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acceptance  Noun
Plural: acceptances
  1. Translate "acceptance" to Spanish: aceptación, aprobación, recepción, recibimiento, reconocimiento, abrazo, aceptabilidad, acogida, acogimiento, admisión, anuencia, tolerancia, plácet
    English Synonyms of "acceptance": consent, admittance, approbation, approval, assent, acknowledgment, acknowledgement
    Define meaning of "acceptance": The act of taking something that is offered. ; A disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations. ; The mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true.; Words signifying consent to the terms of an offer (thereby creating a contract).; The state of being acceptable and accepted.
  2. Her acceptance of the gift encouraged him.
    He anticipated their acceptance of his offer.
    All people should practice toleration and live together in peace.
    He gave credence to the gossip.
    Acceptance of Newtonian mechanics was unquestioned for 200 years.
    Torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club.

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  3. Translate "acceptance" to Spanish: resignación
    English Synonyms of "acceptance": long-suffering, resignation, submission, yielding
    Define meaning of "acceptance": Patient endurance of pain or unhappiness.

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  5. Translate "acceptance" to Spanish: acto formal

  6. Translate "acceptance" to Spanish: giro aceptado
    English Synonyms of "acceptance": accepted draft, two-party draft
    Define meaning of "acceptance": Banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank.

  7. Translate "acceptance" to Spanish: acepto

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absolute acceptance
accommodation acceptance
American Acceptance Council
anticipated acceptance
bank acceptance
banker's acceptance
banker's acceptances
bill dishonored by non-acceptance
bill dishonoured by non-acceptance
blank acceptance
certificate of inspection and acceptance
charge acceptance
clean acceptance
commercial acceptance
conditional acceptance
construction acceptance certificate
constructive acceptance
consumer acceptance
credit acceptance
date of acceptance
deny the acceptance of
dishonored acceptance
dishonoured acceptance
documentary acceptance credit
documents against acceptance
draft acceptance
exclusion from social acceptance
express acceptance
final acceptance
for revision and acceptance
gain acceptance
general acceptance
good acceptance
great acceptance
group acceptance
implied acceptance
instrument of acceptance
lack of acceptance
legal acceptance
letter of acceptance
limited acceptance
market acceptance
meet with someone's acceptance
noise acceptance
notice of acceptance
notice of non-acceptance
offer and acceptance
order acceptance
partial acceptance
payment by acceptance
peer acceptance
present a bill for acceptance
presentment for acceptance
prime bankers' acceptances
private acceptance
protest for non-acceptance
qualified acceptance
refusal of acceptance
refuse acceptance
region of acceptance
silence means acceptance
subject to acceptance
tacit acceptance
technology acceptance
terms of acceptance
total acceptance
trade acceptance
unconditional acceptance
uncovered acceptance
warehouse acceptance
win a good acceptance
win acceptance
win good acceptance
with acceptance
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