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any  Adjective
  1. Translate "any" to Spanish: cualquier, alguna, algún, de tantos, cualunque
    English Synonyms of "any": either, any given, any such, whatever, whatsoever, whichever
    Define meaning of "any": One or some or every or all without specification.
  2. Give me any peaches you don't want.
    Not any milk is left.
    Any child would know that.
    Pick any card.
    Any day now.
    Cars can be rented at almost any airport.
    At twilight or any other time.

  3. Translate "any" to Spanish: ningún, nada de
    English Synonyms of "any": no
    Define meaning of "any": Either every little or very great but unspecified.
  4. She does not need any help, Ella no necesita nada de ayuda.
    Can't stand any noise.
    Could not endure chemotherapy for any length of time.

  5. Translate "any" to Spanish: cualesquier, cualesquiera
    English Synonyms of "any": any and all

any  Adverb
  1. Translate "any" to Spanish: más
    English Synonyms of "any": more, any more, most, much more

any  Pronoun
  1. Translate "any" to Spanish: cualquiera
    English Synonyms of "any": anybody, anyone, either, any one, anybody at all, anybody whatsoever, anybody whosoever, whoever

  2. Translate "any" to Spanish: nada
    English Synonyms of "any": none, nothing, anything, aught, naught, none of it, not a bit
  3. I don't want any, No quiero nada.

Conceptually-related expressions of "any"
a great butt can get you out of any rut
a person with resources can get out of any problem
almost any thing
an ugly scrub never gets any love
arrange without any order
as any other
ask any questions
at any age
at any cost
at any expense
at any minute
at any moment
at any price
at any rate
at any risk
at any time
automatic device that records variations in the volume of any body
back deviation of any organ
barely any
be accepted without any problem
be accepted without any problem into
be any doubts
be any questions
be not allowed under any circumstances
be not any doubt
be of any good
be safe from any claim
be something without any effect
before any meals
beyond any doubt
beyond any expectations
beyond any recall
beyond any recovery
beyond any remedy
by any chance
by any means
by any standard
change from one program to the other without getting out of any of them
diet without any salt
do any good
do not have any problem
do not have any trouble
enter into any agreement
envy never enriched any man
find any
free of any expense
free of any responsibility
free of any responsibility of
free of any ties
from any angle
from any viewpoint
go by without any obstacles
hardly any difference
have any problem
have any time
have any trouble
have not any
heap together without any order
HTML address that is not valid any more
if any
if by any chance
if by any possibility
if it's any consolation
if it's to be of any good
in any case
in any event
in any form
in any manner
in any place
in any respect
in any way
in any wise
introduction of any sort
just about any thing
just any day
just any thing
just like any other
know any better
like any other
most any
narcotics of any sort
no any
not by any chance
not by any means
not by any stretch
not on any account
not on any terms
not under any circumstance
not under any circumstances
of any kind
of any sort
of any type
on any account
pass without any difficulty
patience can solve any problem
person without any refinement
picture or other piece of art showing a person without any clothes
place where narcotics users gather to take drugs of any sort
prelude of any sort
press any key
program that reviews, corrects and updates the programs of any application
programming language for the Web that can be downloaded by any computer
relating to the wall of any cavity
result of any estimate
rise in the air without any help
scarcely any
should you have any question
something without any sense
such like any other
the years you live teach you more than any book
there is only room for one captain on any ship
toward any place
trunk answer from any station
unanimated by any ambition
unwilling to make a commitment of any kind
war in which there is little or no active aggression by any side
with unwillingness to a commitment of any kind
without any
without any care
without any ceremony
without any complication
without any consideration
without any difficulty
without any doubt
without any effect
without any effort
without any food
without any help
without any hitch
without any hitches
without any modesty
without any motive
without any outcome
without any preoccupation
without any preparation
without any preparations
without any problem
without any problems
without any provisions
without any qualm
without any reason
without any responsibility
without any result
without any right
without any risk
without any scruple
without any trouble
without any troubles
without any worry
without opinion of any kind
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