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problem  Noun
Plural: problems
  1. Translate "problem" to Spanish: problema, aprieto, cuestión, lío, berenjenal, dificultad, vaina, apretura, batiburrillo, carajal, embolado, follaero, marrón, mogollón, movida, paquete, pedo, pitote, tanate, tataruto, tirada, zafarrancho
    English Synonyms of "problem": issue, trouble, difficulty, hitch, hot water, kettle of fish, knot, set-back
    Define meaning of "problem": A source of difficulty. ; A state of difficulty that needs to be resolved.
  2. One trouble after another delayed the job.
    What's the problem?
    She and her husband are having problems.
    It is always a job to contact him.
    Urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog.

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problem  Adjective
  1. Translate "problem" to Spanish: problemático
    English Synonyms of "problem": troublesome, problematic, problematical, rum
    Define meaning of "problem": Difficult to deal with.

Conceptually-related expressions of "problem"
a lot of problem
a person with resources can get out of any problem
academic problem
acculturation problem
actively coping with the problem
address a problem
affect intensity problem
alcohol problem
approach a problem
attack the problem
attitude problem
back problem
barrier problem
be a problem
be a problem in
be accepted without any problem
be accepted without any problem into
be in a big problem
be in a problem
be in problem
be in serious problem
be none of one's problem
behavior problem
behavioral problem
benchmark problem
big problem
body-mind problem
boundary-value problem
brood over a problem
cash flow problem
central problem
come to grips with a problem
communication problem
complex problem
computing problem
core of a problem
counting problem
critical problem
deal with a problem
delicate problem
detour problem
difficult problem
dimension of a problem
directionality problem
discipline problem
do not find any problem
do not have any problem
double-alternation problem
drinking problem
drug addiction problem
drug problem
evade the problem
everybody's problem
exaggerate a small problem
exaggerate a very small problem
examine and work on a problem
externalization of problem
face up to a problem
family problem
feeding problem
filing problem
find no problem
find oneself in a problem
first world problem
fixed problem
foot-odor problem
gambling problem
gastrointestinal problem
get into a problem
get involved into a problem
get involved into a serious problem
get oneself into a problem
get rid of a problem
grapple with a problem
group problem solving
half the problem
halting problem
have a hearing problem
have a problem
have a problem with
have any problem
have no problem
have no problem whatsoever
health problem
identity problem
important problem
inductive problem-solving
initial-value problem
interpersonal problem
intricate problem
it's a real problem
joint problem
key problem
key to a problem
key to the problem
kind of problem
knapsack problem
Konigsberg bridges problem
labor problem
labour problem
language problem
life circumstance problem
make a problem
master problem list
minor problem
nice problem
no problem
nuclear problem
occupational problem
oddity problem
on top of the problem
other interpersonal problem
parking problem
participate in shared problem solving
partner relational problem
patience can solve any problem
personal communication problem
personality problem
petty problem
phase of life problem
pose a problem
Post's correspondence problem
pressing problem
propound a problem
psychoeducational problem
public health problem
race problem
rational problem-solving
real snorter of a problem
recursively decidable problem
recursively solvable problem
refer a problem to
relational problem
religious problem
resolution of a problem
rice and chessboard problem
rid oneself of a problem
ridiculous problem
right answer to problem
root problem
run into a problem
scale-up problem
school problem
serious problem
seriousness of a problem
sexual problem
sibling relational problem
side of the problem
size of a problem
slippery problem
small little problem
small problem
smoking problem
social problem
solution to a problem
spiritual problem
statement of a problem
static inventory problem
steps for resolving a particular problem
symmetry problem
tackle a problem
teething problem
thank God we got rid of that problem
that's a problem
that's her problem
that's his problem
that's not your problem
that's their problem
that's where the problem lies
that's your problem
the problem
the two thousand problem
there's no problem
third-variable problem
thistly problem
touch lightly on the problem
touch upon the fringe of the problem
traveling salesman problem
turn into a problem
type of problem
unforeseen problem
unsolved problem
unsophisticated and temporary solution to a problem
urgent problem
very difficult philosophical problem
way out of a problem
what a problem
wheat and chessboard problem
without any problem
without problem
world food problem
Y2K problem
Year 2000 problem
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