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agreement  Noun
Plural: agreements
  1. Translate "agreement" to Spanish: acuerdo, concierto, conciliación, concordación, concordancia, consenso, consonancia, acordanza
    English Synonyms of "agreement": understanding, accord, accordance, consensus, concurrence, concurrency, unison
    Define meaning of "agreement": Compatibility of observations. ; The verbal act of agreeing. ; The determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of word relations. ; Harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters.
  2. There was no agreement between theory and measurement.
    The results of two tests were in correspondence.
    The two parties were in agreement.

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  3. Translate "agreement" to Spanish: acuerdo, pacto
    English Synonyms of "agreement": pact, compact, treaty, bargain, final agreement, joint agreement, bond, convention, covenant
    Define meaning of "agreement": The thing arranged or agreed to.; The statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises. ; The verbal act of agreeing.
  4. They made arrangements to meet in Chicago.
    They had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business.
    There was an understanding between management and the workers.

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  5. Translate "agreement" to Spanish: contrato, convenio, contrata, transacción
    English Synonyms of "agreement": contract, deal, settlement, pact, signed agreement, signed contract
    Define meaning of "agreement": The statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises.
  6. They had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business.
    There was an understanding between management and the workers.

  7. Translate "agreement" to Spanish: consentimiento, consenso, anuencia, conformidad, accesión, avenencia, avenimiento
    English Synonyms of "agreement": consent, permission, affirmation, approbation, approval, endorsement, accession, acquiescence, buy-in
    Define meaning of "agreement": The verbal act of agreeing.

  8. Translate "agreement" to Spanish: entendimiento
    English Synonyms of "agreement": understanding, compromise
    Define meaning of "agreement": The statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises. ; The verbal act of agreeing.
  9. They had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business.
    There was an understanding between management and the workers.

Conceptually-related expressions of "agreement"
ABC agreement
abrogate an agreement
abrogation of agreement
absence of agreement
acceptance agreement
accession to an agreement
accessory agreement
accountants' partnership agreement
administrative agreement
ADR Agreement
AETR Agreement
agency agreement
alter the partnership agreement
amalgamation agreement
ambiguous agreement
amendatory agreement
amended Articles of Agreement
ancillary agreement
Andean Subregional Integration Agreement
antenuptial agreement
Anti-Dumping Agreement
anticompetitive agreement
arbitral agreement
arbitration agreement
are we in agreement
area agreement
area of agreement
articles of agreement
Arusha Agreement
as per agreement
assets sold under repurchase agreements
assignment agreement
association agreement
ATP Agreement
average agreement
average demurrage agreement
bailment agreement
balanced agreement
bank collective wage agreement
barter agreement
basic agreement
be a party to an agreement
be in agreement
be in agreement with
be in complete agreement
be in complete agreement to
be in complete agreement with
be in full agreement
bilateral agreement
bilateral integration agreement
bilateral payments agreement
bilateral trade agreement
binding agreement
blanket agreement
body of international agreements
borrowing agreement
bound by an agreement
bring into agreement
bring to an agreement
building loan agreement
business agreement
buy-back agreement
buy sell agreement
buyback agreement
buying agreement
by agreement
by common agreement
by mutual agreement
Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement
Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
cap-and-trade carbon emission agreement
cardholder agreement
Cartagena Agreement
cartel agreement
ceiling rate agreement
Central European Free Trade Agreement
charter agreement
clearing agreement
client's agreement
closing agreement
co-operation agreement
cohabitation agreement
collateral-loan agreement
collective agreement
collective bargaining agreement
collective labor agreement
collective labour agreement
collusive agreement
come to a friendly agreement
come to a mid-point agreement
come to a mid-point agreement with
come to a verbal agreement
come to a verbal agreement on
come to a verbal agreement with
come to agreement
come to an agreement
come to an agreement with
come to any kind of agreement
come to no agreement
come to some kind of agreement
come to some sort of agreement
come to some type of agreement
commercial agreement
commodity agreement
commodity stabilization agreement
common agreement
compelling agreement
compensation agreement
compensation of an agreement
competition policy agreement
complementarity agreement
complementary agreement
compliance agreement
comprehensive agreement
concession agreement
conclude an agency agreement
conclude an agreement
conditional agreement
confirm an agreement
conservation agreement
continuing agreement
Cotonou Agreement
covered in the agreement
credit agreement
creditors' agreement
cross purchase agreement
customer agreement
customer's agreement
customer trade agreement
Customs Valuation Agreement
default company service level agreement
denounce an agreement
development credit agreement
discharge by agreement
double taxation agreement
draft agreement
draft of agreement
drafts of a diplomatic agreement
draw up a written agreement
easement by agreement
EC Agreement
EC trade agreement
economic agreement
economic complementation agreement
employee stock repurchase agreement
encoding agreement
End User License Agreement
enter an agreement
enter into an agreement
enter into an agreement to
enter into any agreement
environmental agreement
escrow agreement
European Monetary Agreement
European Union Association Agreement
exchange agreement
exchange available under clearing agreements
exclusive dealing agreement
exclusive purchasing agreement
executed agreement
executed oral agreement
Executing Agency Agreement
executory agreement
express agreement
extension agreement
extradition agreement
fail to come to an agreement
fair-trade agreement
fallback trading partner agreement
final agreement
financial assets sold under repurchase agreements
fiscal agency agreement
fishing agreement
fixed-rate agreement
forgiveness agreement
forward rate agreement
framework agreement
free-trade agreement
Free Trade Area of the Americas Agreement
FTAA Agreement
functional trade agreement
general agreement
general association and cooperation agreement
general loan and collateral agreement
gentleman agreement
gentleman's agreement
gentlemen's agreement
give-and-take agreement
global agreement
grammatical agreement
guarantee of access to benefits because of rights or by agreement through law
guarantor agreement
guaranty agreement
have an agreement
heads of agreement
Hipólito Unanue Agreement
hire-purchase agreement
hold-harmless agreement
honorable agreement
horizontal agreement
hypothecation agreement
I.M.F. articles of agreement
illegal agreement
implementing agreement
implied agreement
in agreement
in agreement with
in arriving at their agreement
in full agreement
in total agreement
inchoate agreement
incorporation agreement
indemnity agreement
institutional agreement
insurance agreement
insuring agreement
integration agreement
intercompany agreement
intergovernmental agreement
interinstitutional agreement
international agreement
International Cocoa Agreement
International Coffee Agreement
international commodities agreement
international commodity agreement
International Natural Rubber Agreement
International Olive Oil Agreement
International Sugar Agreement
international tax agreements
International Tin Agreement
international trade agreement
International Tropical Timber Agreement
International Wheat Agreement
interprofessional agreement
Intra-European Payments Agreement
investment agreement
irrevocable agreement
joint account agreement
joint agreement
joint venture agreement
knock-for-knock agreement
knockout agreement
labor agreement
labour agreement
lack of agreement
lease agreement
lease-purchase agreement
legal agreement
lending agreement
licence agreement
licensing agreement
life annuity agreement
limitation agreement
limited occupancy agreement
listing agreement
live up to the agreement
loan agreement
loan consent agreement
long-term agreements
maintenance agreement
make a reproachable agreement
make a verbal agreement
make a verbal agreement on
make a written agreement
make an agreement
management agreement
margin agreement
marketing agreement
master agreement
measure of agreement
medical insurance agreement
memorandum agreement
memorandum of agreement
memorandum of an agreement
merchant agreement
minutes of a diplomatic agreement
mixed agreement
model agreement
modification agreement
monetary agreement
mortgage agreement
most favored nation agreement
Multifibre Agreement
multilateral agreement
Multilateral Environmental Agreement
multiyear debt rescheduling agreement
mutual agreement
Mutual Recognition Agreement
mutual rescission agreement
negotiate an agreement
net book agreement
no-fault agreement
no-lockout agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement
non importation agreement
Nondisclosure Agreement
North American Free Trade Agreement
nullification of agreement
of mutual agreement
offset agreement
offset agreements
one-sided agreement
open-end agreement
open price agreement
open REPO agreement
open repurchase agreement
openness for multigroup discussion and agreement
operating agreement
oppressive agreement
opt-out from agreement treaty
option account agreement
option account agreement form
option agreement
oral agreement
orderly marketing agreement
organization agreement
Ottawa Agreements
overnight repurchase agreement
parallel agreement
parol agreement
partial scope agreement
participation agreement
parties to agreement
partnership agreement
partnership's agreement
party to an agreement
payment agreement
performance of an agreement
pertaining to an agreement
pledge agreement
points of agreement
preferential agreement
preferential trade agreement
preliminary agreement
prenuptial agreement
previous agreement
price agreement
price fixing agreement
production agreement
productivity agreement
provided for in the agreement
provisional agreement
provisions of the agreement
purchase agreement
purchase group agreement
purchasing agreement
reach a mid-point agreement
reach an agreement
reciprocal trade agreement
reciprocity agreement
recital of an agreement
regional agreement
regional scope agreement
renewal of lease by tacit agreement
repurchase agreement
repurchase agreement sale
repurchasing agreement
resale price maintenance agreement
rescind an agreement
reserve repurchase agreement
reverse repurchase agreement
rough draft of agreement
Safe Harbor Agreement
salary indexation agreement
sale and servicing agreement
sales agreement
SALT agreement
salvage agreement
Schengen Agreement
scope of the agreement
sector-specific trade agreement
sector trade agreement
sectoral agreement
sectoral trade agreement
sectoral trade liberalization agreement
security agreement
selected dealer agreement
self-help loan agreement
sell and leaseback agreement
selling agreement
selling group agreement
separate agreement
service agreement
service agreement line
service level agreement
servicing agreement
settlement agreement
settlement by agreement
several agreement
shipping agreement
sign an agreement
signature of an agreement
signed agreement
signing of agreements
skeleton agreement
Smithsonian Agreement
social agreement
Social Security Agreement
software site license agreement
sole agency agreement
special service agreement
specialization agreement
SPS Agreement
stabilization and association agreement
stand-by agreement
stand-still agreement
standard agreement
standby agreement
standstill agreement
START Agreement
stipulate agreement
stock purchase agreement
stock repurchase agreement
strike an agreement
subject to agreement
subject to agreements
submitter sale agreement
subordination agreement
subregional agreement
subregional integration agreement
subscribe to an agreement
subscription agreement
substantive provisions of an agreement
successor agreement
supplemental agreement
swap agreement
sweetheart agreement
syndicate agreement
tacit agreement
take-or-pay agreement
tariff agreement
tax agreement
temporary non-reciprocal agreement
term repurchase agreement
terms and conditions of the agreement
threshold agreement
time fixed by agreement between parties
total agreement
trade agreement
trade agreements act
trade and payments agreement
trading partner agreement
transaction by agreement
transfer agreement
transport agreement
Tripartite Currency Agreement
TRIPs Agreement
trust agreement
two-way agreement
unconditional agreement
unconscionable agreement
underwriting agreement
unified commercial representation agreement
union agreement
unlawful agreement
use by agreement
verbal agreement
vertical agreement
voluntary agreement
voluntary restraint agreement
voting-trust agreement
wage agreement
Washington Agreement
withdrawal from an agreement
written agreement
WTO Agreement
WTO-consistent agreement
WTO Valuation Agreement
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