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world  Sustantivo
Plural: worlds
  1. Traducir "world" a Español: mundo, civilización
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "world": world community, civilization, humanity, civilisation
    Definir significado de "world": All of the inhabitants of the earth. ; People in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest. ; People in general considered as a whole.
  2. All the world loves a lover.
    She always used 'humankind' because 'mankind' seemed to slight the women.
    The Western world.
    He is a hero in the eyes of the public.

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  3. Traducir "world" a Español: mundo, orbe
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "world": Earth, globe, orb
    Definir significado de "world": The 3rd planet from the sun; the planet on which we live.
  4. The Earth moves around the sun.
    He sailed around the world.

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  5. Traducir "world" a Español: área
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "world": area, domain, field, realm, sphere of activity, terrain
    Definir significado de "world": A part of the earth that can be considered separately.
  6. The outdoor world.
    The world of insects.

  7. Traducir "world" a Español: cosmos
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "world": universe, cosmos
    Definir significado de "world": Everything that exists anywhere.
  8. They study the evolution of the universe.
    The biggest tree in existence.

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world  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "world" a Español: mundial
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "world": world-ranging, world-wide, worldwide
    Definir significado de "world": Involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope.
  2. Global war.
    Global monetary policy.
    Neither national nor continental but planetary.
    A world crisis.
    Of worldwide significance.

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "world"
a love that defies all logic is sometimes the most logical thing in the world
a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world
academic world
adaptation process for programs to a particular part of the world
algorithm of tridimensional graphics so the perspective works both in the virtual and the real world
all alone in the world
all over the world
all the difference in the world
all the riches in the world
all the time in the world
all the world over
any doctrine concerning the prophetic end of the temporal world
apart from the world
Armstrong World Industries
around the world
as if it were the most natural thing in the world
at the end of the world
at the very end of the world
back ward round-the-world echo
be a man of the world
be all the world to
be dead to the world
be on top of the world
be out of this world
be sent into the world
be sitting on top of the world
be the eighth wonder of the world
be the world to
bring into the world
business world
champion of the world
changing world
citizen of the world
come down in the world
come down into the world
come into the world
come out into the open world
come out into the world
come to the world
completely alone in the world
concerning the entire world
concerning the whole world
control of the whole world
criminal world
cut oneself off from the world
dead to the world
detached from the world
disconnect from the world
distant from the world
dream of a better world
each mind is a world unto itself
end of the world
end-of-the-world monger
end-of-the-world mongering
enlisted infantryman in World War II
entertainment world
entire world
entry in the world economy
epidemic disease geographically widespread throughout a large region or even throughout the world
even the honest will fall in a world without regulations
everywhere in the world
experience in the world
famous around the world
famous the world over
far end of the world
fear of the world
fed up with the world
feel crushed by the whole world
feel on top of the world
female specimen of the passerine birds in the New World family Troglodytidae
fetter on world trade
fierce disloyal competition in the business world
FIFA World Cup
first world problem
First World War
for all the world
for anything in the world
for nothing in the world
for the world
forward round-the-world echo
fourth world
free world
from all around the world
from all over the world
from around the world
from over the world
from the other world
from the tropical part of New World
from the world over
get cut off from the world
get disconnected from the rest of the world
get half way around the world
get up in the world
go around the world
go to a better world
go to the four corners of the world
government of the whole world
great world
half the world
half-way around the world
have no impact in the world
have success in the world
have the best of two worlds
he who has lost his credit is dead to the world
Hello world
hello-world program
hide from the world
Hispanic world
I World War
IBRD-World Bank
if you don't have what it takes you won't get on in the world
II World War
III World War
in the real world
in the whole wide world
in the whole world
in the world
in the year of the creation of the world
in the year of the world
indifferent to the world
Industrial Workers of the World
inner world
Institute of World Politics
institute that establishes what later become norms in the computer world
International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World
isolate from the world
it is an unfair world
it's a small world
it's an unfair world
it's not the end of the world
it's the same all over the world
it's the same the whole world over
it's the same the world over
it take all sorts to make a world
it takes all kinds to make a world
it takes all shorts to make a world
it takes all sorts to make a world
journalistic world
know the world
last place on the world
leader of the world
learned world
lie back without a care in the world
live in a dream world
location of an object in the physical world
lord of the world
lost to the world
lower world
magico-religious beliefs and practices having a mediator between the spiritual and human worlds
make a noise in the world
make effective the world over
make known to the whole world
make the best of both worlds
man of the world
map of the world
material world
mean the world to
melancholy caused by comparison of the actual world with an ideal world
money governs the world
negation of the world
New World
New World leishmaniasis
New World typhus
not for all the world
not for anyhing in the world
not for anything in the world
not for the world
nothing in the world
nothing out of this world
of the Old World
of the real world
of the time before the creation of the world
of the tropical part of New World
of the world
Old World
Old World leishmaniasis
Old World mallow
Old World polecat
oldest musical instrument in the world
orbit around the world
other world
out of this world
outside world
overall perspective of the world
own little world
own the world
Pan American World Airways
pass on to the other world
people who are indifferent to the world
person who is indifferent to the world
picture world test
popular people of the artistic and literary worlds
potency of a disease to spread through a very large group or the whole world
prince of this world
promising young professional in the business world
PSS World Medical
PSS World Medical Inc
racing world
renunciation from the world
rest-of-the-world account
retire from the world
rise in the world
roam the world
roof of the world
round-the-world echo
round-the-world trip
routine workaday world
ruler over the world
sadness over the evils of the world
sail the world
sailors go round the world without going into it
Second World War
see the world
send to the other world
series of 16-bit characters capable of representing all the languages in the world
set the world on fire
shoulder-held rocket launcher used as an anti-tank weapon used in World War II
show-business world
showbiz world
shut off from the world
since the world began
six day-period of the Creation of the world
Spanish world
special World interval
sporting world
tell the whole world about
tell the world about
that's not exclusive to this part of the world
the best of all possible worlds
the best of all worlds
the best of all worlds possible
the best one in the world
the Eastern World
the eighth wonder of the world
the entire world
the farthest place in the world
the financial world
the First World War
the free world
the other world
the real world
the seven wonders of the world
the way of the world
the Western World
the whole wide world
the whole world
the whole world knows it
the world
the world around
the World Cup
the world over
the worlds
thing of the world
things of the world
think the world of
third world
Third World War
throughout the world
tired of the world
tired of this world
to the wide world
top of the world
tour around the world
Trans World Airlines
Trans World Entertainment Corp.
travel all over the world
travel around the world
travel over the world
travel the world
travel the world over
tribal member who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds
trip around the world
underground resistance movement that combatted the Nazis occupying France in World War II
viper of tropical America that is the largest venomous snake of the New World
where in the world
which affects the entire world
which affects the whole world
whole world
with Latin a horse and money you can travel the world
with the world around
withdraw into one's private world
without a care in the world
woman of the world
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