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"The team at Word Magic Software have been a valuable partner for several years. They are very competent, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with."

Stephen S. Strichart, Ph.D.

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"Must have as well as all dictionaries from Word Magic software."

Iván Drufovka, Ph.D

"Your app is the best legal dictionary"

"Your app is awesome and a very handy tool for court interpreters."
Diana Goin
"Best and most comprehensive Spanish-English dictionary! I recently translated some real estate documents and found every technical term I did not know in here. I could not find these words with any other dictionaries, which prompted buying this one. Very useful for legal and other specialty use. Online dictionaries cannot compete with this one."
Jose Chaparo
"Still by far the hands-down best, most meticulously thorough Spanish language (two way) to English and visa-versa language tool available anywhere. Period. Over 40 years, I have tried them all - nothing else comes close. Highly recommend this app..."
Gus Tavo
"Spoken Translation's association with Word Magic Software began in 2003, so they are now among our most longstanding and trusted associates. During these years, we have collaborated closely in the area of interactive machine translation, a field in which they have led. My colleagues and I have found their team to be extremely professional and sharp, and extremely honorable, helpful, and straightforward in their dealings. We've also enjoyed their hospitality during business and personal visits to Costa Rica. Their competence is wide-ranging: we've benefited from their expertise in human translation as well as in software engineering and linguistics. For example, their Spanish translation of our user manual and tutorials was superb; and the graphic design of their mobile dictionaries is impressive. I'm quite certain that there could be no better choice for participation in a wide range of projects."
Mark Seligman, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder
Spoken Translation


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"All the dictionaries by Wordmagic software are a must to have. Highly recommended."
Iván Drufovka, Ph.D.

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