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Malware Disclaimer

We are aware that there is an entity called Magic Software Inc., distributing notices promoting Spy-protec.com, a corrupt website soliciting visitors to purchase its anti-spyware called Spyware Protect 2009 or Antivirus System Pro or any similar name to this effect, thus creating a confusion with our brand name Word Magic Software Inc.


Please be advised that both Spy-protec.com and Spyware Protect 2009 are fraudulent browser programs that hijack your computer and modify your browser configuration.


Please be aware that this fraudulent entity has nothing to do with Word Magic Software Inc. We are not a part of, and we have no relations with this aforementioned entity.


Word Magic Software Inc. regrets any inconvenience and does not take any responsibility whatsoever, including without limitation, for malware infections caused by any other party. We do not endorse, or choose to take part in any form of browser hijacking, adware installation, pop-up programs, spyware, or any other malware that disrupts user experience.