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India  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "India" a Español: India, República de la India, Bharat
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "India": Bharat
    Definir significado de "India": A republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.

  2. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "India"
Abohar, India
Adoni, India
African-descendant settled in India
Agartala, India
Agra, India
Ahmedabad, India
Ahmednagar, India
Aizawl, India
Ajmer, India
Akola, India
Aligarh, India
Alipur, India
Alipurduar, India
Allahabad, India
Allappuzha, India
Alwar, India
Ambala, India
Amrfuca, India
Amritsar, India
Amroha, India
Anand, India
antelope from India
Arcot, India
Arrah, India
Asansol, India
Aurangabad, India
Baharampur, India
Bahraich, India
Baleshwar, India
Bally, India
Balurghat, India
Bangalore, India
Bankura, India
Baranagar, India
Barddhaman, India
Bareilly, India
Barrackpur, India
Basirhat, India
Batala, India
Bathinda, India
bearer of a sedan chair with two bamboo poles in India
Beawar, India
Belgaum, India
Bellary, India
Bhadravati, India
Bhagalpur, India
Bharatpur, India
Bharuch, India
Bhatpara, India
Bhavnagar, India
Bheemavaram, India
Bhilai Nagar, India
Bhilwara, India
Bhind, India
Bhiwandi, India
Bhiwani, India
Bhopal, India
Bhubaneswar, India
Bhuj, India
Bhusawal, India
Bid, India
Bidar, India
Bihar Sharif, India
Bijapur, India
Bikaner, India
Bilaspur, India
Bokaro Steel City, India
Brahmapur, India
broad flight of stairs leading down to a river in India
Budaun, India
Buddhist shrine in India
Bulandshahr, India
Burhanpur, India
Calcutta, India
capital of India
Cartagena de Indias
cavalry regiment in India
cavalry squadron in India
ceremonial gathering in India
Chandan Nagar, India
Chandigarh, India
Chandrapur, India
Chapra, India
Chennai, India
Cherthala, India
chief Indian officer in the British army of India
Chirala, India
Chitradurga, India
Chittoor, India
Coimbatore, India
common weaverbird of India
Cuddalore, India
Cuddapah, India
curved sword or saber used in India
Cuttack, India
cylindrical clay oven typical of India
Dabgram, India
Damoh, India
Darbhanga, India
Davangere, India
decorative door hanging for welcoming people into the home in India
Dehradun, India
Delhi, India
Dewas, India
Dhanbad, India
Dhule, India
Dibrugarh, India
Dindigul, India
Durg, India
Durg-Bhilai Nagar, India
Durgapur, India
Eluru, India
English Bazar, India
Erode, India
Etawah, India
extremely poisonous snake of India
Faizabad, India
Faridabad, India
Farrukhabad-cum-Fategarh, India
Fatehpur, India
Firozabad, India
formal assembly called together by a governmental authority in India
Gadag-Betgeri, India
Gandhidham, India
Gandhinagar, India
Ganganagar, India
Gaya, India
general strike in India
Ghaziabad, India
gigantic image of Krishna on an an enormous chariot drawn by the faithful during a festival in India
globe-shaped container for water of brass or copper used in India
Godhra, India
Gondiya, India
Gorakhpur, India
gramineous grass whose fiber is used for making ropes and baskets in India
Gudivada, India
Gulbarga, India
Guna, India
Guntakul, India
Guntur, India
Gurgaon, India
Guruvayur, India
Guwahati, India
Gwalior, India
Habra, India
Haldia, India
Haldwani-cum-Kathgodam, India
Haora, India
Hapur, India
Haridwar, India
Hassan, India
Hathras, India
highly respected sage in India
Hindupur, India
Hisar, India
Hoshiarpur, India
Hospet, India
Houghly-Chinsura, India
Hubli-Dharwad, India
hunting leopard of India
Hyderabad, India
Ichalakaranji, India
Imphal, India
Indore, India
inhabitant of the Malabar coastal region in SW India
inn or guesthouse for travelers in India
Jabalpur, India
Jaipur, India
Jalandhar, India
Jalgaon, India
Jalna, India
Jalpaiguri, India
Jamnagar, India
Jamshedpur, India
Jaunpur, India
Jhansi, India
Jodhpur, India
Jorhat, India
Junagadh, India
Kakinada, India
Kalyan, India
Kamarhati, India
Kamptee, India
Kanchipuram, India
Kanchrapara, India
Kanhangad, India
Kannur, India
Kanpur, India
Karaikkudi, India
Karimnagar, India
Karjat, India
Karnal, India
Karur, India
Katihar, India
Khandwa, India
Kharagpur, India
Kochi, India
Kolar Gold Fields, India
Kolhapur, India
Kollam, India
Korba, India
Kota, India
Kothagudem, India
Kottayam, India
Kozhikode, India
Krishnanagar, India
Kumbakonam, India
Kurnool, India
language spoken mainly in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India
large estate in colonial India
large estate in India
Latur, India
light turban worn in India
light two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage used in India
lightweight spongy white vegetal matter used to elaborate delicate artistic crafts in India
long cotton loincloth worn by Hindu men and having status as formalwear in India
long slender staff of wood or bamboo with an iron tip used as a weapon in India
Lucknow, India
Ludhiana, India
Machilipatnam, India
Madras, India
Madurai, India
Mahbubnagar, India
Mahesana, India
Malappuram, India
Malegaon, India
Mandya, India
Mangalore, India
martial art based on stick fighting which is practiced in India
Mathura, India
Maunath Bhanjan, India
Medinipur, India
Meerut, India
member of a people living mainly in the state of Karnataka in southwest India
member of an Ismaili sub-sect of Muslims surviving in India
member of one of the gypsy tribes of India
Mirzapur-cum-Vindhyachal, India
Modinagar, India
Moga, India
Moradabad, India
Morena, India
Morvi, India
mountain pass in India
mountain range or chain in India
movement and position of the hands and fingers as a silent form of expression in India
Mumbai, India
Munger, India
Murwara, India
Muzaffarnagar, India
Muzaffarpur, India
Mysore, India
Nabadwip, India
Nadiad, India
Nagercoil, India
Nagpur, India
Naihati, India
Nanded, India
Nandyal, India
narrow pass between mountains in India
Nashik, India
native or inhabitant of India
Navsari, India
Nellore, India
New Bombay, India
New Delhi, India
Neyveli, India
Nizamabad, India
Noida, India
nomadic gypsy in North India
nomadic seller of grain and salt in India
Ondal, India
Ongole, India
Palakkad, India
Pali, India
Panihati, India
Panipat, India
Panvel, India
Parbhani, India
Patan, India
Pathankot, India
Patiala, India
Patna, India
Patratu, India
peddler in India
person who does laundry as a job in India
Phusro, India
Pilibhit, India
Pollachi, India
Pondicherry, India
Porbandar, India
postal service of India
pride of India
Proddatur, India
professional dancing and singing girl in India
proprietor of a large estate in India
protection service provided by police or security personnel in India
provincial governor during the Mughal era in India
public audience held by a governor in India
Pune, India
purdah in India
Puri, India
Purnia, India
Rae Bareli, India
Raichur, India
Raiganj, India
Raipur, India
Rajahmundry, India
Rajapalaiyam, India
Rajkot, India
Rajnandgaon, India
Ramagundam, India
Rampur, India
Ranaghat, India
Ranchi, India
Raniganj, India
Ratlam, India
Raurkela, India
resthouse for travelers located originally at roadside in remote places of India
Rewa, India
Rohtak, India
Sagar, India
Saharanpur, India
Salem, India
Sambalpur, India
Sambhal, India
Sangli, India
Satna, India
seaport and capital of Tamil Nadu state on the bay of Bengal in SE India
sedan chair with two bamboo poles and borne by four men in India
seeds of the awnless barnyard grass that are cooked as a cereal in India
Serampore, India
servant who draws and carries water in India
Shahjahanpur, India
Shantipur, India
Shillong, India
Shimla, India
Shimoga, India
Shivapuri, India
Sikar, India
Silchar, India
Siliguri, India
silkworm from India
Sirsa, India
Sitapur, India
Sivakasi, India
small-scale itinerant merchant in India
Solapur, India
Sonipat, India
South Dum Dum, India
square or rectangular piece of silk or cotton embroidered in India
Srinagar, India
standard language northern India
state levee in India
stockade formerly constructed to capture wild elephants in India
subdivision of a district in India
supporter or advocate of independence of India
supporter or advocate of self-government of India
Surat, India
system of landholding and revenue collecting in colonial India
tan silk from India
Tenali, India
Thalassery, India
Thane, India
Thanjavur, India
Thiruvananthapuram, India
Thrissur, India
Tiruchchirappalli, India
Tirunelveli, India
Tirupati, India
Tiruppur, India
Tiruvannamalai, India
Titagarh, India
title of respect formerly used in India
Tonk, India
tropical forest of South India
Tumkur, India
Tuticorin, India
Udaipur, India
Udupi, India
Ujjain, India
Ulhasnagar, India
Unnao, India
Vadakara, India
Vadodara, India
Valparai, India
Valsad, India
Vapi, India
Varanasi, India
Vellore, India
viceroy under the former Mogul empire in India
Vijayawada, India
Visakhapatnam, India
Vizianagarm, India
Wadhwan, India
Warangal, India
Wardha, India
Yamunanagar, India
Yavatmal, India
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