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How to Select The Best Product for Your Needs

The following guide will help you select the most appropriate product for your specific needs.


The translation engine used in all Word Magic translation products is basically the same one existing in the Standard version. The difference is that some features are suppressed in the lower-cost versions and some other features are added in the Professional and Deluxe versions.


Due to size limitations, the dictionaries are abridged to about 50% of their size in the Home Edition and Pocket PC versions. Nevertheless, even with this substantial cut, a benchmark comparison indicates that our Home Edition dictionaries, abridged as they are, far surpass in sheer number many other text translators in the market, with no less than 350,000 translation references and one million synonyms to choose from.


The full, unabridged Word Magic dictionary contains 900,000 translation references and four million synonyms, with the possibility of 374,000 additional translations provided by the add-on Technical Dictionaries.


How do you want to use our product?

I. Text Translation

[ + ]  1. Just want to see how it works: Online Translator

[ + ]  2. Occasional Translation of simple unformatted texts: Translator Home Edition

[ + ]  3. Occasional Translation of difficult texts: Online Services

[ + ]  4. Reading and Browsing documents in the other language: Translator Standard

[ + ]  5. Actual Translation Work on a regular basis: Translator Professional/Plus

[ + ]  6. Professional Translation Work: Suite Premier or Deluxe

[ + ]  7. Translation Facilities available for all your personnel: Corporate Server Version

[ + ]  8. Translation Facilities available in your own internal applications: SDKs

[ + ]  9. Translation Facilities made available in your market products: OEMs, SDK & VAR Agreements

[ + ] 10. Professional Translation Services: Human Translation (per word)


II. Bilingual Dictionaries & Thesauri

[ + ]  1. Just want to see how it works: Online Dictionary

[ + ]  2. Occasional use at home or school: Translator Home Edition

[ + ]  3. Occasional Translation of difficult words: Online Services

[ + ]  4. Professional Translation Work: Suite Premier or Deluxe

[ + ]  5. Professional Translation Work (with Limited Budget): Dictionary & Tools Professional

[ + ]  6. Make Dictionary Facilities available for everyone: Dictionary & Tools Corporate Version

[ + ]  7. Make Translation Facilities available in your own internal applications: OEMs, SDKs, COM

[ + ]  8. Make Translation Facilities available in your market products: OEM & VAR Agreements

[ + ]  9. Have Translation wherever you go: Pocket PC Dictionary

[ + ] 10. For Professional and Amateur Writers: Dictionary & Tools Professional


III. What makes your products better than others?

This question is similar to: ”Why should I buy your products and not someone else’s?”


To avoid appearing stuck-up and ostentatious, we will stick to cold numbers and facts and avoid all forms of hype; but also we will ask you to contribute with a little bit of your investigative effort and time and corroborate the assertions that we make, carrying out your own comparison with other software applications commercially available in the Internet. We invite you to compare!


We state that the following features are unique to Word Magic Software, and by that we mean that you will find no other application anywhere else matching these or similar characteristics:


[ + ] 1. Dictionary Size.

[ + ] 2. Translator (all versions) renders context-sensitive, not literal translations

[ + ] 3. Translator is capable of translating idiomatic English and Spanish

[ + ] 4. Translator is capable of translating Internet jargon

[ + ] 5. Translator Professional has a live Interactive Mode

[ + ] 6. Translator Professional or Professional Plus is the only translator that combines translation memory with Machine Translation

[ + ] 7. Dictionary & Tools has four other unique tools that have absolutely no match in the market