8 rules of successful students

Have you noticed that for some students it is easier to study than for others? They spend less time doing homework, get higher grades, and their answers at seminars are always praised by teachers.

Most often, this is not caused by natural talent, they just work on themselves and use the rules of successful students. There is no secret to these skills. Meanwhile, we will help you become a successful student who knows how to use your time effectively. 

1. Complete rest

One of the important rules for becoming a successful student is to remember to rest. Contrary to the usual opinion that the leading students work a lot and have little rest, the situation is different. To work productively during the day, you need to get enough sleep and rest beforehand.

Therefore, you should not do homework all night, and in the morning, after drinking energy drinks: during the day you are unlikely to be productive because of fatigue. It is better to reduce the time for homework, but to relax and then spend the day effectively.

2. No “blanks”

A successful student tries to ensure that there are no incomprehensible moments left for him in his studies. If he does not understand the lecture, then he tasks the teacher for help.

The same applies to the results of a test or independent assessment: if he does not understand the mistakes made during a test, then he asks the teacher and often seeks to improve the results. Therefore, do not leave any blank spots for yourself: try to find out as quickly as possible what was not clear.

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3. Search for additional information

The formation of successful students is impossible without such a quality as a curiosity. The student leader is not limited to what is written in the abstract or textbook. To better understand the topic, he or she uses additional sources.

This allows you not only to expand your knowledge but also to make a good impression on the teacher, surprising him with the knowledge of an unusual fact on the subject of the subject. So do not hesitate to use Google, especially if you are interested in the topic of the lecture.

4. Working on mistakes

Useful habits for a student include the ability to learn from mistakes. After receiving a test with the teacher’s comments, pay maximum attention to those questions that were answered incorrectly, try to learn the missed material, retake it, or write a good final paper.

5. Task distribution

One of the main skills of a successful person is to learn how to correctly distribute tasks. It can be very difficult to do everything yourself, so it is worth dividing the tasks between the team members, in this case, active students of the group, on whom you can rely. For example, if you distribute the questions for the seminar in advance, everyone will be able to prepare and learn one of them, and not all ten.

6. Time management

It is better to master the art of time management as early as possible. This will help to “increase” the number of hours in a day and squeeze out as much benefit as possible from the standard 24 hours. There are many useful ways to do this:

  • reduce the use of time killers (social media, TV, pointless conversations, games);
  • always be fully present;
  • keep promises to yourself and other people;
  • work at lectures.

Pomodoro method

Tracking the feed in social networks, passing a difficult level in the game, or watching the next series of a reality show, you can “kill” a few precious hours a day without noticing.

But it is difficult to completely abandon them, so analyze your daily routine and decide how many minutes a day you can allocate to these activities without compromising your studies and other things.

The “Pomodoro” method helps you organize your time correctly. It is based on the principle of “25 hours of work and 5 minutes of rest”. To do this, you need to make a list of tasks, arrange them in order of priority, and start solving the most important one. After 25 minutes have passed, you can take a 5-minute break. And so on until all the important tasks are completed.

Set yourself a strict rule: if you come to a lecture, then be fully present (complete the teacher’s tasks, write a summary, answer the lecturer’s questions). If at this time you will be playing games or texting with friends, it will turn out that you have wasted all this time: the time on the way to the university and back, the time of the lecture itself, as well as the time you need to master the material yourself. If you are not going to work at a lecture, then it is better not to go there at all, if there are more important things to do.

7. Active rest

Free time can be spent not only near the computer or TV but also revealing your talents. Every university has:

  • creative teams;
  • sports;
  • intellectual game clubs;
  • scientific communities.

Usually, these organizations are happy to accept new members. Spending your leisure time in this way, you can not only meet new people, visit interesting places (field performances, tournaments, conferences), but also impress teachers, most of whom appreciate socially active students.

8. Motivation

You can achieve success only if you are motivated if you are genuinely interested in your future specialty and you understand that studying at a university is the first step on the career ladder. Only then will you be able to work effectively and at the same time not feel tired and dissatisfied.

Otherwise, lectures will always remain boring for you, and practical classes will always be pointless. Therefore, if you have lost interest in studying and it is no longer inspiring, you should think about changing the university. If you are genuinely interested in AutoTech, it is very unlikely that you will become a successful lawyer. First decide what you would really like to do in the future, so as not to change universities every year.

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