7 Best Movies For Spanish Learning

Learning Spanish can be tedious task. But the good news is, you don’t have to stick to reading a textbook on the language. In fact, many learners are able to learn the basics from watching Spanish-language movies, whether from a streaming service like Netflix, online in YouTube videos, or on television.

With that said, this article will show you 7 of the best Spanish-speaking movies that can help you jumpstart your Spanish learning.

  1. La Llamada (Holy Camp!)

A musical comedy written and directed by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (or Los Javis), this film is a mash-up of Spanish traditions old and new. The story follows two girls being sent to a Catholic camp, even though they prefer dancing and partying over praying. When they both misbehave, it doesn’t take long for God to pay a visit to one of the friends.

Through the film’s songs (which are interpretations of pop hits) and showing a compromise between old traditions and new, viewers will take note of the Spanish language being conveyed to propel the story.

  • Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo (Three Steps Above Heaven)

The story follows Hugo “H” Olivera, as he races through the streets of Spain, all while wreaking havoc and breaking hearts. H is a teenage rebel with a love for motorcycles, breaking the law, and trying to score girls. But soon, he finds himself falling for a girl who will change his attitude towards the world – and his life, in general. Fun and fast-paced – but also predictable – Spanish learners can easily follow the plot.

  • El Bar (The Bar)

Álex de la Iglesia, a master of dark humor, directs this unique film. Taking place in one of the most common places in Madrid, a bar, this film follows the aftermath of a public shooting, as the bar patrons (from all ranks of society) take refuge inside the establishment, and debate over what might be going on outside – an apocalyptic scene. While some blame each other for their misfortunes, others rather see the humor of things.

While the film thrives on diverse conversations and dialogue, Spanish learners will learn both their speech and the cultural aspects of the plot.

  • Como Agua Para Chocolate (Like Water For Chocolate)

A story about family, tradition, love, life and death, the film follows Tita, who is forbidden to marry the man she loves, due to a long-held family tradition that the oldest daughter should be married off first. So, Tita is forced into a life of longing when her sister marries him in her place. In spite of the story, natural Spanish is the staple of the film, making it great for language learning.

  • Bajo la Piel de Lobo (The Skin Of The Wolf)

This movie follows Martinon, a hermit fur trader who finds a new wife while travelling outside his lair. It was then when he is shown how tragedy can take many forms: greed, illness, and emotional distress.

For novice Spanish learners, the manner of speaking throughout the film is simple, with sentences appearing sparsely.

  • Perdiendo El Norte (Off Course)

If you’re more into traditional comedy, then check out Perdiendo el Notre (translated as “Off Course”). The film follows two Spanish brothers moving to Germany during the economic crisis, when many Spaniards have relocated to other places in Europe to find work. With funny jokes and a good-hearted take on what’s supposed to be sad, the movie is a good stepping stone for those learning something about the Spanish culture.

  • El Faro de las Orcas (The Lighthouse Of The Orcas)

Based on a true story, the film follows a mother and her autistic child, as they travel to Patagonia, Argentina to meet a TV whale conservationist, Beto. From there, a real connection between Beto and the family begins to form as time progresses. In this film, viewers will listen to how different the Spanish language can sound from one place to another.


So, whether you catch these 7 movies on television, online, or on a streaming service, they’re definitely worth checking out with or without subtitles. Whether you’re just starting to learn Spanish, or want to brush up on your terminology, you’ll not only be immersed in each movie’s narrative, but you’ll also learn some Spanish while viewing them.

While there are other movies that give you the same good-quality Spanish, these 7 are the most notable. So, after you read this article, we hope that you check out these 7 great films and have a great time learning Spanish!

Kristin Herman is a writer and editor at Academized.com. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends in digital advertising and social media influencing.

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