Can a College Student Make a Difference and Prevent Climate Change?

For so many years, the issue of climate change has been a major source of worry to everyone who loves the planet. As time progresses, it becomes increasingly obvious that if we do not do anything to prevent this, it might be too late to address and prevent the dangers that might come with it.

Studies have shown that by 2040, the deaths caused by climate change by year might rise to an additional 250,000. This is not surprising because even on a small scale, we are seeing and recording the detrimental effects of this issue on humans, plants, and animal health. It is one of the biggest threats to life since it directly attacks vital organs.

The question right now is: what do we do about it? What can be done to prevent this drastic change?

Little things matter, and the change can start with you as a college student. Firstly, you can read this climate change essay by to learn about the state of climate change and Global warming in different spheres of life. There are several other free writing samples to help you understand this issue better.

As an additional resource to these essays written by professionals on the eduzaurus team, you can also read this brief climate change article for students so you know what you can do to make a difference.

What Can You Do to Help Climate Change?

Is it too late to prevent climate change? The answer is no. There are so many things we can do to stop climate change, some of which are:

Educate Yourself and Others

Although the issue of climate change is a pressing one, there are still some people who do not know about it. Climate education is important so others can know the importance of this issue and the necessary steps to combat it effectively.

Start by telling others about this on campus; you never know who you might be informing. If you can write compelling articles exposing the imminent dangers of climate change, then post them online for others to read. Knowing is half the battle, and you will be touching so many lives this way.

Sustainable Living

Besides spreading this awareness to others, it is essential that you like sustainable living to contribute your quota to the environment. Sustainable living simply means using your own personal and renewable resources to reduce the use of the earth’s natural resources. This, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint and influences the environment positively.

There are so many ways by which we can help make this happen. The first major change to your lifestyle should be saying no to plastic. This would mean disposing of your plastic water bottles, reusable steel bottles and using paper cups or mugs instead of plastic cups. You should also invest more in eco-friendly student products.

Don’t Waste Water

While you might see water as an unlimited resource, it is important you do not waste it. This is because getting clean, usable water requires a lot of energy and chemical power that would pollute the environment.

Take shorter showers and turn off the water while sponging, use car washes that conserve water, and invest in water-saving appliances.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Energy

Be conscious of spending more energy than necessary in your hostels. Firstly, try to switch to LED bulbs instead of the usual energy-consuming ones. LED bulbs are energy-conserving by using 75% less energy than other bulbs. They are also 30% more efficient and last even longer.

Other ways to reduce unnecessary energy consumption is by:

  1. Making sure to never leave the bulbs on when you leave a room
  2. Always unplug your charger when you aren’t using it
  3. Put the TV off whenever you are not using it

Wasting electricity does not only run up the light bill, but it is also bad for the environment.

Help the Community

You can’t do it alone. Join larger groups and be part of a movement that upholds climate change and everything it stands for. If there is no group like that in your community, you can start your team.


You might think the issue of climate change is too big for little impact to make much difference, but the truth is, it’s not. Little steps count. Think about you making such little change to make the world better, and everyone else is doing the same. The summary of these little impacts can cause a big reaction that positively influences the environment.

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