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March 20th, 2004

February 2nd, 2004

November 13th, 2003

September 26th, 2003

September 3rd, 2003

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August 6th, 2003

May 26th, 2003

May 16th, 2003

May 9th, 2003

February 18th, 2002

Press Releases

Press Release for March 20th, 2004

4.2 is released


After months of non-stop effort, leading to several product testings, Word Magic Software is pleased to release its finest translation software to date, version 4.2.


Paying close attention to many of the requests from our loyal customers, Word Magic Software has made several improvements to this newest product version.


In addition to an improved translation quality from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, the Point & Click Translation Dictionary is now a vastly superior product than previously offered. Not only is it much more stable than in previous versions, but now the user is able to select groups of words, which, besides making the product more compatible with different Windows® applications, allows the translation of idioms and set phrases, not just single words. This is a huge step regarding the Point & Click Translator, which leads to greater functionality.


Unique features with version 4.2 which are not available in previous models:

  • The reflexive and “double reflexive” Spanish verbs present in Word Magic’s database are now displayed in the Conjugator with their correct English equivalent in translation in all persons and tenses. This is a much more efficient design which will allow for a faster turnover of your translation.
  • Also, some verbs which should not be conjugated in the imperative are now no longer displayed within the Conjugator when the imperative mood is selected.
  • With each of these additions, greater functionality is guaranteed leading to a much more complete translation.
  • Version 4.1 encountered a few bug issues that have been corrected in version 4.2. Both the installation bug that, in some cases, failed to recognize proper registration of products in certain computers and the bug with caused failure of wildcard (i.e. a*) searches when the Root expression icon was “on” have both been corrected.
  • Finally, Word Magic Software corrected the problem with the Microsoft Office plug-in. The program now displays a message saying that the user has to save the document before proceeding to translate inside MS Word. This is another subtle, yet important improvement in our latest product.

Word Magic Software continues diligent work in the area of translation products and services. Version 4.2 is proof of continued success.


Press Release for February 2nd, 2004

Word Magic Software recently completed participation in a 3-day computer software event held in San José, Costa Rica. The event, Software Insight, was held from January 28th through January 30th and has been heralded as a huge success. The event was sponsored by Microsoft and Oracle, as well as others, and heavily attended by many of Costa Rica’s top software providers, banks and financial institutions, government officials, programmers and consultants.


In addition to several conference forums and debates, one-on-one technical workshops were also offered. Exhibition areas were also set up to allow companies the opportunity to showcase their latest products and ideas. Word Magic Software is pleased with the reaction with which their products were received and are pleased to have been involved in the 1st annual Software Insight.


With Costa Rica now the number one provider of software in Central America, Word Magic Software looks to continue to make strides in the world of English/Spanish translation software.


Press Release for November 13th, 2003

Spoken Translation, Inc. Licenses Award-winning English-Spanish Translation Software

STI now positioned to address major English-Spanish market sectors

San Jose, Costa Rica - November 13, 2003 - Word Magic Software, Inc., announced today that it has successfully negotiated a development and marketing agreement with Spoken Translation, Inc. (STI), a pioneer in cross-lingual communications technology. Per the agreement, STI will license Word Magic's Translation Engine, which will be embedded into STI text-to-text and speech-to-speech translation applications for English-Spanish language pair functionality.


Madison Cloutier, VP of Marketing for Word Magic Software, Inc., added: "We're impressed with STI's real-time cross-lingual technology, and we're excited that our Translation Engine will now be positioned to address new market and revenue opportunities." The two companies will immediately begin to collaborate on the integration of Word Magic's Translation Engine with STI's core interactive disambiguation technology. An English-Spanish real-time communication tool will be commercially available in 2004.


Spoken Translation's CEO Mark Seligman commented, "After careful assessment of English-Spanish automatic translation software on the market, we've concluded that Word Magic's translation engine stands out. It's the most robust and the best designed engine for translating English to and from Spanish, in both technical and linguistic terms. The software also includes valuable facilities for interactive translation which dovetail perfectly with our own proprietary interactive translation facilities. We're very excited that we can now incorporate leading edge translation technology into our English-Spanish communication solutions. We know that our customers will receive the best possible results."


According to the U.S. Census, by 2020 one in five habitants will be Hispanic. Currently, there are more than 37 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. Dr. Seligman states, "We believe that a real-time English-Spanish communication platform will be extremely valuable, both in the U.S. and globally. We see particular needs in the fields of healthcare and patient communications, customer service and support, human resources and employee relations, and public or government communications."


About Spoken Translation, Inc.

Founded in 2002, Berkeley, California-based Spoken Translation, Inc. (STI) creates revolutionary software solutions for real time cross-lingual communications. As a value-added reseller of best-of-breed voice and translation technologies, STI integrates its proprietary core technologies, Meaning Cues™ and Speech Cues™, to build economical, convenient, real-time alternatives to human interpreting and translation. Deployed through popular instant messaging, chat, and e-mail facilities for use on PCs, Web-capable mobile phones, and PDAs, these systems enable affordable cross-lingual communication for the growing global economy and for linguistically diverse local economies. For more information about STI commercial products, custom solutions and OEM licensing opportunities, visit www.SpokenTranslation.com, email dina.mosko[email protected], or call 510.843.9900


About Word Magic Software, Inc.

Word Magic Software, Inc. is a translation software development company pioneering technology developments in natural language processing and computational linguistics in English-Spanish language communications. The company has been developing and delivering award-winning English-Spanish communication and translation software since 1993. Word Magic's product line includes translation applications, general reference and industry-specific dictionaries, spell checkers, grammar verification, a synonym dictionary, and an automatic verb conjugator. Advanced products include audio features that allow users to hear the correct pronunciation of individual words, sentences, or paragraphs in both English and Spanish. With over three thousand customers, Word Magic's products deliver value to a wide range of monolingual and bilingual users including professional translators, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. For more information, visit www.wordmagicsoft.com, or contact us.


Press Release for September 26th, 2003

123 Texts Translation up and running

In an effort to expand its services to the public, Word Magic Software has started a human translation site called 123 Texts Translations. The site has been set up to offer people from all walks of life a quick and accurate translation, of any-sized documents, in either English or Spanish. 123 Texts Translation will offer three different translation options:


• Mode 1 - "Gist Translation"

This mode is an Automatic Machine Translation powered by Word Magic's ESI Standard text translator which is proof-read by a human translator.


• Mode 2 - "Edited, On-the-fly Translation"

This is a Grammatically-Correct Machine Translation powered by Word Magic's ESI PRO Interactive text translator which is proof-read and then edited by a linguist.


• Mode 3 - "Professional Translation"

This final mode is a complete hands-on translation made by a human translator, but at the same time assisted by Word Magic's Premier Suite of translation software for the sake of consistency and exactness.


Also available will be a Grammatical Style & Revision option. This option is specifically for those who don’t need a translation but just a revision of their document for misspellings, punctuation errors, etc. One of Word Magic's qualified linguists proof-reads your text, making suggestions along the way in an effort to improve the overall quality of your document.

Word Magic Software has already received numerous positive responses regarding their latest venture and are looking forward to continued success in the English/ Spanish translation and communication field.


Press Release for September 3rd, 2003

Word Magic Software has just recently completed a successful campaign at CompuExpo, Costa Rica’s largest computer/software show. The show was a huge success for Word Magic Software as the Home Edition versions of both the TDT (General Reference Dictionary) and ESI (English Spanish Interpreter) were debuted at the Novedades de Software, a conference set up to help introduce new products into the marketplace.


Kristha Serrano, head of Sales & Marketing at Word Magic Software spoke at the conference, offering a detailed review of the Home Edition’s capabilities. Also on hand was Allan Pineda, one of Word Magic Software’s top linguists, who spoke on the history of machine translation as well as the direction Word Magic Software will be heading in the world of translation.


Word Magic Software is optimistic about the Home Editions and received a large number of compliments from many of the visitors present at the show, as well as from several companies there displaying products.


Press Release for August 27th, 2003

Word Magic Software is pleased to be participating in this year’s CompuExpo International, the largest computer/ software show in Costa Rica. This is the 10th year of the convention, the first for Word Magic Software. The show will run from August 27th through September 1st and will feature a wide range of new products and services from a number of companies such as Samsung, Microsoft Xbox, Intel and Nintendo.


Word Magic Software will debut its Home Edition at the convention, a new product exclusive to the Central American market.


Press Release for August 6th, 2003

Word Magic Software is pleased to announce its recent joint marketing partnership with Latpro Inc, the largest web-based Hispanic & bilingual jobs career board in the Americas.


Latpro Inc. has been assisting in the job growth of the Hispanic and bilingual markets since 1997 and is widely regarded as the top website for Hispanic and bilingual job-seekers and employers. They have an extensive online search engine that lists jobs for employers world wide that are seeking bilingual professionals. Latpro has become The site for companies looking to extend their reaches into the Latin American/bilingual community.


Word Magic Software has been dedicated exclusively since 1989 to bridging the communication gap by offering the best English to Spanish and Spanish to English communication tools. Word Magic Software has helped thousands of bilingual professionals and corporations and has received numerous awards for the quality of its software in numerous major computer software publications and websites.


"We are pleased about this agreement with Latpro and believe it will mutually benefit our respective organizations. Because both of our organizations focus exclusively on the needs of the bilingual community, we felt our joint marketing agreement was a natural fit. We are looking forward to strengthening this relationship as time continues," states Dan Ortega, VP of Sales & Marketing of Word Magic


Press Release for May 26th, 2003

Word Magic Software welcomes Dan Ortega as their new Vice President of Sales for the United States. Mr. Ortega will be overseeing and assisting in Word Magic Software’s continued growth in the U.S marketplace. Mr. Ortega is responsible for managing and providing direction for Word Magic Software’s worldwide sales. Prior to joining Word Magic Software, he was the principal of D. Ortega & Associates LLC, a private concern focused on helping high tech companies in the U.S. and Latin America. He has consulted with a number of organizations to expand their business across the U.S. and Latin America including: Turnstone Systems, Netopia, Phoenix Technologies and Transparent Language. Mr. Ortega has more than 11 years of industry/consulting experience in the networking, software, telecommunications and educational fields. Mr. Ortega received an MPA from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, and a BA from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.


Press Release for May 16th, 2003

On May 16th, 2003, Word Magic Software, the forerunner in communication software, put the finishing touches on its latest software, Version 4.0. Since its inception in 1989, Word Magic Software has continually raised the bar in the world of Spanish/English communication software. Today marks the day of Word Magic Software's finest achievement.


Version 4.0 is, simply put, the most complete translation/communication software on the market today. Word Magic Software's Version 4.0 boasts the most advanced yet, easiest to use software of its kind. With vocabulary addition of over 150,000 translations (ESI Beginner - Discontinued Product) and 3 million added synonyms (TDT), Word Magic Software has taken Spanish to English communication to a new level. But the biggest addition to Word Magic's software is the inclusion of Translation Memory (TM). With Translation Memory working together with Machine Translation (MT), the user has now been given the option of pre-selecting the first translation of a specific word according to their particular needs. Many translation companies offer either Machine Translation or Translation Memory, but Word Magic Software has combined the two for a more well-rounded product.


For all the companies and consumers who rely on Word Magic Software for their Spanish and English communication needs, Version 4.0 is a huge step towards perfecting the translation software concept.


With each of Word Magic's software, advances have been made to improve the user's ability to accomplish anything in the areas of translation and/or English/Spanish communication. Version 4.0 is the next logical step in Word Magic Software's unending quest to develop the perfect communication software. For more information on Word Magic Software or its products, please visit www.wordmagicsoft.com.


Press Release for May 9th, 2003

Word Magic Software has just recently completed negotiations with the Riverside County Department of Social Services in Riverside, California.


Having previously used rival communication software, Ana Garcia, TAMD Regional Manager in Moreno Valley had this to say after testing our ESI Pro 4.0: “I finished testing the product and liked its functionality. It allows you to enter your own translation, which would be useful for our use of department jargon. The interactive text translation is fast and very simple to use. It also provided a semantic sensitivity function. For instance, if you want to translate a phrase like ‘the computer stores’- this could mean that a computer stores data, or it could be speaking of shops where computers are sold. In this example, the Word Magic program will provide both translations.”


After a three week trial of Word Magic Software’s product, it was recommended that the previous software used by the Riverside County DSS be replaced by Word Magic’s ESI Pro 4.0.


On May 9th, Riverside County DSS purchased Word Magic Software’s Pro Suite Deluxe 4.0 and will be implementing it into their day to day activities.


Press Release for February 18th, 2002

Word Magic Software Launches in the U.S.

Translation Intelligence That
Is Empowering Communications


Miami, FL, (February 18, 2002) - Word Magic Software, a developer of English-Spanish translation and communications software, today launched in the U.S. the Professional Suite Premier version of their signature product. The software, which includes the release of the latest version of English-Spanish Interpreter 3.0 (ESI), Translation Dictionary & Tools, Field-Specific Dictionaries (Legal, Business and Finance, Information Technology) and the Point and Click Translation Dictionary, will revolutionize the growing translation, localization, and language communications industry, a byproduct of the increasing trend towards globalization.

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 45% of U.S. trade is taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean, with most Fortune 500 companies having operations in this region as well. Given the increased demand for bilingual communications, Word Magic Software, comparatively the most intelligent translation software in the market, is focused on penetrating the U.S. marketplace and securing its position as the specialist in the Global Translation and Communications Industry for English-Spanish communications.

Word Magic Software is focused on providing companies and consumers with the tools necessary to communicate with increased precision and efficiency across Spanish and English language frontiers, while at the same time aggressively continuing research and development initiatives in Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence.

Word Magic’s Professional Suite Premier boasts the most advanced language depth, grammatical intelligence and modularity of any English-Spanish translation software. The ESI product currently has the most powerful parser, or grammatical-analyzer on the market and renders contextual rather than literal translations. Comprising the largest database of words, with over 10 times more entries than the average dictionary, Word Magic Software also has the ability to recognize semantics and informal grammar, and contains the largest “Expression Builder” with more idiomatic phrases than any other translation software on the market.

“Word Magic Software increases the rate at which business can be conducted across language boundaries and, in today’s business climate, ensuring timely yet accurate communication is not only essential, but non-negotiable,” said Mr. Ricardo Argüello, president and founder of Word Magic Software. “We provide working professionals and enterprises with cost-effective tools to increase productivity and maximize precision and understanding in their daily communications.”

The Professional Suite 3.0 Deluxe edition includes Word Magic’s English - Spanish Interpreter 3.0 (ESI 3.0), which translates documents automatically or interactively, Translation Dictionary & Tools, a suite of dictionaries that encompasses a thesaurus, a verb conjugator and an expression builder, and Point & Click Translation Dictionary, a quick-reference pop-up translation dictionary. The Premier edition of the Professional Suite 3.0 includes all of the above, and is rounded off with a powerful package of add-on, Field-Specific Dictionaries covering Business & Finance, Law, and Information Technology.

In 1989, Word Magic Software was incorporated and company executives were confident of the economic growth potential that was quiescent in Latin America for U.S. businesses, and vice-versa. As a result, Word Magic put forth a significant investment to accelerate both marketing and product development for an eventual release in the U.S Hispanic and International market. In 2000, Word Magic’s growth potential became visible as the company received a number of investment and partnering opportunities from U.S.-based companies. Shortly after, Word Magic Software closed its first round of financing from a Costa Rican-based venture capital fund, in addition to other private investors from the U.S.

Word Magic Software, established in 1989 and headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, is a software development company that has produced the most advanced English-Spanish translation and communications software in the Global Translation and Communications Industry. For more information on Word Magic Software, please visit www.wordmagicsoft.com.