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Del verbo Inglés, rate:
rating es:

rating  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "rating" a Español: valuación, evaluación
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": evaluation, estimate, appraisal, appraisal of value, assessment, review, valuation
    Definir significado de "rating": Act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of. ; An appraisal of the value of something.
  2. He set a high valuation on friendship.

  3. Traducir "rating" a Español: clasificación, calificación, categorización
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": classification, sorting, bracket, categorization, classifying, ranking, assortment, classing, categorisation
    Definir significado de "rating": Act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of.

  4. Traducir "rating" a Español: reprimenda severa, reprensión dura
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": dressing-down, sharp reproof, telling-off, call-down, merry hell, severe rebuke, scolding
    Definir significado de "rating": A severe scolding.

  5. Traducir "rating" a Español: crédito, calificación de crédito, clasificación crediticia
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": credit, credit rating, credit standing

  6. Traducir "rating" a Español: capacidad nominal
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": designated operating limit for a machine, rated capacity, nominal capacity

  7. Traducir "rating" a Español: porcentaje de audiencia
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": share of audience

  8. Traducir "rating" a Español: porcentaje de audiencia televisiva, sintonía
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": TV rating, percent of total audience on a televison program

  9. Traducir "rating" a Español: sintonía
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": radio rating

  10. Traducir "rating" a Español: marinero de la fuerza naval de Inglaterra
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": enlisted sailor in the British Navy

  11. Traducir "rating" a Español: valor asignado
    Definir significado de "rating": Standing or position on a scale.

  12. Traducir "rating" a Español: clasificación de los valores, calificación de solvencia financiera

  13. Traducir "rating" a Español: ajuste de primas

  14. Traducir "rating" a Español: asignación del impuesto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rating": apportioning of a tax

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "rating"
absolute categorization rating
absolute category rating
absolute rating scale
achievement rating
Affective Disorder Rating Scale
basic rating
behavioral rating scale
bipolar rating scale
bond rating
capital rating
cetane rating
community rating system
contact rating
content rating
continuous-duty rating
continuous rating
conventional rating scale
credibility rating
credit rating
credit rating agency
credit rating book
dielectric rating
diode rating
dissipation rating
efficiency rating
experience rating
financial rating
gait assessment rating scale
graphic rating scale
have a good rating
high rating
host rating
impairment rating
industrial rating
intermittent-duty rating
itemized rating scale
life change rating scale
listener sidetone rating
man-to-man rating
manual rating
merit rating
molar rating scale
mutual rating
Nielsen rating
noise rating curve
numerical rating system
octane rating
performance rating
personality rating
personnel rating
personnel rating scale
power rating
priority rating
prospective rating
psychological rating scale
quality rating
radio rating
refrigerating rating
retrospective rating
risk rating
securities rating
securities rating agency
security rating agency
self-rating scale
self-rating test
send loudness rating
short-time rating
side tone masking rating
sidetone masking rating
social adjustment rating scale
social readjustment rating scale
split rating
SpyNet community rating
star rating
stock rating
system rating
transmission performance rating
TV rating
vendor point rating system
voltage rating
Workers' Compensation Rating Bureau
zero rating
rate  Verbo
Plural: rates
  1. Traducir "rate" a Español: evaluar, calificar, tasar, valorar, valuar, justipreciar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": grade, size up, appraise, estimate the quality of, evaluate, set a value for, assess
    Definir significado de "rate": Assign a rank or rating to. ; Estimate the value of.
  2. The teacher qualified the debates, El profesor calificó los debates.
    How would you rank these students?
    The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide.
    How would you rate his chances to become President?
    Gold was rated highly among the Romans.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "rate" a Español: reprender a gritos
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": bawl out, call on the carpet, tongue-lash, berate, give hell to, tell off, row
    Definir significado de "rate": Censure severely or angrily.

  4. Traducir "rate" a Español: ameritar, merecer
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": deserve, merit, be owed, be worth, be worthy of, call for, incur, justify, occasion
    Definir significado de "rate": Be worthy or deserving.

  5. Traducir "rate" a Español: ser altamente apreciado
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": be highly esteemed

rate  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "rate" a Español: tasa, porcentaje, proporción, índice, rata, razón, alícuota
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": ratio, proportion, relation, coefficient, percentage
    Definir significado de "rate": The relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient).

  2. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "rate" a Español: tarifa, precio, tasa
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": charge, cost, price, value, worth, fee, tariff, pike
    Definir significado de "rate": Amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis.
  4. A 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5.

  5. Traducir "rate" a Español: velocidad, régimen
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": speed, velocity, quickness, speediness, celerity, fleetness, rapidity
    Definir significado de "rate": The relative speed of progress or change. ; A magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit.
  6. Rate of expenses.., Régimen de gastos.
    He lived at a fast pace.
    He works at a great rate.
    The pace of events accelerated.
    They traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour.
    The rate of change was faster than expected.

  7. Traducir "rate" a Español: impuesto local a la propiedad en Inglaterra
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": local property tax in Great Britain, rates

  8. Traducir "rate" a Español: flete
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "rate": freight charge, freight cost, freight rate, boatage

  9. Traducir "rate" a Español: razón de transferencia, rapidez de transferencia

Conjugación verbal de "rate"
Gerundio: rating



















will rate

will rate

will rate

will rate

will rate

will rate

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "rate"
abnormally slow pulse rate
abortion rate
absence rate
absentee rate
absenteeism rate
absolute rate
absolutely first-rate
absorption rate
absorption rate constant
academic success rate
accession rate
accident death rate
accident rate
accident severity rate
accidents rate
accommodation rate
accounting exchange rate
accounting rate
accounting rate quota
activity rate
actual feeding rate
actuarial rate
adapt to exchange rate
additional rate
adjustable mortgage rate
adjustable rate
adjustable-rate loan
adjustable-rate mortgage
adjusted certificate of deposit rate
adjusted death rate
adjusted rate
adjustment of seeding rate
adjustment of tariff rate
administered exchange rate
administered freight rate
administrative rate
age dependency rate
age-specific death rate
age-specific divorce rate
age-specific fertility rate
age-specific marriage rate
age-specific mortality rate
age-specific rate
aggregate tax rate
agreed rate
aldosterone-excretion rate
aldosterone secretion rate
all-commodity rate
alternative rate
amortization rate
amount of fissionable material necessary to keep a chain reaction at a constant rate
angular rate
animal stocking rate
annual interest rate
annual percentage rate
annual rate
annual rate increase
annual tax rate
annualized rate
antenna coupling rate
anticipated growth rate
application rate
application rate setting
appreciation rate
arrears rate
at a good rate
at a rate of
at a steady rate
at any rate
at such a rate
at that rate
at the rate of
at the rate that
at this rate
attack rate
attrition rate
auction rate
autoload success rate
automatic baud rate detection
average blanket rate
average exchange rate adjustment
average interest rate
average rate
average tax rate
average transfer rate
average transmission rate
average weighted exchange rate
bank discount rate
bank rate
bank rate cut
bank rate increase
bank rate reduction
basal metabolic rate
basal metabolism rate
base customs duty rate
base interest rate
base lending rate
base pay rate
base rate
base rate fallacy
base rate information
baseline fetal heart rate
baseline variability of fetal heart rate
basic interest rate
basic piece rate
basic rate
basic rate access
basic rate interface
basic salary rate
basing rate
baud rate
be rated as
beat-to-beat variation in heart rate
beat-to-beat variation of heart rate
bed occupancy rate
beginning interest rate
beginning rate
below market-interest rate
below-market rate
biannual rate
bid rate
bilateral central rate
binary digit rate
binary error rate
binary serial signalling rate
birth order rate
birth rate
bit error rate
bit error rate test
bit error rate tester
bit rate
bit rate conversion
bit rate reduction
bit-rate throttling
biting rate
biweekly mortgage rate
biweekly rate
black market rate
blanket rate
blended rate
block error rate
block rate
bond rate
bone formation rate
bonus interest rate
book rate
borrowing rate
bound rate
brain metabolic rate
breathing rate
bridge loan rate
bridge rate
broken cross-rate
broker loan rate
bull performance rate
bull's performance rate
burden rate
burn rate
buyer's rate
buying rate
calculated interest rate
calculated market rate
call loan rate
call money rate
call rate
calling rate
calving rate
cap rate
capital increase at premium rate
capitalization rate
capped floating rate note
case fatality rate
case rate
case-specific rate
cash advance interest rate
cash advance rate
cattle culling rate
cattle offtake rate
ceiling interest rate
ceiling rate
ceiling rate agreement
central rate
change in the interest rate
change of interest rate
change of rate
character error rate
character rate
character rate error
character transmission rate
charge rate
charging rate
cheap rate
chip rate
churn rate
circulation rate
circulation rate base
class premium rate
class rate
claving rate
clear-up rate
click-through rate
click-thru rate
clickthrough rate
clock-minute surface rainfall-rate
clock rate
closing exchange rate
closing rate
code rate
coding rate
cohort reproduction rate
collection rate
combination rate
combined market interest rate
combined market rate
combined rate
commercial interest reference rate
commercial lending rate
commercial loan rate
commercial mortgage rate
commercial rate
commodity rate
competitive rate
composite rate
composite tax rate
compound annual growth rate
compound annual rate
compound growth rate
compound interest rate
compound rate
compounded interest rate
compounded rate
conception rate
concordance rate
constant annual interest rate
constant annual percent rate
constant annual rate
constant bit rate
constant error rate
constant interest rate
constant rate
constant rate depreciation
constant rate loan
constant rate mortgage
contract interest rate
contract rate
conventional fixed-rate mortgage
conversion rate
convertible adjustable-rate mortgage
convertible floating rate note
cooling rate
corporate bond interest rate
corporate bond rate
corrected sedimentation rate
coupon equivalent rate
coupon rate
cover rate
covered interest rate arbitrage
covered interest rate differential
credit card interest rate
credit card rate
credit card variable rate
crime rate
critical rate
crop rate
crossover discount rate
crude birth rate
culling rate
cumulative annual average rate
curb rate
cure rate
currency rate
current interest rate
current production rate
current rate
customs duty rate
customs rate
cut in the discount rate
cut rate
cut-rate price
cutaneous take rate
cutoff rate
cyclic rate
daily rate
data rate
data signaling rate
data signaling rate transparency
data transfer rate
death rate
decay rate
decline in birth rate
declining-rate depreciation
decoded error rate
decrease the rate of
delinquency rate
demand rate
departmental rate
deposit interest rate
deposit rate
depreciation rate
differential piece-rate system
differential rate
differential rate reinforcement
differential reinforcement of high rate
differential reinforcement of low rate
digit rate
disability rater
discharge rate
discount bank rate
discount rate
dividend rate
divorce rate
dollar at preferential rate
dollar rate
dosage rate
dose rate
drop-out rate
dropout rate
drying rate
dual rate system
earned growth rate
easing in money rate
eating rate
economic growth rate
effective exchange rate
effective interest rate
effective rate
effective tax rate
electric block rate
element error rate
employee activity rate
employee attrition rate
employment rate
enrollment rate
enrolment rate
equal value exchange rate
equilibrium exchange rate
equilibrium interest rate
equipment attrition rate
equipment failure rate
equivalent bit rate
error grouping rate
error rate
error rate measurement
error rate monitor
erythrocyte sedimentation rate
established exchange rate
established interest rate
established rate
established-rate financing
Euro Interbank Offered Rate
exchange rate
exchange rate adjustment
exchange rate arrangement
exchange rate differential
exchange rate fluctuations
exchange rate future
exchange rate management
exchange rate mechanism
exchange rate pattern
exchange rate policy
exchange rate realignment
exchange rate regime
exchange rate risk
exchange rate stability
exempt interest rate
expected rate
export rate
face interest rate
face rate
fading rate
failure rate
fall in the birth rate
falling rate
false-negative rate
false-positive rate
farrowing rate
fatality rate
feathering rate
fed funds rate
federal funds rate
Federal Reserve discount rate
fertility rate
fetal death rate
fetal heart rate
field decay rate
filtration rate
firm rate
first rate
first-rate champion
first-rate product
first-rate program
five-year survival rate
five year survival rate
fixed exchange rate
fixed interest rate
fixed rate
fixed-rate agreement
fixed rate bond
fixed-rate financing
fixed-rate loan
fixed-rate mortgage
fixed rate pacemaker
fixed rate parity
flat rate
flat rate allowance
flat-rate subsidy
flexible exchange rate
flexible interest rate
flexible rate
flexible-rate loan
flexible-rate mortgage
float the exchange rate
floating currency exchange rate
floating exchange rate
floating interest rate
floating rate
floating rate bond
floating-rate CD
floating rate loan
floating-rate mortgage
floating-rate note
flow-out of money of an intermediary institution to a higher interest rate
fluctuating interest rate
fluctuating rate
fluctuating rate loan
fluctuating rate mortgage
flutter fading rate
foaling rate
foreign exchange rate
forward exchange rate
forward interest rate
forward rate
forward rate agreement
frame error rate
frame rate
frame repetition rate
free exchange rate
freight rate
frequency rate
full rate
glomerular filtration rate
going interest rate
going money market rate
going rate
graduate-rated post
graduated rate
graduation rate
gross bit rate
gross-profit rate
gross rate
group of second-rate fighters
growing interest rate
growth rate
guaranteed floating rate notes
guaranteed rate
health insurance accommodation rate
heart rate
heart rate variability
high bit rate
high-rate sprinkler
high-rate sprinkling
higher rate tax
historical rate
hit rate
holding rate
homeownership rate
hospital turnover rate
hotel occupancy rate
hourly rate
hourly rated workers
hourly wage rate
hurdle rate
illegitimate birth-rate
improvement rate
incidence rate
inclusive rate
increase at the same rate as
increase in the discount rate
increase in the minimum lending rate
increase of rate
increase rate
increase the interest rate
increase the rate
incremental rate
index-tied interest rate
index-tied rate
indexed rate
infant mortality rate
infiltration rate
inflation rate
inflation rate differential
information element rate
information rate
information transfer rate
inherent rate
initial exchange rate
initial interest rate
initial rate
inland rate
inspiratory gas flow rate
insurance premium rate
insurance rate
inter-bank discount rate
inter-bank rate
interbank bid rate
interbank offered rate
interbank prime rate
interbank rate
interchange rate
interest at effective rate
interest at nominal rate
interest rate
interest rate actually paid
interest rate arbitrage
interest rate basket
interest rate cap
interest rate capping
interest rate curve
interest rate differential
interest rate future
interest rate futures
interest rate increase
interest rate limit
interest rate on deposits
interest rate on loans
interest rate option
interest rate options
interest rate rebate
interest rate risk
interest rate sensitivity
interest rate spread
interest rate subsidy
interest rate swap
interest rate uncertainty
interim rate
introductory rate
inverted interest rate curve
investment rate
irrigation rate
issue rate
job rate
joint rate
justified gross bit rate
key rate
kidding rate
labor force participation rate
lambing rate
leaver rate
legal interest rate
legal rate
legitimate birth rate
lending rate
lending rate spread
lethality rate
letter rate
level of interest rate
LIBOR rate
line rate
line rate dispersal
literacy rate
loan interest rate
loan rate
locked-in rate
Lombard rate
London Interbank Bid Rate
London Interbank Mean Rate
London Interbank Offered Rate
long rate
long-term interest rate
long-term rate
loss rate
low birth-rate year
low exchange rate
low rate
low-rate sprinkler
low-rate tariff
lower-than-preferential interest rate
managed exchange rate
managed rate
marginal business saving rate
marginal rate
marginal tax rate
market index rate
market interest rate
market rate
marriage rate
married fertility rate
maternal death rate
maximal expiratory flow rate
maximal midexpiratory flow rate
maximum interest rate
maximum justification rate
maximum rate
maximum rate increase
maximum tax rate
mean annual rate
measured rate service
medium rate sprinkler
medium-rate sprinkling
member's rate
mercantile rate
metabolic rate
meter rate
middle rate
midpoint rate
mileage rate
milking rate
millage rate
minimum interest rate
minimum lending rate
minimum rate
minimum rate increase
minimum tax rate
modulation rate
money market interest rate
money market rate
money rate
money-rate risk
monthly withholding rate
morbidity rate
mortality rate
mortgage loan interest rate
mortgage loan rate
mortgage made with a prime interest rate
mortgage rate
most favored nation rate
Multilateral Exchange Rate Model
multiple bit rate encoding
multiple exchange rate
multiplex aggregate bit rate
mutation rate
natality rate
natural interest rate
natural rate
natural vacancy rate
negotiated rate
neonatal mortality rate
net assimilation rate
net bit rate
net capitalization rate
net data rate
net rate
night rate
nominal effective exchange rate index
nominal exchange rate
nominal interest rate
nominal justification rate
nominal loan rate
nominal rate
non hierarchical bit rate
nonresident tax rate
normal rate
Nyquist rate
occupancy rate
ocean freight rate
of first-rate
offer rate
offered rate
office exchange rate list
official exchange rate
official rate
offtake rate
one-time rate
open market rate
open rate
output rate
over all capitalization rate
over-quota tariff rate
overhead application rate
overnight interest rate
overnight rate
ovulation rate
paper rate
par exchange rate
parous rate
participation rate
pass rate
pay rate
payout rate
peak rate
pegged exchange rate
penalty rate
per diem rate
performance rate
perinatal mortality rate
periodic interest rate
periodic interest rate adjustment
periodic rate
perpetual floating rate note
person who sleeps in a third-rate hotel
phase change rate
picture frame rate
picture rate
piece rate
piecework rate
point rainfall rate
postage rate
postal rate
power at rated speed
preapproved interest rate
preapproved mortgage rate
preapproved rate
predatory rate
predetermined rate
preferential interbank rate
preferential interest rate
preferential tariff rate
pregnancy rate
premium rate
prevailing interest rate
prevailing market rate
prevailing rate
primary rate access
primary rate interface
prime interest rate
prime lending rate
prime rate
production rate
profile of the average interest rate
profit rate
profit worth rate
progressive commission rate
projects crossover discount rate
projects discount rate
promotion rate
proportional rate
provisional rate
pseudo-error rate
pulse rate
pulse repetition rate modulation
pump suction rate
qualifying coupon rate
quarterly rate
rainfall rate
range of stocking rate
range rate
range rate data
raw error rate
real effective exchange rate index
real exchange rate
real interest rate
real rate
reasonable interest rate
reasonable rate
recidivism rate
rediscount rate
reduce the rate of
reduced rate
reduced rate average
reduction of the bank rate
reference interest rate
reference rate
refined birth rate
refresh rate
regular dividend at minimum rate
regulation rate
reinvestment rate
relapse rate
renegotiable interest rate
renegotiable rate
renegotiable-rate loan
renegotiable-rate mortgage
rental rate
repetition rate
replacement rate
representative rate
required rate
reserve rate
residence rate
residual error rate
respiration rate
respiratory rate
response rate
resting heart rate
retention rate
retroactive rate
retroactive rate adjustment
return rate
risk-adjusted discount rate
risk-adjusted rate
risk-free rate
rough profit-worth rate
safe capitalization rate
safe rate
sample rate
sampling rate
saturation rate
saving rate
savings rate
schedule rate
school drop-out rate
SDR interest rate
seasonal exchange rate change
seasonally adjusted annual rate
second rate
second-rate café
second rate doctor
second-rate follower
second-rate horse
second-rate hotel
second-rate imitator
second-rate politician
second-rate writer
sedimentation rate
seed rate lever
seeding rate
seeding rate lever
self-financing rate
seller's rate
selling rate
semiannual rate
semivariable rate
sensing rate gyroscope
sensor data rate
separation rate
set exchange rate
set interest rate
set-rate financing
set-rate loan
set-rate mortgage
severity rate
shadow exchange rate
shadow rate
shear rate
short rate
short-rate cancellation
short-term interest rate
short-term rate
shut-off rate
sibilant rate
sight rate
signal sweep rate
Singapore interbank offered rate
single-exchange rate
single rate
slew rate
sliding rate
slip rate
sole rate
sounding repetition rate
sowing rate
special rate
specific interest rate
specific rate
specified exchange rate
specified interest rate
specified rate
spleen rate
split rate
spot exchange rate
spot rate
spring rate
stabilized rate
stable exchange rate
stable interest rate
stable rate
standard daily periodic rate
standard labor rate
standard labour rate
standard rate
standardized death rate
state rate
stated interest rate
stepped rate bond
stepped-up commission rate
steroid metabolic clearance rate
steroid production rate
steroid secretory rate
stillbirth rate
stipulated interest rate
stocking rate
student failure rate
student mortality rate
student retention rate
student transition rate
subprime interest rate
subprime rate
subscriber rate
subscription rate
subsidized rate
substandard rate
success rate
suicide rate
survival rate
sweep rate
symbol rate
synchronous modulation rate
target rate
target tariff rate
tariff rate
tariff rate quota
tax rate
tax-rate schedule
taxation rate
Taylor differential piece rate plan
tender rate
tenth rate
the proper rate
third rate
third-rate hotel
three-months LIBOR rate
threshold error rate
through rate
time charter rate
trade-weighted effective exchange rate
transfer rate
transient rate
transit rate
transition rate
trend rate
trip charter rate
true birth rate
turnover rate
two-bracket tax rate
unadjusted rate
uncertain rate
uncorrected error rate
undetected block error rate
undetected character error rate
unemployment rate
unevenness of flow rate
union rate
union salary rate
unit element error rate
unitary rate
unpeg the exchange rate
unpeg the rate
upset rate
user rate
usurious rate
utilization rate
vacuum and pulsation rate
variable bit rate
variable bit rate service
variable exchange rate
variable information-rate system
variable interest rate
variable rate
variable-rate account
variable-rate CDs
variable-rate certificate
variable-rate financing
variable rate interest
variable-rate loan
variable-rate mortgage
ventilatory rate
vesicular rate
vibration rate
video line rate
volumetric flow rate
wage rate
wage rate trend
whelping rate
word error rate
write-off rate
yield rate
zero rate
zero-rate mortgage
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Le ofrecemos varios tipos de Traductores Inglés Español, de los cuales los mejores combinan traducción automática sensible al contexto con traducción interactiva, guiada por el usuario. Nuestra mejor versión, el Translator Professional Plus 5, abarca las siguientes funciones: imágenes para una mejor selección de significados, un Módulo de Opciones de Traducción que usa un asistente de selección múltiple para escoger dentro de todas las posibles variaciones para su traducción, Reconocimiento de Voz para capacidades de dictado y Comandos de Voz que le permiten decir en voz alta las tareas que usted necesita sin usar mouse ni teclado. ¡Descargue una versión de prueba ahora!


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