Dear Customer:

According to our records, you have the English-Spanish Interpreter Standard 4.46, and have not yet taken advantage of the special upgrade discount we are offering until September 30th 2007; until this date, you are entitled to a 50% discount in the regular upgrade price of the 5.0 equivalent of your product: Translator Standard 5.0.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the following link:

Link To Translator Standard 5.0 Upgrade

This link will take you directly to our Shopping Cart, where you will find the product already included with the discount. To make things even easier and faster, use the Express Checkout button, and you will not have to verify your account information with us, if you wish.


Remember: If you do not take advantage of this offer, you will have to pay full upgrade price after September 30th!


And...What do you get by Upgrading?

Our Translator Standard 5.0 has the following advantages over the English-Spanish Standard 4.46...check out what you could be missing out on!

  • Improved Spell Checker

  • Approximately 900, 000 Uninflected (Direct) Dictionary Entries

  • Prints out source and translated texts alternating sentences

  • Improved source and translated text pronunciation

  • Works with Vista

    Printing facilities for words added by the user: prints out your own glossaries for reference

  • Has almost 20,000 first names in each language, with their corresponding gender

  • User-added Dictionary: Add entire glossaries with just one click

  • Plus... it's totally compatible with Windows Vista and Office 2007!



What are you waiting for? Take a step towards the next level and dive into the future upgrading to

Translator Standard 5.0!


Best regards,

Word Magic Software Inc.



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