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simple  Adjective
  1. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simple, fácil, sencillo, básico, poco complicado, facilón, regalado
    English Synonyms of "simple": uncomplicated, basic, easy-to-do, facile, with no frills, easy, cushy, doss, dossy
    Define meaning of "simple": Easy and not involved or complicated.
  2. An elementary problem in statistics.
    Elementary, my dear Watson.
    A simple game.
    Found an uncomplicated solution to the problem.

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  3. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simplista, no sofisticado
    English Synonyms of "simple": lacking detail, over-simplified, oversimplified, simplistic, unsophisticated, clunkish, clunky, country-fried, cracker-barrel
    Define meaning of "simple": Not elaborate in style; unornamented.
  4. A simple country schoolhouse.
    Her black dress--simple to austerity.

  5. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simple, común y corriente, liso y llano, sencillo, sin adornos, incomplexo
    English Synonyms of "simple": common, everyday, fair, ordinary, plain, nothing out of the ordinary, plain-vanilla, primitive, uncomplex, modest
    Define meaning of "simple": Of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions. ; Having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved.
  6. A simple problem.
    Simple mechanisms.
    A simple design.
    A simple substance.

  7. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simple
    English Synonyms of "simple": elemental
    Define meaning of "simple": Being the ultimate or elemental constituents of anything.

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  9. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simple, ingenuo
    English Synonyms of "simple": dewy-eyed, artless, as innocent as a lamb, childlike, gullible, ingenuous, innocent as a lamb, naive, simple-minded
    Define meaning of "simple": Exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity.

  10. Translate "simple" to Spanish: simplón, asimplado, bobalicón, sencillo, panoli, panolis
    English Synonyms of "simple": very stupid, goofy, gullible, idiotic, naive, simpleton, stupid
    Define meaning of "simple": Lacking mental capacity and devoid of subtlety. ; Exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity.
  11. Childlike trust.
    Dewy-eyed innocence.
    Simple courtesy.

  12. Translate "simple" to Spanish: sencillo, elemental, rudimentario
    English Synonyms of "simple": elementary, rudimentary, basic, elemental, primary, single, uncomplicated, seminal
    Define meaning of "simple": Easy and not involved or complicated. ; Not elaborate in style; unornamented.
  13. An elementary problem in statistics.
    Elementary, my dear Watson.
    A simple game.
    Found an uncomplicated solution to the problem.
    A simple country schoolhouse.
    Her black dress--simple to austerity.

Conceptually-related expressions of "simple"
a simple no
a simple soul
a very simple matter
a very simple thing
absolute fee simple
be clear and simple
be extremely simple
be in fee simple
be incredibly simple
be plain and simple
be simple-minded
be so simple
be very simple
be very simple-minded
become simple
break down to simpler components
breakdown of an organic compound into simpler components
breaking down of a molecule or compound into simpler structures
carbon combined with a simple radical
chronic simple lichen
combine for transmission by line or simple media
debt by simple contract
estate in fee simple
explain something in very simple terms
fee simple
fee simple absolute
fee simple conditional
fee simple estate
for simple pleasure
future simple
have a simple life
held in fee simple
herpes simple type 1
herpes simple type 2
in a simple manner
in a simple way
in simple terms
in the most simple way
induction by simple enumeration
it's very simple
judicial proceeding to record title in fee simple
lead a simple life
life's simple pleasures
Macintosh utility designed to carry out a simple task
make complexity out of something simple
make plain and simple to
make simple for
make simple to
make simpler and easier
make something simpler and easier
modified simple mastectomy
of a simple vowel
organism that breaks down dead or decaying organic matter into simpler substances
plain and simple
plain and simple English
plain simple things
present simple
process by which complex substances are broken down into simpler ones
pure and simple
put in simple terms
put in simple words
reduce to a simpler form
right of fee simple ownership
something very simple
study of the customs of primitive or nonliterate peoples that have a simple technology
tenant in fee simple
title in fee simple
transferred in fee simple
vegetal organism reproducing only by simple fission
very plain and simple
very simple
way of expressing oneself with complex and ambiguous terms what otherwise is clear and simple
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