13 Websites with Creative Solutions for Art Students

Online resources offer a wide range of opportunities now, from daily inspiration up to digital art creation. Art students can find a tutor of all types, professional insights, or even online courses from top creators just by a simple search. And it is a great way to learn something new, get better at what you are working at, or just find like-minded artists and share your ideas.

This list of helpful websites for art students will cover all of these options. It is an ultimate collection of excellent platforms for all creative souls.


It is well-known among those interested in digital art, but it is still a very good platform. It offers all the tools and solutions as the software but online. One can get inspired by ideas, edit their art or photos and save it to their devices. And it is perfect as you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Art Studio Chalkboard

This website is all about drawing and painting. It is a great learning opportunity that is devoted to the technical aspects of it. If you want to work on your drawing, it is specifically made for art students. There are a lot of materials and tutorials on shading, colors, and perspective.


This website allows creating digital art online. It is very user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. One can use a computer mouse to try about 20 tools to create something unique. It is entertaining and fun. It might seem a bit simple for those who are already good at digital art, but if you just want to start and try something new – it is a good place to begin.


If you are more into drawing and painting, this online tool is an outstanding resource. As the name suggests, it is a sketch creation solution available to art students. It has many excellent features like various styles and gradients. And there is a very comprehensive guide on how to use the solution and create art. It can also be downloaded as a desktop app to your laptop.


It is one of the largest online art communities out there. Anyone can join to post their works, view what other creators choose to share, and communicate. One can not only get advice and critique on their works but also sell them if they want. The forum feature offers the opportunity to find artistic gigs and job offers. Overall, it is an exciting community of creative people.

Make Beliefs Comix

It is a simple but very interesting website to make your own comics. It was created by Bill Zimmerman and contains a lot of educational materials on the matter. There are plans for lessons for teachers and different tips for students. It is very user-friendly and one can start creating comics even without any prior knowledge.


This website is a must for web designers and those who incorporate fonts in their digital art. As the name suggests, it is all about various fonts. You can browse through a huge library of fonts here and find their identifications. It doesn’t offer many creative opportunities, but it does help tremendously with finding that perfect font.


This is yet another dashing platform for those working with digital art. Basically, it is a huge library of all types of tutorials on Photoshop and Flash. There are plenty of videos ranging from beginner level and to advanced ones. It is entertaining and very helpful – just in a short period you’ll be able to get much more professional in Photoshop tools.

Vilppu Academy

This one is a bit different from others, as it is an online art school. But it offers incredible courses on figure drawing and human anatomy. It is founded by well-known artist Glenn Vilppu. The school runs several courses that last from 6 to 10 weeks each. And they cost about $600-900 per course. But if you want to invest in your skills, it is the perfect place.

Understanding the figure, movements, form, light, and composition is fundamental knowledge for any type of creator.

Sumo Paint

Those who do not like Photoshop may try Sumo Paint. It was made to be an affordable alternative to this software. And there is a basic free plan if you just want to try it out. The solution is well-made, it has an intuitive interface, which makes it quite simple to start with. And there are lots of video tutorials on how to use it properly.

Color Matters

From the name, one can guess what this platform is all about. It is an ultimate and comprehensive site on all things color. It is incredibly helpful to learn color theory better and implement it in your art or designs. There are excellent materials on color and body, its symbolism, vision, and science behind it. And there are also interesting insights on color theory and marketing and design.


This is a blog by Saatchi Art for those students who like to read and want to know more about news, trends, and various artists worldwide. Here, one can find a lot of useful information, tips and tricks, and get to know new and emerging artists. It is very inspiring and helps to stay on top of the industry in terms of news.

Global Street Art

Those who are more into urban art and making the surrounding environment more creative will love this site. It is a huge hub all about street art. One can view a huge archive of works, read blogs from artists or follow the latest news. And there is a “paint a wall” section where you can reserve a wall from the ones available and use it to make your own stunning street art in real life.

In Summary

These platforms offer amazing online solutions for artistic vision, educational materials, advice, or inspiration. Students can choose what they are more interested in, find like-minded people, share their works, and get their hands dirty with some new tools.

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