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Interactive Translation


Interactive Translation, a most special tool of our Text Translator Pro, knits together so many powerful and user-friendly features that it would be a huge task to describe them all.  Here are just a few:

  • No one else has it!

It is a real breakthrough in translation, an exclusive tool of Word Magic Software with which you can check, correct and enhance your translation sentence by sentence.

  • True Retranslation, another Word Magic exclusive

It lets you know if the translated output is saying the same thing as your original text, in your own language, or if it isn’t.

  • Correct a wrong translation with a single click

If the translation came out wrong, “True Retranslation” will immediately let you know.  Then you can proceed to correct it on the spot with Interactive Translation just by clicking on the appropriate words. 

  • Improve a good translation

If the translation is right, you can still improve it interactively choosing among millions of available synonyms, idioms and colloquial expressions.

  • You can also select Automatic Mode. 

In Automatic Mode, our text Translator operates on its own, just like all the other translators with which you are familiar.  It translates nonstop a whole document from beginning to end.