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authority  Noun
Plural: authorities
  1. Translate "authority" to Spanish: autoridad, facultad, mando, poder, potestad, arbitrio, comando, control, dominio, férula, jerarquía, poderío, fuero, vara alta
    English Synonyms of "authority": faculty, mastery, power, command, control, domination, jurisdiction
    Define meaning of "authority": Official permission or approval.; The power or right to give orders or make decisions.
  2. Authority for the program was renewed several times.
    He has the authority to issue warrants.
    Deputies are given authorization to make arrests.

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  3. Translate "authority" to Spanish: autoridad, gurú, persona que es el máximo especialista en la materia
    English Synonyms of "authority": guru, person who is the best specialist in the field, top authority in the field, pundit, whiz, wiz, ace
    Define meaning of "authority": An expert whose views are taken as definitive.
  4. He is an authority on corporate law.

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  5. Translate "authority" to Spanish: autoridad, representante de la ley
    English Synonyms of "authority": officer, officer of the law, person in authority, maven, mavin, mayvin
    Define meaning of "authority": Persons who exercise (administrative) control over others.
  6. The authorities have issued a curfew.

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  7. Translate "authority" to Spanish: influencia
    English Synonyms of "authority": importance, influence, domination, predominance, prevalence, pull, sway
    Define meaning of "authority": The quality of being important and worthy of note. ; A prominent status.

  8. Translate "authority" to Spanish: instancia

Conceptually-related expressions of "authority"
absolute authority
abuse of administrative authority
abuse of authority
acceptance theory of authority
accounting authority
acts of a governmental authority
actual authority
administrative authority
agent's implied authority
apparent authority
appropriate authority
area of authority
bank authority
be by virtue of the authority
be in authority
be within someone's authority
beyond the scope of authority
black person in authority
broad authority
by authority
by authority of
California Youth Authority
central authority
Certificate Authority
certificate of authority
certification authority
certifying authority
Civil Aviation Authority
color of authority
colour of authority
commitment authority
competent authority
competent investigating authority
concurrent staff authority
constituted authority
constructive authority
contracting authority
controlled authority
controlling authority
crime detected by authority
delegate authority
delegation of authority
deprive from authority
deprived of authority
devolve authority
discretionary authority
education authority
empowered authority
enterprise certification authority
European Food Safety Authority
exceed one's authority
exceeding authority
excessive display of authority
exclusive authority
exert authority
exert authority vigorously
express authority
Family Health Services Authority
fast track authority
federal authority
final authority
for approval by higher authority
full authority
functional authority
general authority
give authority to
government authority
have authority
have authority over
have no authority
have the authority
health authority
health registration authority
highest authority
housing authority
implied authority
in the position of authority
Independent Broadcasting Authority
independent of any external authority
inferred authority
Inner London Education Authority
International Sea-bed Authority
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
investigating authority
judicial authority
keep under one's authority
lack of authority
ladder of authority
legal authority
legislative authority
lending authority
letter of authority
level of authority
levels of authority
licensing authority
limited authority
line and staff authority
line authority
line of authority
local authority
local authority area
local education authority
local financial authority
local health authority
man in authority
mandatory authority
maximum authority
misuse of authority
Muslim authority
naked authority
network addressing authority
new housing authority bond
obedience to authority
obligatory authority
of the mother's authority
on good authority
operating authority
optional authority
ostensible authority
oversight authority
overwhelm with one's authority
parental authority
paternal authority
person in authority
pertaining to delegated authority
port authority
position of authority
position of lesser authority
postal authority
project authority
prosecuting authority
provincial authority
public authority
Public Housing Authority bond
rank of authority
rational-legal authority
regional authority
regulating authority
report an abuse to an authority
report an irregularity to an authority
report an offense to an authority
responsible authority
revenue authority
rigid authority
root authority
root certification authority
root certification authority certificate
scope of authority
self-styled authority on words
show authority
speak with authority
special authority
Sports Authority
Sports Authority Inc
staff authority
staff that is symbolic of power and authority
subordinate with little authority
supervisory authority
supreme authority
symbol of authority
take away authority from
tax authority
time stamp authority
transcending authority
trusted root certification authority
ultimate authority
unbroken line of authority
under the authority of
undermine someone's authority
undermine the authority of
unlimited authority
water regulatory authority
which advocates the limitation of papal authority
which has authority
with authority
with the authority for
with the authority of
with the authority to
withdrawal of authority
without authority
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