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food  Sustantivo
Plural: foods
  1. Traducir "food" a Español: comida, alimento, comestible, víveres, alimento humano, comidas, nutriente, nutrimento, nutrimiento, vianda, condumio, jalufo, jamada, manduca, municiones de boca, pábulo, papeo, pitanza, rancho, yantar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "food": meal, foodstuff, a hot, aliment, chewings, chow, chuck, eats
    Definir significado de "food": Any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue. ; Any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment.
  2. Food and drink.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

food  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "food" a Español: alimenticio, alimentario
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "food": alimentary, efficient as food, nourishing, nutrimental, nutritional, nutritious, nutritive
    Definir significado de "food": Of or providing nourishment.

  2. Traducir "food" a Español: alimenticio
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "food": food-industry

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "food"
a little bit of food
a little food
abnormal craving for food
abstain from food
abstinence of excess food
accessory food factor
alkaline-ash producing food
angel food cake
animal food
any of the shorebird of the genus Arenaria with the habit of turning over stones in search of food
appreciation and consumption of good and abundant food
artificial food
artificial food coloring
artificial foods
aversion to food
baby food
bacterial food poisoning
bad quality foods
bar that serves food
base-forming food
basic food
basic food items
basic foods
batter fried food
batter fried foods
be food for
before food
Best Foods
bill for food
blended food
blended foods
blessing of the food
bolt one's food
brain as food
broad deep round or oval dish with a cover used for serving liquid foods
brood food
bunny food
Cajun food
canned food
canned foods
carbohydrate food
carbohydrate-rich food
carbohydrate-rich foods
carcinogenic food
carcinogenic foods
carry-out food
cat food
cat foods
caused by food
charcoal broiled food
charcoal broiled foods
charity food ticket
chemical substance that promotes sequestration by forming chelate compounds with metal ions in food additives
chewing of ingested and regurgitated food
Chinese food
choke on food
choke to death on food
choke up with food
choke with the food
Clinton Foods
college food service
comfort food
commercial food service
ConAgra Foods
ConAgra Foods Inc.
consume healthy foods
convenience food
convenience foods
customary food
dairy food substitute
Dean Foods
Dean Foods Company
dehydrated food
dehydrated foods
Del Monte Foods
Del Monte Foods Co.
delicate bit of food
delicate morsel of food
devour food
devour one's food
diet-food shop
dietetic food
dietetic food diarrhea
dietetic foods
dietetic meal-food
dip a sop in gravy or a plate of food
dirty food
disgust toward food
dispense fast food
dog food
dog foods
Dole Food
Dole Foods
dried food
dried foods
drug-food interaction
Duncan Foods
eat any kind of food
eat healthy foods
eat junk food
eat unhealthy foods
efficient as food
emergency food aid
energy-building food
energy food
enjoy one's food
essential food factor
ethnic food
ethnic foods
excess food
excessive food intake
excessive intake of food
exquisite food
extruded food
extruded foods
Fairmont Foods
family-style foods
famous duck dish from Beijing that is now considered one of China's national foods
fancy food
fancy foods
fancy foods shop
fancy foods store
fast food
fast food restaurant
fast foods
fattening food
fear of food
feel satisfied with the food
feeling of satiety even without much ingestion of food
fermented food
fermented foods
festive food
fiber-rich foods
fine food
Finevest Foods
finger food
Flowers Foods
Flowers Foods Inc.
food additive whose role is to improve the quality and stability of the food products
food or plates of food partially eaten
forage for food
foraging for food
formulated food
fortification of food
fresh food market
freshness of foods
fried food
fried foods
frozen food
frozen foods
frozen foods industry
fuel food
General Foods
genetically modified foods
get sick with the food
get some food
Giant Food
give out the food
glandular secretion of the beaver used in the perfume and food industries
glut oneself with food
GM foods
go without food
gobble down one's food
good food
gorge oneself with food
gourmet food
grab some food
grilled food
group of minimum staple food items
grow foods
guzzle in food
half-cooked food
hard-digest food
have a taste for sweet foods
have food
have too much predilection for food
health food
health-food shop
health food store
health foods
heart as food
heavy food
Hershey Foods
Hershey Foods Corp.
hog testicles used as food
home food preparation
home food preservation
Hormel Foods
Hormel Foods Corp.
Hudson Foods
huge amount of food
human food
hunger never saw bad food
Hygrade Food Products
Idle Wild Foods
indirect tax on food
infant food
infant food industry
infant foods
inferior and unidentifiable food
ingest food
ingested food
insect as food
instant food
instant foods
intake of food
iron-rich food
irrational fear of food
Italian food
Japanese food
julienned food
junk food
junk food snacks
junk foods
kidney as food
kiosk where they serve drinks and food
kosher food
kosher foods
Kraft Foods
lack of food
lamb testicles used as food
large quantity of food
leftover food
line of persons waiting to get food
little bit of food
liver as food
love of and taste for good food
low acid food
low acid foods
low calorie food
low calorie foods
make the food stretch
McDonald's fast-food restaurant
messy and childish fight among people who smear and spatter each other with food
Mexican food
Michael Foods
morsel of food
natural food
natural food coloring
natural foods
nature food restaurant
naturist food
need and desire for food
nitrogenous protein food
non-food industry
non-food product
novel food
novel foods
nutritional assessment of foods
obsessed by food
obsessed with food
of high-quality or specialized food
of value as food
on-site food preparation
organic food
organic food shop
organic foods
organically-grown foods
organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis
Oriental food
out of food
packaged foods
packet of food
pelleted food
pelleted foods
Performance Food Group
Performance Food Group Co.
person in charge of seasoning food
person who takes great pleasure in food
pet food
pet foods
philosopher of food
phobia of food
pick at one's food
pick at the food
pickled food
pickled foods
pig's food
plant destitute of chlorophyll that depends upon other plant or animal for food materials
plant food
plates laden with food
pompano food fish
precooked food
precooked foods
prepared food
prepared foods
preserved food
privation of food
processing of foods
protective food
protein food
provide food for
provide with food
pull-in for food
pure food certificate
quantity food preparation
rabbit food
raise food
raw food
raw foods
red food coloring
reinforced by food
reinforced with food
relating to food
restaurant specializing in fried fish and other fried foods
revolting food
Riceland Foods
right to food
Riviana Foods
S & W Fine Foods
salmonella food-poisoning
scanty allowance of food
scavenge for food
school food service
scraps of food
sensation of bad taste without any apparent cause and without the ingestion of food
serve food
serve food to
serve for food
sheep testicles used as food
short portion of food
simulated food
slimming food
slotted spoon for serving fried foods
small food plate
Smithfield Foods
Smithfield Foods Inc
snack food
soft food
solid food
solid foods
solid nourishing food
sop bread in a sauce or plate of food
sophisticated food
soul food
Spencer Foods
squid prepared as food
staphylococcus food poisoning
staple food
staple food crop
staple foods
starchy food
starving for food
stimulated by food
stock of food
street food
strong liking for sweet foods
stuff with food
substance added to foods
such a good food
such good food
sugary food
supplementary food
supplementary foods
supply with food
tables spread with food
Tai food
taste and relish for good food
taste the food
tear production by eating food
Technical Working Group on Labelling, Packaging and Food Standards
Thai food
that chews again already swallowed and regurgitated food
that feeds on all types of food
that promotes body-building from food ingested
the art of food preparation
thin plastic or lacquered wood box divided into compartments which contain small separate Japanese foods
thirst-causing food
thirst-provoking food
tinned foods
tropical food
tropical foods
TWG on Labelling, Packaging and Food Standards
typical food
Tyson Foods
Tyson Foods Inc
unconventional food
unconventional foods
United Natural Foods
Universal Foods
unsavory food
urge to defecate produced by tension of the stomach wall caused by food intake
USDA food grade
Ward Foods
watery or mushy food
welfare food
welfare foods
West Liberty Foods
what is your favorite food
which eats a few kinds of food only
which eats one kind of food only
which feeds on a limited range of foods
which produces its own food through photosynthesis
which uses organic material as food
whole foods market
Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market Inc
whole-sale fresh food market
wicker basket with a cover used to carry food
wild food
wild foods
Wilson Foods
without any food
without appetite for food
WLR Foods
wolf down one's food
wolf down the food
work at a fast-food restaurant
World Food Council
world food crisis
world food problem
World Food Program
World Food Programme
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