6 Apps Which Help to Sail Through the SAT

iPads and iPhones have become an integral part of education. Students of all ages are relying on different apps to solve problems and get assistance throughout the learning process. Now is the best time to start thinking about the apps you are going to use to prepare for next year’s SAT.

Do you know what I’m still waiting for? A horror movie about the SATs. I mean, it would be a challenge, but for many students, there is nothing quite as scary as these tests. Fortunately, due to the rapid mobile application development and software companies like JatApp, you don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg to get it!

There are a lot of apps that have been designed specifically to help you pass your SATs. Armed with them the SATs will turn from a horror into a comedy – or should I have gone with one of those inspirational success stories?

Daily practice for the new SAT app

As they say, you should always get your information from the horse’s mouth and with the SAT that is possible, with the College Board has created an actual app for you to study. Now, like most university-created apps this is not the most colorful and visually appealing piece of work, but then neither is the SAT itself, so you might as well get used to it!

And at least you know that the APP is aimed at exactly the type of questions you’re going to get. After all, the people who actually wrote the damned test also designed the app! It is available both for Android and iOS.

Khan Academy

Just to make things a bit more confusing for you, the College Board has also connected with a free online university to create another app (and here you thought the choice was going to be easy). Here you can look at a lot of different materials and even sit down and try a sample test! Because that’s something we all want to do in our free time.

That said, none of us want to take the SATs either, so there’s that. This one is also available for Android and iOS. Celebration and joy, that’s what I say (Yes, I’ve got a lot to say).


Ooooh, one of those educational tools where they use a number instead of a word! That’s never been done before! Aren’t they original? All sarcasm aside (and it was, admittedly, a lot of sarcasm) just because they can’t choose their name, doesn’t mean they don’t know their stuff.

And Prep4SAT does. They’ve not only got all the stuff you’ve got to learn, but also give you diagnostics as to what areas you’re weak at and need to focus more time on. That’s very useful in case you’re starting to freak out and no longer know what end of the pencil to use. This one is also available for Android and iOS.

SAT Prep

Just in case you slouched your way through high school, there is SAT Prep for you to catch up. Here they’ve got Adaptive Learning Technology to work out what you’re weak at and what you’re good at and then creates personalized workouts to boost you in those areas where you need it. Apparently, it has thousands of detailed practice questions for you to try your hand at and it too is available for both Android and iOS. I suspect that soon they’re just going to make all traditional schools and colleges available on the Andriod and iOS as well.


Okay, it’s a bit expensive at about $80 a month, but then you’re probably going to rack up a debt of nearly a hundred thousand anyway in the years to come, so what’re a few dollars here and there going to matter? (What do you mean, cynical?)

The great thing about Magoosh is the video lessons that they offer. There is a lot of footage to help those who are more visually and acoustically oriented – or for those who have rich papas and mamas. This one is available for Android, and iOS and can also be gotten on your desktop.


This one is for students across all borders, allowing them to prepare for a large number of tests. Why would you want that? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your test-taking days aren’t over after you’ve finished your SATs. Universities are famous for clobbering you with exams at the end of periods. Not only Gojimo, but some writing services will help you prepare for those as well.

Another bonus is that it also has offline access, which means that you can take it camping with you (though why you’d want to is a different question). This one is, like the others, available on both Android, iOS.

In Conclusion

So now you’ve got to make a choice. Don’t know which to go with? Well, there are always online reviews to guide you, or you could ask your friends what they’re using. Or you could just roll a die, like literally, and go with that. There are six entries after all. And people have let their entire fate hang in the balance of one dice roll before.

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