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body  Noun
Plural: bodies
  1. Translate "body" to Spanish: cuerpo, objeto
    English Synonyms of "body": object, solid body, solid object
    Define meaning of "body": An individual 3-dimensional object that has mass and that is distinguishable from other objects.
  2. Heavenly body.

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  3. Translate "body" to Spanish: cuerpo, cuerpo humano, cuerpo físico, soma
    English Synonyms of "body": soma, physical body, human body, frame, bod
    Define meaning of "body": Alternative names for the body of a human being.

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  5. Translate "body" to Spanish: carrocería, carrocería del coche, fuselaje
    English Synonyms of "body": car's body, body of the car, chassis, fuselage, automobile body, bodywork, coachwork
    Define meaning of "body": The external structure of a vehicle.
  6. The body of the car was badly rusted.

  7. Translate "body" to Spanish: organismo, agregado de personas, colegio, cuerpo, órgano
    English Synonyms of "body": agency, organ, organism, organization, organized group of people, organisation
    Define meaning of "body": A group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity.
  8. The whole body filed out of the auditorium.

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  9. Translate "body" to Spanish: cuerpo, cadáver, tendido
    English Synonyms of "body": cadaver, carcass, dead body, carcase, cold meat, corps, dead meat, corpse
    Define meaning of "body": Body of a dead animal or person.
  10. They found the body in the lake.

  11. Translate "body" to Spanish: entidad
    English Synonyms of "body": agency, entity, organization
    Define meaning of "body": An administrative unit of government.

  12. Translate "body" to Spanish: contenido temático
    English Synonyms of "body": thematic content

  13. Translate "body" to Spanish: cuerpo, cuerpo principal de un organismo
    English Synonyms of "body": main section of a bodily part, main section of an organism, corpus

  14. Translate "body" to Spanish: cuerpo, etiqueta usada en HTML para indicar la parte principal de una página Web, opuesta al encabezado
    English Synonyms of "body": tag used in HTML to indicate the main part of a web page, as opposed to the head

  15. Translate "body" to Spanish: parte principal de un ser excluyendo la cabeza y las extremidades
    Define meaning of "body": Main part of a being excluding the head and extremities.; The body excluding the head and neck and limbs.
  16. They moved their arms and legs and bodies.

body  Adjective
  1. Translate "body" to Spanish: corporal
    English Synonyms of "body": material, bodily, corporal, corporeal
    Define meaning of "body": Having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary. ; Having material or physical form or substance. ; Concerned with or affecting physical as distinct from intellectual or psychological well-being. ; Concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests.

  2. Translate "body" to Spanish: somático
    English Synonyms of "body": corporeal, of the body, physical, somatic, body-related

Conceptually-related expressions of "body"
ability of a particular substance such as an antigen or epitope to provoke an immune response in the body
abnormal development and growth of cells or body organs
accessory body
accumulation in body tissues
acetone bodies
acetone body
adjoining anatomical parts in the body
administration body
administrative body
adrenal body
advisory body
aerodynamic body
affecting the entire body
agent that expels tapeworms from the body
agricultural professional body
alcoholic hyaline body
Alder body
alkapton bodies
all-steel body
alloxur bodies
alloxuric bodies
alveolar body
Amato bodies
amygdaloid body
amylaceous bodies
amylogenic body
amyloid bodies
amyloid body
anaphylactic reaction bodies
anatomical representation of the human body without skin
ancient Greek upper body armor
animal fat deposited in the fatty tissue of the body
anococcygeal body
anteroposterior plane parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body
anti-Rh body
aortic bodies
aortic body
aortic body reflex
aortic body tumor
apical body
Appellate Body
Arnold's bodies
Arnold's body
artificial body part
as a body
asbestos body
asbestosis bodies
Aschoff bodies
Aschoff body
aseptic body image
asteroid body
astral body
attach a substance to a body part
Auer body
Auer-rod body
Auer's bodies
automatic device that records variations in the volume of any body
automobile body
Babes-Ernst bodies
Babes-Ernst body
back of any body part
back of the body
back view of the body or body part
bad body posture
Balbiani's body
Balfour bodies
Barr body
Barr chromatin body
basal body
basal body temperature
basal layer of ciliary body
Bath & Body Works
be sore all over one's body
Behla's bodies
belief that the soul dies with the body
Bence Jones bodies
Bender's bodies
beneath the vitreous body
bigeminal body
black body
black-body locus
black person's body
blood stagnation within a body part
Bollinger bodies
Bollinger body
Bollinger's bodies
Borrel bodies
Borrel body
Borrel's bodies
Bracht-Wachter bodies
Bracht-Wachter's bodies
branch to the amygdaloid body
brassy body
brought towards the body midline
Buchner's bodies
burning of body fat
Cabot's ring bodies
Cabot's ring body
Call-Exner bodies
Call-Exner body
cancer bodies
cancer body
car body
car's body
carburator body
carotid body
carotid-body reflex
carotid body tumor
carotid-body tumor
caused by a foreign body
cavernous body
cavity in an organ of the body
celestial body
cell body
central and coordinating body representing a number of smaller separate bodies
central body
certification body
Cesaris-Demel bodies
cessation of a body function
chromaffin body
chromatin body
chromatinic bodies
chromophilous bodies
ciliary body
Civatte body
coccigeal body
coccygeal body
collecting body
collegiate body
colloid bodies
colloid body
colostrum bodies
coming from the body
common center of gravity around which two or more bodies revolve
competent body
composite body
compressible cavernous body
compromise body image
conchoidal body
conformity assessment body
congenital absence of a body part
consubstantiation of the body
corporate body
Councilman bodies
Councilman body
Councilman hyaline body
Councilman's bodies
Cowdry's type A inclusion body
Cowdry type I inclusion body
Creola body
crescent bodies
crown-shaped body structure
cup-like body part
cytoid body
cytoplasmic dense bodies
cytoplasmic inclusion body
dead body
deep digger body
Deetjen's bodies
Deetjen's body
deliberate and vigorous gesture or motion with the hands or other body part
demilune body
dentate body
denticulate body
Descartes' body
digger body
discharge from the body
Dispute Settlement Body
dissection of dead bodies
do body-building
doctrine that life is a state of excitation produced by the action of external agents upon the body
dodge one's body
Doehle's bodies
Dohle body
Dohle's inclusion bodies
Donne's bodies
Donovan bodies
Donovan body
Donovan's bodies
dorsal nucleus of the trapezoid body
draw away from the anatomical axis of the body
drowned body
drug used to expel water or any watery fluid from the body
dump body
earth body
Ehrlich's hemoglobinemic bodies
Ehrlich's inner body
electoral body
electorate body
elementary body
Elschnig bodies
Elschnig's bodies
Elzholz's bodies
embryoid body
embryonal tumor of ciliary body
end body
endoglobar body
energy center in the body
epithelial body
excess of blood in a body part
excess of body fat
excessive glycogenolysis resulting in excessive glucose in the body
excessive preoccupation with one's body
executive body
exercise and body image
express with the face and body
extra-terrestrial body
extraterritorial body
falciform body
fatty body
fear of body odors
fear of deformity or unattractive body image
fear of naked bodies
fear of things to the right side of the body
ferruginous body
fiber assembly coming from the optical path and that reach the outer body
figure with man's head and lion's body
fimbriate body
flat part of ciliary body
flight close to a celestial body
force that tends to separate two bodies
foreign body
foreign body granuloma
foreign body obstruction
foreign body salpingitis
foreign body tumorigenesis
frontal view of the body or body part
fruiting body
fuchsin bodies
fuchsin body
Gamna-Favre body
Gamna-Gandy body
garment knitted from wool and worn over the upper body
gaseous bodies
general purpose body
general sense of indisposition over the whole body
geniculate body
Gianuzzi's bodies
give body
give body to
glass body
glomus body
Golgi body
good body posture
Gordon's bodies
Gordon's elementary bodies
Gordon's elementary body
gorgeous female body
gorgeous girl with a spectacular body
governing body
government body
government by a collective body
government-controlled body
grape trailer body
graphic record of rhythmic changes in the body
grassland body
Guarnieri body
Guarnieri's bodies
Halberstaedter-Prowazek body
hardening of an organ or body tissue
harmless snake frequenting freshwater bodies
Harting bodies
Hassall-Henle body
Hassall's bodies
Hassall's body
have a fair body
have a nice body
have narcotics in one's body
having a generously formed female body
having an attractive body
heavenly body
Heinz bodies
Heinz body
Heinz body test
Heinz-Ehrlich bodies
Heinz-Ehrlich body
heir of the body
hematoxylin body
hematoxyphil body
Hensen's body
Herring bodies
Herring body
high risk for altered body temperature
Highmore's body
hollow space in the body
Howell-Jolly bodies
Howell-Jolly body
Howell's bodies
human body
hyaline bodies
hyaline body
hyaloid body
igneous rock embedded with numerous whitish rounded bodies
illuminate through the tissues of the body of
immune body
in a body
in the body
inclusion bodies
inclusion body
inclusion body disease
inclusion body encephalitis
increase in growth of body hair
index of body build
infection with pus in a body cavity
infrapatellar fat body
infundibular body
inorganic mass which forms in the body
insert a catheter into the body
instrument detecting minute expansions and contractions of solid bodies
instrument of torture that doubled over and squeezed the victim's body
instrument to detect and measure the psychic force emanating from the human body
intercarotid body
intermediary body
internal body temperature
internal sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body
international body
interpeduncular body
interrenal body
introducing a bill in legislative body
involving body humour
involving study of electrical phenomena in living bodies
involving the skin that attaches several organs to the body
inward parts of the body
irrational fear of body odors
irrational fear of deformity or unattractive body image
irrational fear of things to the right side of the body
Jaworski's bodies
Jaworski's body
Joest body
Joest's bodies
jointed bone construction of the body
Jolly body
Jolly's bodies
juxtaglomerular body
juxtarestiform body
ketone bodies
ketone body
Koch's blue body
Kohn's bodies
Kurloff's bodies
Kurloff's body
L-D body
L.E. body
lack of water in the body
Lafora body
Lafora body disease
Lallemand's bodies
Lallemand's body
Lallemand-Trousseau bodies
lamellar body
Landolt's bodies
Landolt's body
Langerhans's bodies
lateral geniculate body
lateral geniculate body branch
Laveran's bodies
LCL bodies
lean body mass
lean body tissue
learned body
legislative body
Leishman-Donovan bodies
Leishman-Donovan body
Leishman-Donovan's body
lens-shaped body
lenticular body
level of alkali in the body
Levinthal-Coles-Lillie bodies
Lewy bodies
Lewy body
Lewy body dementia
ley body
Lieutaud's body
Linder's initial bodies
Lindner's body
Lipschütz bodies
loading above the slatted body
local government body
local irritation provoked to alleviate inflammation and congestion in another part of the body
long axis of body
loose body
loose-fitting garment worn in the Malay Archipelago consisting of a cloth wrapped around the body
loss of body salt
Lostorfer's bodies
low body
lower house of legislative body
lower part of the trunk of the body
Lowitt's bodies
Luse body
Luys' body
Luys body
magazine showing nearly nude men with muscular bodies
main body
make-up of the student body
Mallory body
Mallory's bodies
malpighian body
mammary body
mammillary bodies
mammillary body
Marchal bodies
marine mollusk having a wormlike body
marine mollusks having a wormlike bodies
masonry body
Masson body
Masson's body
measurement of the diameter of a celestial body
measurement of the positions and motions of the heavenly bodies
measurement of the relative distance between celestial bodies
medial geniculate body
melon-seed body
member of a governing body
mental image of one's own body
mesomorphic body type
message body
metabolic body size
metachromatic bodies
metachromatic body
method to record dance movements that uses symbols for the direction and tempo and for every part of the body
Michaelis-Gutmann body
microcephalous body
mind-body perception
Miyagawa body
molluscous bodies
Mooser body
Morner's body
morphogenetic process that leads to the formation of the germ layers and the body plan
mortal body
move away from the axis of the body
Müller's dust bodies
multilamellar body
multivesicular body
muriform body
muscular spasm of the entire body
myelin body
mythological monster with a woman's head and a bird's body
national standardization body
national standardizing body
Negri bodies
Negri body
Neill-Mooser bodies
nerve cell body
nice body
Nissl bodies
Nissl body
Nissl's bodies
nodular body
non-government body
non-governmental body
normal body fluid
nozzle body
nuclear body
nuclear inclusion body
nucleus of medial geniculate body
nucleus of the mammillary body
nucleus of trapezoid body
Odland body
of fresh water bodies
of high body temperature
of sound mind and body
of the body
of the motion of the body
official body
Oken's body
olivary bodies
olivary body
one's body
onion body
ore body
organized body
orifice of the body
orifices of the body
out-of-body experience
out-of-the-body experience
outside the body
over my dead body
Pacchioni body
Pacchioni's body
pacchionian body
padding worn in some places to increase the generosity of a woman's body
pampiniform body
Pappenheimer bodies
Pappenheimer body
para-aortic body
paraaortic body
parabasal body
paralysis of one side of the body
paralysis of the lower body
paralysis of the lower half of the body
paranephric body
paranuclear body
paraolivary bodies
paraterminal body
parathyroid body
part of human body
Paschen bodies
Paschen body
passings of the souls after death into another human or animal bodies
path of a curved body structure
peduncle of mammillary body
perineal body
Perls' anemia bodies
person regarded as merely a physical body
pertaining to a natural fissure or cleft in a bone or other part of the body
phobia of body odors
phobia of deformity or unattractive body image
phobia of things to the right side of the body
photograph showing the nude male body
physical body
Pick's body
pineal body
piston body
pituitary body
place that provides sexual services under the guise of legitimate body massage
placing of a catheter in the body
planetary body
Plimmer's bodies
Plimmer's body
plough body alignment
point in an orbit around the moon which is furthest from that body
polar bodies
polar body
policy-making body
politic body
political body
poor body posture
postbranchial body
presegmenting bodies
primary body
private body
probe used for observation of the interior organs and cavities of the body
procurement body
progressive and abnormal wasting of the body
Prowazek-Greef bodies
Prowazek-Greeff bodies
Prowazek-Greeff body
Prowazek's bodies
Prowazek's body
psammoma bodies
psammoma body
psittacosis inclusion body
psychic body
pubic body
public body
pudrid humor produced by abscesses or sores in the body
pump body
purine bodies
purine bodies test
purine body
pushing of food though the body
pyknotic bodies
quadrigeminal bodies
quadrigeminal body
quantity of matter contained in a body
quasi-judicial body
radio emitting body
reaction body
receptor located in the subcutaneous tissues which responds to stimuli produced within the body
reference body
referring to the back and front of the body
reflex produced by stimulation of the body surface
reflex related to body position
region of body
regional body
regional government bodies
regulatory body
remains of a cremated body
removal of any part of the body
removal of fluid from a body cavity
Renaut's bodies
requiem mass with the body present
residual body
residual body of Regaud
rest body
restiform bodies
restiform body
return to normal body temperature
rhizoid bodies
rice bodies
rice body
rigid body
ringworm of the body
Rosenmüller's body
Ross' bodies
ruling body of 100
Russell body
Russell's bodies
sand bodies
sand body
Sandstrom body
Savage's perineal body
Schaumann body
Schaumann's bodies
Schmorl body
science dealing with the laws of rotation of the solid bodies
sclerotic body
scoop-shaped surgical tool for scraping and removing tissue from body cavities
segmenting body
Seidelin bodies
self-governing body
semi-digger body
semilunar bodies
separate from the body
set of anatomical regions of the body
set of folds in the mucosa and other body parts
set of reflexes that ensure the balance of the body
shell-shaped body part
short bodied
similarity of structure between organs or body parts
slatted body
small body
small body cavity
small cavity or chamber inside the body
small slender red worm that lives in the bottom mud of freshwater bodies
small spherical body
solid body
Spengler's immune bodies
Spengler's immune body
spherical body
spinning body
spongy body
stagger between bodies
stake body
standard-setting body
standardizing body
statutory body
stemming from the body
steroid drug used for body-building
stoppage of the flow of a body fluid
streamline body
streamlined body
striate body
student body
study of body-language
study of the action of drugs in the body
study of the size and proportions of the human body
subacute inclusion body encephalitis
subsidiary body
substance attached to a body part
supervisory body
suprarenal body
surgical removal of a body part
surgical removal of any part of the body
suture that will be absorbed by the body
swallowed foreign body
sweating all over the body
Symington's anococcygeal body
Symington's body
tanned body
Technical Body
telescope with an adjustable split objective lens measuring short distances between celestial bodies
telescope with an adjustable split objective lens measuring the diameter of a celestial body
text body
that is directed towards the anterior end of the body
that is present in the whole of an organ or of the body
thermostabile body
thin tube that is introduced in the body
thoroughly decomposed body
three-jawed forceps for extraction of foreign bodies
threshold body
thyroid body
tight-fitting garment covering the entire body
tight-fitting whole body garment
tigroid bodies
tigroid body
top of a body part
torpedo body
Torres-Teixeira bodies
total body fluid
total body hypothermia
total body radiation
total body water
trachoma bodies
trachoma body
traditional Arabian whole-body garment
trailer body
transplant from a person's own body
transverse septum of body
trapezoid body
treatment through irritation of a body region
tremor in one side of the body
Trousseau-Lallemand bodies
Trousseau-Lallemand body
trunk of the body
tube used to drain liquid from the body
tuffstone body
turbinate body
turbinated body
twisting of the body
tympanic body
type B inclusion body
type body
ultimobranchial body
ultrasound examination of the whole body
upper cap-shaped part of a mushroom or similar spore-producing body
upper house of legislative body
use of technological methods to obtain images of the internal parts of the body
use the body and body contact
using the body
vaccine body
ventral nucleus of trapezoid body
vermiform body
Verocay bodies
Verocay body
vertebral body
Virchow-Hassall body
vitreous body
waste matter from body
wasting of a body part
water body
weak in body
which grows abnormally out from the main body
which has an extremely small body
which relates to fresh water bodies
whole-body counter
whole-body irradiation
whole body-related
whole body vibration
whose wattles are of a different tincture from the rest of the body
widespread in the body
widespread presence throughout the body
widow who committed suicide by cremating herself together with her husband's body
Winkler's body
with body present
Wolf-Orton body
Wolff's body
Wolffian body
woman with an attractive body
worship of stars and other heavenly bodies
x bodies
X body
Y body
yellow body
yellow-white more or less viscid humor produced by suppuration in the body
you can't please every body
you should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body
zebra body
Zuckerkandl's bodies
Zuckerkandl's body
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