About Word Magic Software

We specialize in English Spanish Translation Software and Dictionaries


Word Magic Software, from its inception in 1989, is dedicated to offering a set of complementary software products geared for the English-Spanish language translation, corporate communications, and education markets.

The company was initially established as a personal project of Ricardo Argüello founder and current President, when he created a DOS based database dictionary and translator for teaching English to his children. A few years later, Windows versions of the Word Magic solutions were made commercially available.

A major milestone for the organization was circa 1996 when Word Magic became an early e-commerce pioneer, establishing its web site in order to market its newest version of Translation Dictionary & Tools (translation dictionaries) over the Internet. The company’s next product, the award-winning English-Spanish automatic text translator, was developed over the ensuing two years, and was launched in 1998 as ESI (English-Spanish Interpreter). This technology offers translation construction based on artificial intelligence, using the context and semantics of each individual sentence, producing translations into Spanish. The accuracy achieved is yet to be matched by others in the industry.


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Today, Word Magic has leveraged its R&D efforts of the past 18 years with its recent release of the 5.0 Version of its translation products. This company is now an emerging player in the Global Translation market space targeted at users of English/Spanish translation and language communications tools.

The software has evolved into a set of tools designed to help any individual or company working in English and Spanish. Being specialists in this language pair allows Word Magic to concentrate and focus all Research and Development in this area without diluting efforts in a multitude of languages.

Our current staff is constantly developing new functionality, new language applications and new updates of Translator and its set of complementary products. Our translators, language specialists, and doctorates in Computational Linguistics, are constantly preparing and updating new field-specific dictionaries and enlarging the general-purpose lexical databases.

The company is also considered to be at the forefront of developments in information technology and computational linguistics. By incorporating artificial intelligence, and context-sensitive grammar analysis into the on-the-fly translator (Translator Professional/Plus), staying on top of the latest developments in Natural Language Processing for English and Spanish has become part of Word Magic’s daily work.