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great  Sustantivo
Plural: greats
  1. Traducir "great" a Español: persona famosa
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": celebrity, famous person
    Definir significado de "great": A widely known person.

great  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "great" a Español: gran, muy grande, reverendo, tremendo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": big, large, grand, hell of a, hell of an, some, jolly
    Definir significado de "great": More than usual.; Remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect.
  2. A whale of a problem (informal), Un gran problema.
    Great expectations.
    Great worry.
    A great crisis.
    Had a great stake in the outcome.

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  3. Traducir "great" a Español: genial, buenísimo, de lo mejor, estupendo, excelente, fabuloso, maravilloso, bárbaro, colosal, de película, formidable, grandioso, macanudo, a toda madre, bien acá, caña, chingón, chipocludo, chiro, cojonudo, crack, dabuten, dabuti, de puta madre, magno, molón, pistonudo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": masterly, stupendous, masterful, awesome, excellent, very good, smashing, smacking
    Definir significado de "great": Very good. ; Standing above others in character or attainment or reputation. ; Of major significance or importance.
  4. He did a bully job.
    A neat sports car.
    Had a great time at the party.
    You look simply smashing.
    Our distinguished professor.
    An eminent scholar.
    A great statesman.
    A great work of art.
    Einstein was one of the outstanding figures of the 20th century.

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  5. Traducir "great" a Español: grande, de gran extensión, extenso, colosal, grandioso
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": big, large, capital, clumpy, healthy, large-sized
    Definir significado de "great": Relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind.
  6. A great juicy steak.
    A great multitude.
    The great auk.
    A great old oak.
    A great ocean liner.
    A great delay.

great  Interjección
  1. Traducir "great" a Español: estupendo, perfecto, excelente, fabuloso, fantástico, súper, aúpa, aúpi, chupi, figura, qué padre
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": good for you, cool, fine, super, that's fine, awesome, hot damn
    Definir significado de "great": Very good.
  2. He did a bully job.
    A neat sports car.
    Had a great time at the party.
    You look simply smashing.

  3. Traducir "great" a Español: bien hecho
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "great": bravo, well done, good one, good work, great job, kudos, good show

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "great"
a great amount of
a great deal
a great deal of
a great difference
a great distance
a great fortune
a great help
a great many
a great number
a great number of
a great part
a great part of
a great quantity of
a great story
a great success
a great while
a thing of great beauty
a very great deal
abductor muscle of great toe
abnormal fear of being at great height
achieve against great difficulties
adductor muscle of great toe
adherent of the legislative union of Great Britain
adversity is a great schoolmaster
Aeronautical Society of Great Britain
after a great deal of
Alexander the Great
Alfred the Great
amount to a great deal
anything that gives great pleasure
assume a great risk
at a great distance
at great expense
at great height
at great length
Athanasius the Great
Basil the Great
be a great hit
be a great lack of
be a great storm
be a great success
be a great thing
be doing a great effort
be doing great
be doing great in
be doing great in one's
be great
be great at
be great fun
be in a great big hurry
be in a great hurry
be in a great state
be in great danger
be no great shakes
be of not great use
be placed at great risk
be present in great strength
be received with great approval
be working great for
bear great resemblance
behind every great man stands a great woman
born in Great Britain
breakwater in the Great Lakes
burn with great heat
bursa of great toe
Canute the Great
carry out with great zeal
Catherine the Great
Caucasian great rosefinch
cause great damage
cause of a great sorrow
cause of great discouragement
characterized by great expenditure
Charles the Great
come in great quantities
Constantine the Great
Cyrus the Great
damage a great deal
Darius the Great
day before Lent that is celebrated as a holiday with parades and great festivities
death is the great leveler
demand a great deal
demand a great effort
demanding great precision
derive great pleasure from
destroy with great violence
discourse at great length
do great damage
drink in great gulps
earthquake of great intensity
earthquake of great magnitude
Eastern great rosefinch
Empire of the Great Qing
English language as spoken in Great Britain
enormous great thing
fall down in great numbers
fall down with great noise
fall with a great noise
fall with great noise
feel great
female public speaker of great eloquence
Ferdinand the Great
financed by the central government in Great Britain
find oneself in great danger
formerly great
fortunate source of great wealth
Frederick the Great
from small beginnings come great things
from word to deed is a great space
German bombing of Great Britain
go great guns
go off in great haste
go to great lengths
go to great pains
go up at a great speed
go up at great speed
Gregory the Great
have a great big smile
have a great day
have a great disappointment
have a great idea
have a great time
have great affection toward
have great consequences
have great fun
have great influence
have great success
have in great abundance
having great success
Herod the Great
image or sound file that must be handled in a special manner due to its great size
in great abundance
in great comfort
in great danger
in great demand
in great detail
in great difficulty
in great haste
in great indignation
in great measure
in great need
in great numbers
in great pain
in great part
in great quantities
in great quantity
in great risk
in great shape
intermediate great muscle
it makes a great difference
it's blowing great guns
it's great fun
Ivan the Great
Justinian the Great
Kamehameha the Great
Leo the Great
little strokes fell great oaks
live in great luxury
live in great poverty
local property tax in Great Britain
long extensor muscle of great toe
long flexor muscle of great toe
Louis the Great
make a great celebration
make a great deal of
make a great effort
make a great show of
make a great stride
make great demands
make great play of
make great strides
make one's way with great effort
make something with great energy
maternal great-grandfather
medial great muscle
meet with great acclaim
member of the Parliament of Great Britain
Mithridates the Great
move at great speed
move with great care
Muslim man who is respected for his great knowledge
native of Great Britain
native or inhabitant of Great Britain
no great shakes
observe in great detail
of great height
of great importance
of great moment
of great promise
of great size
of great viscosity
of great worth
Otto the Great
out of great sacrifice
paternal great-grandfather
perform a great feat
person of great importance
person with a great soul
Peter the Great
pick with great care
place of great disorder
plane of the great circle
play jazz music with great spontaneity
Pompey the Great
proceed with great caution
provide great amounts of
put one's life in great danger
put up a great fight
quality of being great
Rameses the Great
Ramesses the Great
Ramses the Great
receive with great pomp
rise upward with great force
run a great risk
select with great care
self-steering rocket bomb used by the Germans in World War II against Great Britain
short extensor muscle of great toe
short flexor muscle of great toe
show great activity
show great astonishment
slender woman of great beauty
smell great
smell great to
source or cause of great difficulty
St. Basil the Great
state of great anxiety
suffer great humiliation
take a great risk
take a great step
take great advantage of
take great care
take great care of
take great enjoyment
take great pains
take great pleasure
talk at great length
taste great
that's great
the great
the great beyond
the Great Commoner
The Great Compromiser
the Great Elector
The Great Lakes
the great majority
the great number of
the Great Plains
the great unwashed
the Great War
there's is a great shortage
thing of great beauty
think it is great that
thrift is a great revenue
through a great deal of
throw something with a great force
throw up violently with great force
throw with great force
time is a great healer
time is the great healer
to a great degree
to a great extent
to a very great degree
to such a great degree
to what great lengths
to which great lengths
transposition of the great vessels
treat at great length
turn out great
under great stress
unexpected source of great wealth
University of Great Falls
very great
very great number
very great pressure
visual defect causing objects to seem of too great size
whacking great book
which sounds great
whirpool of great violence
who makes a great effort
with a great discount
with a great noise
with great abundance of
with great accuracy
with great anticipation
with great care
with great comfort
with great delight
with great detail
with great devotion
with great difficulties
with great difficulty
with great dignity
with great ease
with great ebullience
with great emotion
with great energy
with great enthusiasm
with great exactitude
with great expression
with great fun
with great hardships
with great harm
with great impatience
with great indignation
with great love comes great forgiveness
with great luminosity
with great perseverance
with great pleasure
with great praise
with great precision
with great reservation
with great skill
with great sorrow
with great speed
with great strength
with great talent
with great thought
with great trouble
with great understanding
with great wealth of
worship with great devotion
Xerxes the Great
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