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organ  Noun
Plural: organs
  1. Translate "organ" to Spanish: órgano, órgano de viento, órgano tubular
    English Synonyms of "organ": pipe organ
    Define meaning of "organ": Wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard.

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  3. Translate "organ" to Spanish: víscera, entraña, órgano
    English Synonyms of "organ": inner organ, internal organ, viscus, entrail
    Define meaning of "organ": A fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function.

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  5. Translate "organ" to Spanish: organismo, órgano
    English Synonyms of "organ": body, agency, organism, organization, organisation
    Define meaning of "organ": A government agency or instrument devoted to the performance of some specific function.
  6. The Census Bureau is an organ of the Commerce Department.

  7. Translate "organ" to Spanish: organillo
    English Synonyms of "organ": crank organ, hand organ, hurdy-gurdy, barrel organ, street piano

Conceptually-related expressions of "organ"
abnormal development and growth of cells or body organs
abnormal functioning of an organ
abnormal jutting of a body part or organ
abnormal organ position
abnormal union between tissues or organs
absorbent organ
accessory organ
accumulation of blood in an organ
Allen Organ Company
ambiguous external genital organ
animal that has a fluid-filled body cavity containing organs
annulospiral organ
back deviation of any organ
backwards flexion of an organ
balance organ
barrel organ
beaklike organ
Berlese's organ
Bidder's organ
blood cell-forming organ
body's ability to accept organs
bottom surface of an organ
branch of physiology that treats of vestigial organs
capsulelike tissue or sac containing a body fluid or organ
cavities or inner spaces of hollow organs
cavity of a tube-shaped organ
cavity or inner space of a hollow organ
cell organ
cement organ
center of an organ
Chievitz's organ
circumventricular organ
congestion of blood in a body tissue which could be caused by pathological conditions or organ activity
Corti's organ
crank organ
critical organ
critical organs
damaging to the hearing organ
decrease in size of a tissue or an organ
devoid of genital organs
digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems and organs
distensibility of a hollow organ
distribution in organs
donor organ
drooping or prolapse of an organ
duct or canal of a tubular organ
ducts or canals of tubular organs
effector organ
electric organ
electronic organ
enamel organ
encapsulated end organ
endocrine organs
essential organs
excretory organ
external genital organ
external sex organs
external sexual organs
floating organ
flower-spray organ of Ruffini
functional tissue of an organ
funnel-shaped organ
genital and urinary organ-related
genital organs
Giraldés' organ
Golgi's organ
Golgi tendon organ
group of organs
gustatory organ
hand organ
hollow organ
homologous organs
house organ
increase in the total size of an organ
inner organ
internal organ
internal organ radiography
internal pillar of Corti's organ
intromittent organ
Jacobson's organ
lateral line sense organ
layer of the peritoneum that surrounds abdominal organs
local vasodilation of an organ
loss of tension in a tissue or organ
lymphatic organ
main section of a bodily organ
male's genital organs
male sexual organ
male sexual organs
manly organs
Marchand's organ
Meyer's organ
mouth organ
narrow neck of an organ
national liaison organ
neuromast organ
neurotendinous organ
of a forked organ
olfactory organ
organ controlled by another organ
outer layer of an organ
parts of the body attached to an organ
peal of the organ
perineal region around urogenital organs
physiological organ
piano organ
pillar of the organ of Corti
pipe of the organ
pipe organ
pit in the surface of an organ
plant organ
policy-making organ
protrusion from the mesonephric duct during the development of the urinary and reproductive organs
ptotic organ
pulp portion of the enamel organ
purposelessness in nature as manifested in the existence of vestigial or nonfunctional organs
pyloric gland organ
radionuclide organ imaging
rearward displacement of an organ
reed organ
region at which the vessels or the nerves enter or emerge from an organ
relating to an organ
removal of the sexual organs
remove the sex organs
reproductive organ
retention of withered organs
ring-shaped zone in an organ
Rosenmuller's organ
rudimentary organ
Ruffini end organ
secondary lymphoid organ
segmentary organ
sense organ
sense organs
sensory end organ
sensory organ
sex organ
sex organs
sexual organs
shock organ
small cavity in the surface of an organ
speech organ
spiral organ
steam organ
study of the generative organs
subcommissural organ
subsidiary organ
supernumerary organ
suppression of a radical consonant when preceded by another of the same organ
surgical removal of the sexual organs
swell on organ
tactile organ
take out organs from
target organ
terminal organ
tissue or organ underdevelopment
tubelike sucking organ
urinary organ
vestibular organ
vestibulocochlear organ
vestigial organ
visual organ
vital organs
vocal organ
vocal organs
vomeronasal organ
wandering organ
Weber's organ
which bears male organs
which carries away from an organ
which conveys away from an organ
which has a fluid-filled body cavity containing organs
which has a tubelike sucking organ
which has non-functioning male organs
with lunglike organs
woman's genital organs
woman's sex organs
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