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some  Adjective
  1. Translate "some" to Spanish: algunos, algunas, unas, unas cuantas, unos, unos cuantos, varios, alguno que otro
    English Synonyms of "some": an odd number of, one or two, a few, many, several, various, a number of, a series of, divers, manifold, some or other
    Define meaning of "some": Relatively many but unspecified in number. ; Quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity.
  2. They were here for some weeks.
    We did not meet again for some years.
    Have some milk.
    Some roses were still blooming.
    Having some friends over.
    Some apples.
    Some paper.

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  3. Translate "some" to Spanish: algún, cierto, un tal, una tal
    English Synonyms of "some": certain
    Define meaning of "some": Unknown or unspecified. ; Relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent.
  4. Some lunatic drove into my car.
    Some man telephoned while you were out.
    Some day my prince will come.
    Some enchanted evening.
    We talked for some time.
    He was still some distance away.

  5. Translate "some" to Spanish: un poco de, un poquito de, algo de, cierta cantidad de, una cantidad de, una cierta cantidad de
    English Synonyms of "some": a little, a little bit of, a little of, a small amount of, a small quantity of, a spark of, a touch of
    Define meaning of "some": Quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity.
  6. Have some milk.
    Some roses were still blooming.
    Having some friends over.
    Some apples.
    Some paper.

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  7. Translate "some" to Spanish: vaya, gran
    English Synonyms of "some": big, large, grand, hell of a, hell of an, whale of a, what a, great, jolly
    Define meaning of "some": Remarkable.
  8. Some situation you have!, Qué situación en la que te has metido!
    That was some party.
    She is some skier.

some  Adverb
  1. Translate "some" to Spanish: un poco, algo
    English Synonyms of "some": a little, kind of, somewhat, a bit, sort of, a tad, kinda

  2. Translate "some" to Spanish: aproximadamente, como
    English Synonyms of "some": about, almost, approximately, grossly, just about, roughly, nearly
    Define meaning of "some": Imprecise but fairly close to correct.
  3. It weighs some hundred pounds, Pesa como cien libras.

some  Pronoun
  1. Translate "some" to Spanish: algunos, algunas, algunas en particular, algunas pocas, algunos en particular, algunos pocos, unas, unas cuantas, unos, unos cuantos, unos pocos
    English Synonyms of "some": one or two, some in particular, a few

  2. Translate "some" to Spanish: una cierta cantidad, algo, alguno que otro
    English Synonyms of "some": anything, something, a certain amount, a certain quantity, a few, an odd number, aught, one or two
    Define meaning of "some": A thing of any kind.

  3. Translate "some" to Spanish: una parte
    English Synonyms of "some": one part

  4. Translate "some" to Spanish: alguno, alguna en particular, alguno en particular
    English Synonyms of "some": a particular one, any one

Conceptually-related expressions of "some"
after some time
agree with some statement
and some more
and some others
and then some
annual shedding of branches and twigs by some plants
ask some
astronomical body of very high luminosity found in the centres of some galaxies
at some length
at some point
at some time
at some times
bag some rays
be an integral part of some occupation
be an integral part of some status
be at least some amount of
be at least some quantity of
be some
be some around
bias some result
catch some rays
change some money
cigarette combining tobacco with some narcotic
cop some Zs
cut some slack
cut someone some slack
direction for a vocal or instrumental performer to be silent during some time
do some calculations
drink some
evasion of some danger
for some reason
for some time
functionless claw of some animals
gaudy style of dress and grooming affected by some musicians
genus of flies that lay their larvae on nostrils and mouth of some mammals
genus of of piroplasm microorganisms which are blood parasites of some animals
get some air
get some food
get some fun
get some fun with
get some rest
get some sleep
give some skin
glass containing golden or green flecks of some metal
go some
go unharmed after some risk
go unpunished after some risk
grab some food
group prominent in and suspected of controlling some organization
have some
have some advantage
have some drinks
have some fun
have some fun with
have some relation with
have some time
ignore some matter
in some areas
in some degree
in some manner
in some measure
in some place
in some respect
in some respects
in some way
in some ways
inability to remember some facts
lay some skin
like some
make some
make some calls
matter of some delicacy
mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids which dissolves some metals
Moslem woman of some rank
need some help
no day passes without some grief
of some kind
of some sort
one of two polymers which occur in the cuticle of some plants
prearrange some result
prepare some tea
process of thickening a soup or sauce by the addition of some agent
put up some funds
put up some money
quite some time
save some
save some money
scrape up some savings
solid particles that tend to settle at the bottom of some liquids
spend some time with
take some time
talk some sense into
there is never a Saturday without some sunshine
there is no great loss without some gain
to some degree
to some extent
to some purpose
under some circumstances
withdraw from some arrangement
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