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thing  Sustantivo
Plural: things
  1. Traducir "thing" a Español: cosa, objeto, cachivache, chunche, coso, carambada, chechereque, chirimbolo, chisme, chochada, coroto, cuestión, pilila
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "thing": article, gadget, object, bugger, fucker, pup, puppy
    Definir significado de "thing": An artifact. ; An entity that is not named specifically.
  2. How does this thing work?
    I couldn't tell what the thing was.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "thing" a Español: cosa
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "thing": issue, matter, kind of thing
    Definir significado de "thing": A separate and self-contained entity. ; An action. ; Any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence.; A vaguely specified concern. ; A statement regarded as an object. ; A special situation.
  4. How could you do such a thing?
    The thing I like about her is ...
    Several matters to attend to.
    It is none of your affair.
    Things are going well.
    To say the same thing in other terms.
    How can you say such a thing?
    This thing has got to end.
    It is a remarkable thing.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  5. Traducir "thing" a Español: asunto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "thing": affair, issue, matter, subject, theme, topic, business, concern, point
    Definir significado de "thing": A vaguely specified concern. ; A special abstraction. ; A special situation.
  6. Several matters to attend to.
    It is none of your affair.
    Things are going well.
    A thing of the spirit.
    Things of the heart.
    This thing has got to end.
    It is a remarkable thing.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "thing"
a bad thing never dies
a beautiful thing
a better thing
a fair thing
a good or a bad thing
a good or bad thing
a good thing
a greater thing
a just thing
a little change is a good thing
a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
a little learning is a dangerous thing
a many-splendored thing
a most beautiful thing
a most insignificant thing
a new thing
a nice thing
a ridiculous thing
a small thing
a sure thing
a thing like that
a unique thing
a very simple thing
a very small thing
able to coexist or coincide with another thing
about the one thing
about the only thing
absurd thing
admirable thing
all the same thing
almost any thing
amazing thing
amusing thing
an absolute thing
an accomplished thing
an amusing thing
an easy thing
an exceptional thing
an impossible thing
an insignificant thing
an unexpected thing
an unheard-of thing
annoying or boring thing
annoying thing
another thing
antique thing
Any Desired Thing
any odd thing
any one thing
any other thing
any thing
artificial thing
as a normal thing
as a perfectly normal thing
as a regular thing
as an ordinary thing
as if it were the last thing
at the slightest thing
average and predictable thing
awful thing
bad thing
be a beautiful thing
be a done thing
be a good thing that
be a great thing
be a great thing that
be a lucky thing for
be a lucky thing that
be a lucky thing to
be a pitiful thing
be a pitiful thing that
be a rare thing finding
be a rare thing to
be a real thing
be a strange thing that
be a strange thing to
be a sure thing
be a thing
be a thing to
be a very insignificant thing
be an awful thing
be an improbable thing to
be an insignificant thing
be an odd thing to
be just about the same thing
be just the thing
be just the thing for
be less than the real thing
be much about the same thing
be no such a thing as
be no such thing as
be not an insignificant thing
be not the proper thing
be one and the same thing
be quite clear about the whole thing
be quite the thing
be the accepted thing
be the appropriate thing
be the common thing
be the correct thing
be the done thing
be the latest thing
be the logical thing
be the next best thing to
be the proper thing
be the real thing
be the right thing to
be the same thing as
beautiful thing
big thing
boring thing
buy a more expensive thing
can not see a thing
carry off with the whole thing
charming thing
cheap thing
cheaply made thing
childish thing
chubby little thing
clear off with the whole thing
clear understanding and transparency on the whole thing
coarse thing
come back to the same thing
come down to the same thing
come to be the same thing
come to the same thing
common thing
cool thing
correct thing
courtesy is a very important thing
crappy thing
crass thing
crude thing
cruel thing
curious thing
cute thing
daft thing
damaged thing
decaying thing
deceptive thing
decomposed thing
defective thing
delicate thing
delicious thing
deserved thing
desired thing
different thing
dirty thing
disgusting thing
dishonest thing
distressing thing
do not know the first thing about
do not thing much of
do not understand a thing
do one's own thing
do one's thing
do the correct thing
do the decent thing
do the honorable thing
do the honourable thing
do the proper thing
do the right thing
do the same thing
do the simple obvious thing
do the wild thing
do the wrong thing
due thing
dumb thing
each thing
easy thing
encumbered thing
enormous great thing
entire thing
everyone does his own thing
exactly the same thing
excellent thing
exceptionally good thing
exciting thing
expendable thing
expensive and useless thing
explain the same thing over and over
extraordinary thing
fake thing
filthy thing
fine thing
first thing
first thing in
fleeting thing
foolish thing
for another thing
for one thing
forgotten thing
free thing
fugly thing
funny thing
gigantic thing
go about on the same thing
good thing that
great thing
greatest thing
harmful thing
harmless thing
have a sure thing
have a thing about
have another thing coming
have not a thing to
have not a thing whatever to
have not a thing whatsoever to
he can't do a thing right
huge thing
I never heard of such a thing
I said no such thing
if one is talking about the same thing
if we are referring to the same thing
if we are talking about the same thing
if you don't make mistakes you don't learn a thing
important thing
impressive thing
inappropriate thing
inopportune thing
insignificant thing
interesting thing
it amounts to the same thing
it comes out to the same thing
it is good thing that
it is the real thing
it is the same thing
it's a cool thing
it's a good thing
it's a good thing that
it's a sure thing
it's good thing that
it's just the thing
it's the same old thing
it's the same thing
just about any thing
just about the one thing
just about the only thing
just any thing
just to mention one thing
kind of thing
knack for doing the right thing
knack for doing the wrong thing
know not the first thing about
know not the first thing about it
last thing
latest thing
let the thing ride
liberty is a fair thing
like an insignificant thing
little thing
living thing
loathsome thing
loud and exciting thing
lovely thing
make a good thing of
matted thing
mean thing
modern thing
mortgaged thing
movable thing
move on to the next thing
my precious thing
name that is apt or fitting to the person or thing named
nasty thing
natural thing
nature of a thing
near thing
nearly the only thing
necessary thing
new thing
nice thing
no such thing
non essential thing
not a darned thing
not a single thing
not a thing
not quite the thing
noxious thing
odd thing
old thing
on account of a very unimportant thing
one nice thing
one thing only
only one thing
opposite thing
outstanding thing
passing thing
past thing
petty thing
piece of rope or the like for binding tightly or fastening one thing
pitiful thing
pleasurable thing
poor little thing
poor thing
practice of making only a perfunctory symbolic effort to do a particular thing
precious thing
pretty thing
primary thing
private thing
proven thing
rare thing
raveled thing
regard as a concrete thing
regard as a thing
remarkable thing
render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the thing which are God's
repeat over and over the same thing
repeat the same thing over and over
representation of a human being as a physical thing
reveal the whole thing
ridiculous thing
right thing
rotten thing
ruined thing
sad thing
same old thing
same thing
say a stupid thing
say precisely the most accurate thing
say such a thing
say such thing
say the proper thing
say the right thing
say the same thing
say the wrong thing
secondary thing
sensational thing
serious thing
sexually attractive thing
shameful thing
showy and purely ornamental thing
showy but worthless thing
silly thing
similar thing
small thing
smart thing
soft thing
something that simulates another thing
stolen thing
strange thing
stupid thing
substitution of a thing
such a fortunate thing
such a thing
such as thing are
such thing
superfluous thing
superior thing
sure thing
suspicious thing
talking is one thing doing it another
tangled thing
tasteless thing
tell the whole thing
tell the whole thing to
that's the least important thing
that same thing
that sort of thing
that thing
that very thing
the agreeable thing
the amazing thing
the annoying thing
the appetizing thing
the bad thing
the becoming thing
the befitting thing
the best thing
the best thing about
the best thing there is
the big thing
the breath-taking thing
the breathtaking thing
the clever thing
the common thing
the conflicting thing
the correct thing
the corresponding thing
the delicate thing
the dubious thing
the easiest thing
the entire thing
the eye-catching thing
the fair thing
the fantastic thing
the fashionable thing
the first good thing
the first thing
the fitting thing
the funny thing about it
the good thing
the good thing about
the greatest thing
the hateful thing
the healthy thing
the hidden thing
the hideous thing
the important thing
the improper thing
the innermost thing
the just thing
the last thing
the last thing that
the least difficult thing
the loathsome thing
the logical thing
the main thing
the modern thing
the most beautiful thing
the most difficult thing
the most hated thing
the most important thing
the most insignificant thing
the most likely thing
the most logical thing
the most modern thing
the most natural thing
the natural thing
the nauseating thing
the new thing
the next best thing
the normal thing
the odd thing
the one thing
the only sure thing
the only thing
the only thing on earth
the opposite thing
the practical thing
the principal thing
the proper thing
the questionable thing
the reasonable thing
the related thing
the right thing
the same exact thing
the same old thing
the same thing
the same thing about
the sameish thing
the second thing
the secret thing
the sensible thing
the serious thing
the sinister thing
the strange thing
the surest thing
the suspicious thing
the thing-in-itself
the thing is
the third thing
the transient thing
the typical thing
the ugly thing
the unexpected thing
the untimely thing
the very best thing there is
the very last thing
the very last thing that
the very same thing
the whole thing
the willful thing
the wise thing
the worst thing
the worst thing there is
there is no such a thing
there is no such thing
thick soiled grease that drips from a greasy thing
tiresome thing
too much of a good thing
tormenting thing
treat as a thing
true thing
two statements in a parallel structure making two claims that mean largely the same thing
ugly thing
uncanny thing
uncertain thing
unessential thing
unheard-of thing
unimportant thing
uninteresting thing
unnecessary thing
unspecified thing
unwanted thing
useless thing
valuable thing
valueless thing
venial thing
very easy thing
very funny thing
vulgar thing
wee thing
weird thing
what a strange thing
what a terrible thing
whatever thing
with one thing and another
without missing a thing
wonderful thing
worldly thing
worthless thing
wrong thing
you can't have too much of a good thing
you foolish thing
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