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Since 1994, year in which our very first text translator ‘English Spanish Interpreter (ESI) Version 1.0’, was launched, there have never been so many new features, innovations and improvements in a single upgrade as in our new Version 5.0, currently available at our web site www.wordmagicsoft.com


Even all previous upgrades combined would not equal any of the giant steps included in our new 5.0 Version.  And there’s not just one significant innovation this time, but many.


Our Customers know that we have never made false claims about our products. You can easily and quickly prove it by downloading a free trial of our products from our site.


ESI was already a unique program in the market back in 1994. We were the first to introduce Interactive Translation in a program, and up to this date, nobody has been able to reproduce such a feature. That’s why in the release of our former Version 2.0, Word Magic Software received all kinds of awards and a Five-Star rating in six popular Download sites in the Internet, including ZD Net and Tucows Download.


Now, Version 5.0 has literally knocked down the barriers of stiff machine translation with never-before-imagined functionality and user-friendliness, which can be embraced in a single concept: Integrated Comprehensiveness, a concept that is embedded within text translation and elegantly implemented in the Dictionaries.


There  is more, much more, in the new 5.0 Version.  It would take too long to describe all the functions*.  However, you can learn how to use it profitably in under 15 minutes.
* The new User’s Manual includes lots of practical examples  


We invite you all to download and test the product, of course, we welcome your feedback.


Thank you for preferring Word Magic

Ricardo Arguello
President & CEO
Word Magic Software, Inc.



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