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capital  Sustantivo
Plural: capitals
  1. Traducir "capital" a Español: capital, fondos, activos, lana, capital principal, haberes
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": means, assets, funds, estate, fortune, holdings, legal possessions, patrimony
    Definir significado de "capital": Wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value. ; Assets available for use in the production of further assets.

  2. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "capital" a Español: capital, ciudad capital
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": capital city, chief city, chief town
    Definir significado de "capital": A seat of government.

  4. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  5. Traducir "Capital" a Español: El Capital
    Definir significado de "Capital": A book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories.

  6. Traducir "capital" a Español: fuente de atracción, meca
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": attraction pole, magnet, mecca, pole of attraction, polestar, source of attraction, draw

  7. Traducir "capital" a Español: chapitel
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": cap, capital of the column, chapiter

  8. Traducir "capital" a Español: capital comercial
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": capital stock
    Definir significado de "capital": The maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation.

capital  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "capital" a Español: mayúscula, de caja alta, versal
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": uppercase
    Definir significado de "capital": Uppercase.
  2. Capital A.
    Great A.
    Many medieval manuscripts are in majuscule script.

  3. Traducir "capital" a Español: mayúsculo, grande
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": big, large, uppercase, clumpy, great, healthy, large-sized, majuscule
    Definir significado de "capital": Conspicuous in position or importance. ; Above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. ; Of very great significance. ; Prodigious.

  4. Traducir "capital" a Español: capital
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": main, principal
    Definir significado de "capital": Of primary important.
  5. Our capital concern was to avoid defeat.

  6. Traducir "capital" a Español: excelente, de primera clase
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "capital": cool, excellent, great, outstanding, A-class, A-one, blue-ribbon, awesome, first-rate
    Definir significado de "capital": First-rate.
  7. A capital fellow.
    A capital idea.

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "capital"
accountable capital
accumulated capital
accumulation of capital
active capital
add the interest to the capital
adjustment capital
afflux of capital
aliquot of capital
all capital letters
amnesty for repatriation of flight capital
amortization of capital
amortization of circulating capital
amortization of fixed capital
amortized capital
amortized capital shares
amortized capital stock
amount of capital goods
angel capital
Annaly Capital Management
annual capital cost
annual income from capital investments
assessable capital shares
assessable capital stock
asset for leasing under capital lease
Associates First Capital
augment the capital of
Australian Capital Territory
Austrian theory of capital
authorized capital
authorized capital shares
authorized capital stock
autonomous capital
availability of capital
available capital
Bain Capital
balance of capital account
balance on capital account
bank capital
basic capital
basic overhead capital
be of capital importance
beginning of the year capital balance
block capitals
borrowed capital
budgeting capital expenditures
build up capital
build up capital asset
calculation of average cost of capital
call for capital
call for subscribed capital
callable capital
called-up capital
called-up capital stock
carrying cost of capital
centralization of capital
circulating capital
circulating capital good
coefficient of capital yield
company capital
company's issued capital
complex capital structure
concentration of capital
contributed capital
contribution of capital
contribution to capital
convert into fixed capital
corporate capital
corporation with varying amount of capital
cost of capital
Crestline Capital
cumulative capital stock
current capital
days sales invested in working capital
debenture capital
debt capital
declared capital
decoration resembling a collar of beads or pearls at the bottom of a capital
decrease one's capital
departmental capital
deprive of capital
direction of capital investment
dividends on capital stock
donated capital stock
emigration of capital
endowment of capital
equilibrating capital flow
equilibrating capital movement
equity capital
equity capital inflow
excess capital accumulation
excess capital formation
exodus of capital
export of capital
face capital
financial capital
financing of capital goods
financing of capital projects
fixed capital
fixed capital assets
fixed capital expenditure
fixed capital formation
fixed capital goods
fixed capital investment
fixed capital loan
flight of capital
floating capital
fluid capital
foreign capital
forest capital
formation of capital
founder's capital stock
free capital
free movement of capital
from the capital
frozen capital
fully-paid capital stock
funded debt to working capital
furnish an inadequate amount of capital for
furnish capital
furnish capital for
furnish insufficient capital for
gain on sale of capital assets
global capital production
gross capital formation
gross fixed capital formation
heavy outflow of capital
high-level human capital
human capital
human capital flight
human capital stock
idle capital
impaired capital
impairment of capital
in capital letters
in capitals
increase capital
increase of capital
increase the capital
incremental cost of capital
individual capital
industrial capital
inflow of capital
influx of capital
infusion of capital
initial capital
initial capital investment
initial capital outlay
instrumental capital
integrated capital
intellectual capital
interest on capital invested
interest on capital stock
interest on owned capital
international capital market
international capital movements
international capital transaction
inventory to working capital
invest capital in
invested capital
investment capital
investment in fixed capital
investment of capital
issuance of capital stock
issued capital
issued capital stock
leading capital market
legal capital
liabilities and capital
liquid capital
live on income from one's capital
loan capital
loan secured by capital assets
lock up capital
locked-up capital expenditure
long-term capital
long-term capital gain
long-term capital gains
long-term capital loss
lose all of one's capital
lose all one's capital
loss of capital
loss of capital investment
maintenance of capital
make capital out
make capital out of
make inroads on one's capital
management of capital assets
manuscript written entirely in rounded unjoined capital letters
marginal cost of capital
marginal efficiency of capital
marginal productivity of capital
monetary capital
movement of capital
natural capital
negative working capital
net capital
net capital flow
net capital formation
net capital inflow
net capital ratio
net capital requirement
net capital rule
net investment equal to net plant in service plus working capital
net profit to working capital
net sale to working capital
net working capital
new trend in venture capital
nominal capital
non assessable capital stock
non-compensatory capital
non-par-value capital stock
non-producing capital
nonreserve capital
of the capital
official capital
open capital company
opening capital
operating capital
opportunity cost of capital
ordinary capital stock
ordinary share capital
original capital
outflow of capital
outside the capital
outstanding capital
outstanding capital shares
outstanding capital stock
overhead capital investment
own-account fixed capital formation
owner capital
paid-in capital
paid-in capital ratio
paid-in capital surplus
paid-up capital
par-value capital stock
partnership capital
partnership's capital
permanent capital
permanent capital good
personal capital
pertaining to capital stock
Pinnacle West Capital
Pinnacle West Capital Corp
placement of capital
preferred capital stock
premium on capital stock
premium on sale of capital stock
present capital
preservation of capital
price of capital goods
primary capital
private capital
process of inflicting capital punishment
procure capital
procurement of capital
producer's capital
production capital
profit earned on the liquidation of capital stock
profit earned on the merger of capital stock
profit earned on the reduction of capital stock
property capital
proprietary capital
proprietor's capital
prospecting for seed capital
prospection for seed capital
provide an inadequate amount of capital for
provision of capital
public capital
public capital formation
purchase capital
put capital in
raise capital
raise the capital
raising of capital
rate of earnings on total capital employed
rate of return on capital
ratio of earnings to capital
ratio of owned capital to borrowed capital
ratio of proprietary to total capital investment
real capital
reconciliation of capital funds
recycling of capital
redeemable capital stock
reduction of capital
reduction of capital sock
reflows of flight capital
regional capital markets
registered capital
registered capital stock
repatriation of capital
repatriation of flight capital
reproducible capital
reserve capital
reserve for working capital
reserve of capital
resident of the capital
return of capital
return on capital
return on capital employed
return on capital invested
return on invested capital
returns to capital
risk-based capital
risk capital
risk capital investment
risk capital market
risk of capital
roll-over of capital
rounded or curved capital letter
sales to working capital ratio
saved capital
scarcity of capital
searching for venture capital
secured working capital loan
security capital
seed capital
seed-capital investment
set capital
share capital
shareholder's capital
shares of a partner who furnishes capital
shares of a partner who furnishes no capital
short-term capital
short-term capital flows
short-term capital gain
short-term capital gains
short-term capital loss
short-term capital movements
shortage of capital
simple capital structure
sinking of floating capital
small capital
small capital city
small capital letter
small capital letters
small capitals
social capital
social overhead capital
soft capital
sources of capital
spare capital
specialized capital
specified capital
speculative capital
squander one's capital
start-up capital
stated capital
statement of partners' capital account
stock capital
style of writing by using rounded unjoined capital letters
subscribed capital
subscribed capital not paid
subscribed capital stock
subscribed not paid capital stock
subscription capital
sunk capital
supply of capital
supply share capital
surplus capital
survey on capital markets
sustained capital outflow
sustained outflow of capital
tax on capital
tax on capital gains
tax on income from capital investments
taxable capital
temporary capital
The U.S. Capital
The United States Capital
The US Capital
total capital
total capital employed
trading capital
transfer of capital abroad
transfer to capital
treasury capital
treatment of foreign capital
uncalled capital
unissued capital
unissued capital stock
unlimited vote capital stock
unpaid capital
unproductive capital
unsubscribed capital
variable capital
venture capital
venture capital fund
venture capital funds
vintage capital
volatile capital
voting capital stock
vulture capital
watered capital
weighted average capital cost
weighted average cost of capital
widening of capital
withdraw capital from
working capital
working-capital account
working capital fund
working capital loan
working capital ratio
working capital turnover
write in capital letters
written in rounded or curved capital letters
yield on capital
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