
place of business
poke one's nose into other people's business
poultry business
primary business contact
principal place of business
private business
profit-making business
profit-producing business
profitable business
promising young professional in the business world
proprietary business information
proprietor of a business
prosperous business
prying into other people's business
public business
public business agents
put a good face on a bad business
rag business
real estate business
regular course of business
remove oneself from the conventional competitive world of politics and business
rental business
reorganization of a business
restrictive business practices
retail business
reversal in business
run a business
run a small business
run one's business
run one's own business
run out of business
run the business
running expenses of business
seasonal business
secured business loan
see a business through
see to one's business
send about someone's business
serious business
set oneself up in business
set up a business
shady business
sharp business person
shoe business
show business
show-business world
sideline business
size of business
small and medium-size business
small business
Small Business Administration
small rise in business activity
small time business
somebody else's business
someone else's business
sphere of business
stage business
standstill of business activities
start a business
start business operation
starting day on a business deal
startup business
state business
statistician clerk of a business
stick one's nose in other people's business
stick one's nose into other's people business
stick to business
stick to one's business
stock business
stop doing business with
stop meddling into other people's business
strategic business unit
strategic business units
street vendor's place of business
stroke of business
suburb of cheap mass-produced houses and ugly business places
success in business
successful business
supplementary business
take charge of a business
talk about business
talk business
task to accomplish in business
task to be accomplished in business
temporary entry of business persons
that business about
that business of
that's none of your business
that's not your business
the business
the business end
the small business
the worst type of business
this business about
this is none of your business
this is not my business
to that business regarding
total business
toy business
transact a business
transact business
transacted business
transfer of the clients of a business
transparency in doing business
turn a business away
unclear business
undercover business
unfinished business
unimportant business
unsecured business loan
venture into business
very good business
very lucrative business
very serious business
volume business
volume of business
wealthy business executive
well-established business
what a business
where it's none of her business
where it's none of his business
where it's none of my business
where it's none of our business
where it's none of their business
where it's none of your business
who's running the business
who's running this business
wholesale business
with business initiative
within two business days
women's business dressing
world of show business
you must look after your own businesses
you should take care of your business
Young Americas Business Trust
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