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blow up  Verb
  1. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: estallar, explotar, reventar, reventarse, volar, detonar, saltar por los aires
    English Synonyms of "blow up": blow out, burst, explode, blast, blow, come open, pop, go wall
  2. The gas factory blew up, La fábrica de gas voló.

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  3. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: explotar, reventar, hacer volar, saltar con explosivos, volar en pedazos, explosionar, volar
    English Synonyms of "blow up": detonate, blast, burst, blow, blow apart, explode, make explode
    Define meaning of "blow up": Cause to explode.
  4. The criminal blew up the building, El criminal hizo volar el edificio.
    We exploded the nuclear bomb.

  5. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: inflar, llenar de aire
    English Synonyms of "blow up": blow, distend with air, inflate, puff up, pump up, balloon, belly, fill with air
    Define meaning of "blow up": Fill with gas or air.
  6. Inflate a balloons.

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  7. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: explotar de furia, lanzarse en improperios, poner el grito al cielo, poner el grito en el cielo
    English Synonyms of "blow up": become enraged, blow one's top, explode in rage, fall into a rage, fly into a temper, lose one's rag
    Define meaning of "blow up": Get very angry and fly into a rage.
  8. The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question.
    Spam makes me go ballistic.

  9. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: reventar, hacer explosión
    English Synonyms of "blow up": blow out, detonate, make explosion

  10. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: surgir para mal

  11. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: ampliar, hacer una ampliación de, hacer una copia ampliada de
    English Synonyms of "blow up": augment, broaden, broaden out, enlarge, expand, extend
    Define meaning of "blow up": Make large.
  12. Blow up an image.

  13. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: exagerar, abultar
    English Synonyms of "blow up": amplify, blow out of proportion, bulge, carry to extremes, exaggerate, hype, magnify
    Define meaning of "blow up": Exaggerate or make bigger.
  14. The charges were inflated.

  15. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: levantarse, venir
    English Synonyms of "blow up": come up
  16. A gale blew up, Se levantó un vendaval.

  17. Translate "blow up" to Spanish: regañar a gritos
    English Synonyms of "blow up": bawl out, scold in a loud voice, snarl at, call down
    Define meaning of "blow up": Censure severely or angrily.

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