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policy  Sustantivo
Plural: policies
  1. Traducir "policy" a Español: política, modo de obrar, norma, plan de acción, práctica
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "policy": course of action, program, action plan, line of action, plan of action, drill, modus faciendi
    Definir significado de "policy": A plan of action adopted by an individual or social group.
  2. It was a policy of retribution.
    A politician keeps changing his policies.

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  3. Traducir "policy" a Español: póliza, póliza de seguros
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "policy": insurance policy
    Definir significado de "policy": Written contract or certificate of insurance.
  4. You should have read the small print on your policy.

  5. Traducir "policy" a Español: directriz
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "policy": command, directive, instruction, order, guideline, guiding principle
    Definir significado de "policy": An authoritative direction or instruction to do something.

  6. Traducir "policy" a Español: lotería clandestina
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "policy": numbers game, numbers racket
    Definir significado de "policy": An illegal daily lottery.

  7. Traducir "policy" a Español: ley
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "policy": law, norm, rule, statute, ordinance, piece of legislation, enactment, official standard
    Definir significado de "policy": A rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society. ; Legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity. ; The collection of rules imposed by authority.

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "policy"
acceptable use policy
access control policy
accident policy
accommodating policy
account policy
administrative policy
adopt a policy of laissez faire
advance on policy
Advanced Group Policy Management
adventurous policy
advertising policy
Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy
agent participation policy
aggressively expansionist foreign policy
agricultural financial policy
agricultural method devised by the Soviet Agricultural Law and Policy
agricultural policy
agricultural policy instrument
agricultural trade policy
aid policy
all-in policy
alliance policy
alliances policy
American foreign aid policy
American foreign policy
American policy
annual policy
annual policy payment
annuity policy
anti-inflationary policy
art policy
assessable policy
assignment of insurance policy
audit policy
back coverage policy
bad policy
beggar-my-neighbor policy
beggar-thy-neighbor policy
beneficiary of a policy
beneficiary of an insurance policy
beneficiary of insurance policy
binding policy
blanket insurance policy
blanket policy
block policy
Broadcasting Policy Forum
budget policy
budgetary policy
budgeting policy
business automobile policy
business cycle policy
business insurance policy
business owner's policy
business policy
business-trend policy
businessowner's policy
buying policy
buying policy index
cancelation of insurance policy
cancelation of policy
cargo policy
carrot-and-stick policy
certificate enrollment policy
certificate issuance policy
change in emphasis in policy
change in policy
change of policy
change one's policy
cheap money policy
check-in policy
claims-made policy
classical monetary policy
clause in a policy stipulating risks not covered in the policy
clearly-defined policy
combination policy
commercial forgery policy
commercial multiple peril policy
commercial package policy
commercial policy
commercial property policy
commitment to a policy
common agricultural policy
company policy
Compensation Policy Division
compensatory fiscal policy
competition policy
competition policy agreement
competition policy laws
competition policy treaty
comprehensive policy
confidentiality policy
Configuration Manager client policy
contractionary policy
conversion of policy
corporate policy
corrected policy
cost control policy
countercyclical policy
coupon policy
covered by an insurance policy
credit policy
cultural policy
cyclical policy
Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy
defense policy
deferred endowment policy
departmental policy
development policy
deviation policy
discount policy
discretionary policy
dividend policy
dividend restraint policy
domestic competition policy
domestic policy
double-protection policy
dwelling insurance policy
dynamic policy update
easy credit policy
easy money policy
economic policy
educational policy
effective policy
Electronic Conference on Land Policy Issues
empty-chair policy
enabling policy
endorsement on a policy
endorsement to the policy
endowment insurance policy
endowment policy
energy policy
energy-saving policy
enlarged access policy
environmental policy
everyone-welcome policy
exchange rate policy
exclusions of policy
expansionary policy
Expenditure Policy Division
expenditure switching policy
expired insurance policy
expired policy
face amount of policy
face of policy
failback policy
fair trade policy
family income policy
family policy
fidelity policy
financial policy
financial policy reform
first policy year
fiscal policy
fiscal policy decisions
fishery policy
fleet policy
floater policy
floating policy
follow a different policy
follow a policy
food policy
foreign aid policy
foreign exchange policy
foreign policy
foreign trade policy
forest policy
forward coverage policy
fuel policy
fully-paid policy
gambling policy
general policy conditions
global policy
good-neighbor policy
Government policy
governmental policy
graded policy
granular audit policy
group policy
group policy client
Group Policy Management
hands-off policy
harassment policy
having the attitude of one who advocates strong action on national policy
health policy
health policy monitoring
homeowner's insurance policy
homeowner's policy
homeowners policy
honesty is the best policy
housing policy
imperialistic policy
income insurance policy
income policy
incomes policy
incontestable policy
indexed policy
individual policy
industrial policy
insurance policy
insurance policy cancelation
insurance policy clauses
insurance policy expiration
insurance policy face
insurance policy fee
insurance policy holder
insurance policy loan
insurance policy owner
insurance policy provisions
insurance policy requirement
insurance policy reserve
insurance policy stipulation
insurance policy year
inter-sectoral educational policy
interconnection policy
interest policy
internal policy
investment policy
investment policy statement
issue a policy
joint insurance policy
joint policy
labor policy
labour policy
land policy
lapse of policy
lapsed policy
leisure policy
lending policy
liberal return policy
life insurance policy
life policy
limited-payment life policy
limited policy
loan on policy
loan policy
local group policy editor
long-term disability policy
long-term policy
lost policy
lost policy receipt
lost policy release
low-prices policy
macroeconomic policy
managed folder mailbox policy
management policy
managerial policy
marine insurance policy
market-based economic policy
marketing policy
master policy
maturity of a policy
mercantile forgery policy
mercantile package policy
mercantile property policy
middle-of-the-road policy
minimum amount policy
mixed policy
monetary policy
monetary policy instrument
monetary policy stance
money bet on a policy operation
money policy
mortgage guarantee policy
mortgage insurance policy
multiple location policy
multiple-risk home policy
multiple risk policy
named peril policy
Negotiating Group on Competition Policy
network policy
No Harassment Policy
nonalignment policy
nonassignable policy
nonmedical policy
nonparticipating policy
North American foreign aid policy
nutrition policy
occurrence policy
one-price policy
open-door policy
open insurance policy
open lending policy
open market policy
open policy
open trade policy
optimum price policy
ordinary life policy
outward-looking policy
package insurance policy
package policy
participating insurance policy
participating policy
participating policy dividend
password policy
password replication policy
pay policy
penitentiary policy
perilous policy
permission policy
person in government who has power on information-policy matters
person who advocates a strong and bellicose policy
personal automobile policy
personal floater policy
personnel policy
physical policy
price policy
pricing policy
prison policy
privacy policy
proceeds of insurance policy
product policy
production policy
property damage policy
protection policy
public policy
pump-priming policy
purchase policy
quality of being and advocate of a bellicose policy
recovery policy
refund policy
regional agricultural policy
regional policy
reinstatement of policy
relative to foreign policy
Remote Desktop connection authorization policy
Remote Desktop resource authorization policy
renew a policy
renewable policy
replication policy
research policy
retention policy
retirement income policy
revival of policy
revolving-door policy
rightist policy
risk excluded from an insurance policy
risky policy
running policy
salaries policy
saving policy
scorched-earth policy
security policy
self-service policy
Seminar on Integrated Water Resources Management-Institutional and Policy Reform
shoot-to-kill policy
short-term economic policy
short-term policy
sign the policy
single-price policy
social-aid policy
social policy
social policy planning
sound economic policy
special insurance policy
special policy
sport policy
stability policy
stabilization policy
staff policy
standard policy
State policy
statement of policy
strong-arm policy
structural policy
supplemental policy
supply-side policy
support policy
suspension of policy
take out an insurance policy
tariff policy
tax-based income policy
tax-based incomes policy
tax policy
Tax Policy Division
taxation policy
term of the policy
term policy
the best policy
the worst policy
tickle-down policy
tight credit policy
tight monetary policy
time policy
title guaranty policy
tough policy
tourism policy
trade liberalization policy
trade policy
tranche policy
transport policy
Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy
U.S. foreign policy
umbrella policy
unexpired insurance policy
unexpired policy
US foreign policy
user privacy policy
valuation of policy
valued policy
valued-policy law
version policy
wager policy
water policy
wired group policy client
wireless group policy client
workflow policy
Working Group on Competition Policy
Working Group on Indigenous Policy
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