From Beginner To Expert: How Writing Can Boost Your Spanish Language Skills

Learning a language is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. But there are certain techniques used to boost skills while learning, for example, the Spanish language. One popular method is writing for learning when you focus on writing more than any other aspect of language (e.g. reading, […]

How to Uplevel Your Business Writing Skills in Spanish

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world,” says a famous proverb. However, knowing how to express yourself in a foreign language in business is to have one more door open for new business opportunities. That path towards upscaling your business is paved with good speaking […]

13 Irresistibly Interesting Facts about the Spanish Language

When we speak about the most popular languages in the world, Spanish most probably comes to our minds, among others. Not to mention that it is often attributed as one of the most melodic and beautiful languages. Spanish has seen a notable increase in use thanks to numerous Spanish-speaking countries and their inhabitants, the use […]

5 Tools to Help you Learn Spanish Online

Frank Smith once said: “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” While Charles the Great has been quoted as saying: “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” These are very illustrative of the power of speaking more than one language. It opens […]

English-Spanish “False friends” – Part III

English Means doesn’t mean tuna atún “tuna” (cactus) apology disculpa “apología” (defense) arm brazo “arma” (gun, weapon) balloon globo “balón” (ball, in sports) billet alojamiento militar, acuartelamiento “billete” (banknote, bill) brave valiente “bravo” (fierce, enraged) cartoon dibujos animados, caricatura, tira cómica “cartón” (cardboard) casualty víctima mortal, herido, baja “casualidad” (coincidence, chance) commodity materia prima, mercancía “comodidad” […]

English-Spanish “False friends” – Part II

English Means doesn’t mean patron patrocinador / parroquiano, cliente habitual “patrón” (boss, employer) petrol gasolina “petróleo” (oil, petroleum) policy política (directriz, norma) / póliza “policía” (police, police officer) prevent impedir, ser un obstáculo para “prevenir” (avert, avoid / warn) qualification requisito, cualidad, título académico “calificación” (score, grade, mark) question pregunta “cuestión” (matter, business) range gama / […]

The Top 2020 Card Games Are Still the Classics

The last few years have been shaped by online content and mentality like never before. It seems that the digital world sets directions for the offline one. Consequently, a lot of online resources have become not only richer over the years, but even more prestigious because of big institutions using them. But sometimes, the phenomenon […]

English Spanish “False Friends” – Part 1/3

These words have a similar form, but their meanings are not equivalent. Sometimes it’s just a matter of nuances, but some other cases are not related at all. English Means Doesn’t Mean abstract in bibliography: resumen, extracto “abstracto”. In Spanish an adjective only, not a noun. actual verdadero, real “actual” (current) actually en realidad, de […]