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one  Noun
Plural: ones
  1. Translate "one" to Spanish: uno
    English Synonyms of "one": number one
    Define meaning of "one": The smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number.
  2. He has the one but will need a two and three to go with it.
    They had lunch at one.

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one  Adjective
  1. Translate "one" to Spanish: un, una
    Define meaning of "one": Indefinite in time or position. ; Particular but unspecified. ; Being a single entity made by combining separate components. ; Used of a single unit or thing; not two or more.; Being one in number--a single unit or thing. ; Having the indivisible character of a unit.
  2. He will come one day.
    One place or another.
    Early one evening.
    Three chemicals combining into one solution.
    'ane' is Scottish.
    One person is going.
    Her one thought was to win.
    I'm just one player on the team.
    One day is just like the next.
    Seen one horse and you've seen them all.
    A unitary action.
    Spoke with one voice.

  3. Translate "one" to Spanish: único, sin igual
    English Synonyms of "one": beyond compare, in a class by itself, matchless, one and only, one-time, only, single, sole, unequaled
    Define meaning of "one": Being a single entity made by combining separate components. ; Being the single appropriate individual of a kind; only.
  4. Three chemicals combining into one solution.
    The one horse that could win this race.
    The one person I could marry.

one  Pronoun
  1. Translate "one" to Spanish: uno, una, yo, uno mismo
    English Synonyms of "one": oneself, myself, one woman, one man, I

  2. Translate "one" to Spanish: uno
    English Synonyms of "one": one item

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  4. Translate "one" to Spanish: alguien
    English Synonyms of "one": anybody, anyone, somebody, someone

Conceptually-related expressions of "one"
a cold one
a fine one
a friend earned with money is not a lasting one
a good one
a little one
A number one
a one-off
a particular one
a rule isn't unfair if it applies to every one
a single one
a taboo word purposely used instead a politically correct one
abbreviation of several words using initials to form a single one
about the one thing
about the only one
abstract syntax notation one
accrued interest due beyond one year
action of taking two or more things in separate places and join them to be treated as one
ahead by one
Air Force One
all at one stretch
all at one stroke
all at one time
all in one breath
all in one lot
all in one piece
all in one stretch
all of one piece
all the other ones
Alliance One International
almost the only one
always look after number one
amount left after a number is subtracted from a greater one
an oak is not felled at one stroke
analogic monitor that receives input signals at only one frequency
and this is only one instance
annihilate one another
another one
anvil pointed at one end
any one
any one of
any one thing
any other one
any way one likes
apparatus with lenses or reflectors for collecting all of the available light and throwing it in one direction
approximate amount of land that can be ploughed in one day
area measurement almost equivalent to one acre
argument consisting of a series of propositions following one from another with the first and last ones linked
arrive in one piece
artificial egg used as a bait to induce hens to lay real ones
as any one man
as best as one can
as far as one can
as far as one knows
as much as one tries
as much for one as for the other one
as one
as one likes
as one man
as one pleases
as one sows so must one reap
at any one time
at one blow
at one bound
at one end
at one end of
at one go
at one o'clock
at one point
at one sitting
at one stretch
at one stroke
at one sweep
at one throw
at one time
at the request of one party
attract one another
baby's cradle in the shape of a basket with a hood over one end
back to square one
bad one
Bank One Corp.
Bank One Corporation
bat not one eye
be a real one
be afraid of no one
be at square one
be back to square one
be enough to make one cry
be enough to make one laugh
be entirely up to one
be in two places at one time
be lame in one foot
be made for one another
be meant for one another
be multiplied by one hundred
be nearly one o'clock
be no one with
be number one
be of one mind
be one too many
be one with
be the guilty one
be the last one to
be the one
be the one of
be the one to
be the one with
be the ones
be the ones of
be the ones to
be the only one to
be the only one up
be the same as to the one for
become no one
become no one to
become one
beer produced at one brewing
before one know it
bet everything one has
better the devil you know than the one you don't
big one
bilinguanism where one of the languages has a marked predominance over the other one
bite the big one
blind in one eye
blow one
blow one at
board bearing advertising messages worn one in front and one behind
borrowing words from one idiomatic expression to use in another similar one
box for electronic components in which the pins stick out on one side
brain one
broadcast immediately preceding or following another one
bump into one another
burn one
burn one in
burn one over
by one party
call it like one sees it
capability of a program to allow usage by more than one user at a time or several requests from one
Capital One
Capital One Financial
Capital One Financial Corp.
change by increments in one direction
cheap refreshment notoriously inferior to the regular one
check one by one
chest of drawers having a curve with a concave section between two convex ones
chronological study of the manuscript of one author
cigarette with more than one narcotic
close one eye
closer to one another
come back and bite one
come leaning to one side
come together into one
committee of one
computer with a greater capacity than a microcomputer but less capacity than a big one
condition in which a futures price is higher in the distant delivery months than in the nearer ones
condition in which a futures price is higher in the near delivery months than in the distant ones
condition in which prices are lower in future delivery months than in the nearest ones
confront and contend with one another
confront witness who testify against one
congenital absence of one eye
cool one off
correspond to one another
count one by one
court of one judge
cover one
cover the sun with one finger
creature or being having but one foot
crippled in one foot
cut off one end of
cut one end of
DDWG spec for accommodating digital and analogic monitor with one connector
dead one
dear little one
dear one
death of loved one
decrease to one half
deep glen with enclosed on all but one side
deserve one another
Dex One
directory inferior to another one
disabled in one foot
displaced to one side
divide into electoral districts in such a way as to give unfair advantage to one party
do as one pleases
do the best one can
do what one can
document that annuls a previous one
dodge to one side
don't keep all your tongs in one fire
don't put all your eggs in one basket
double gel diffusion precipitin test in one dimension
down in one swallow
draw to one side
drawing program command that merges two objects in one
dress less formally than one might
drink in one gulp
drink in one shot
drink it all in one shot
drive one crazy
drive one dotty
each and every one
each one
each one else
each one of
each one of them
each one of you
each other one
each single one of you
effect that results when one event precipitates a series of like events linked to one another
encryption system that uses two keys, a public one and a secret one
engine with cylinders all in one piece
enough liquor to make one drunk
enter one ear
enterprise controlled by one person
escape a worse punishment by accepting a lesser one
estate which usually supports one party or another one
even for one time
every last one
every movement of one
every one
every one else
every one of
every one of them
every one of you
every other one
every single one
every single one of
every single one of them
every single one of you
every singly one of them
exactly as one wants it
exchange of one-liners
excitation of leg extensor caused by inhibition of the extensor of the other one
expression of an entire sentence by one word
expropriation for one creditor
exterminate one another
fall off to one side
fall to one side
fast one
fear of someone with one arm
fear of someone with one leg
feign it has nothing to do with one
find what one needs
fix a good one
fix one
fluid substance whose molecules move freely past one another
foe one one
for each one
for just one moment
for one
for one another
for one hour
for one moment
for one month
for one party
for one thing
for this one time
foreclosure by one creditor
form of dualism that recognizes the existence of a good deity and an evil one
Formula One
forward slippage of one vertebra with respect to the one beneath it
four wide ones
friendship should not be all on one side
from day one
from the sublime to the ridiculous there is but one step
fusion of two adjacent vowels belonging to different words into one
gamble everything on one stroke
gel diffusion precipitin test in one dimension
geometry of figures whose parts all lie in one plane
get a new one
get it in one
get more than one wants
get the punishment one deserves
get what one deserves
give one
glance to one side
go back one space
go back to square one
go down in one gulp
go down in one shot
go down in one swallow
go in one ear
go one better
God keep me from still waters because I can avoid the deep ones myself
good one
green one
groove made in a piece of wood to make it fit with another one
group of one thousand
hair of the dog that bit one
hang one on
have a limp in one leg
have a number of sex partners rather than settling on one
have more money than one needs
have not one nickel
have one doubt
have one too many
have only one alternative
have two strikes against one
having a triple arterial beat for one heartbeat
having one bedroom
he for one
heart rhythm in which the ventricular beat precedes the atrial one
hit someone where one lives
hit where one lives
hole in one
hole in which one conceals oneself
hot one
how can one even conceive of
how can one even imagine
I for one
I'll get you one day
I'll skip this one
if ever there was one
if one wants
ignorance of the law excuse no one
illegal motion of a baseball pitcher penalized with the advancement of baserunners one base
in a direction contrary to the natural one
in one another
in one blow
in one breath
in one direction
in one go
in one gulp
in one lot
in one lump
in one moment
in one piece
in one session
in one shot
in one swallow
in one word
in one year
in the following one
in the next one
in the one case
in the year one
in which one of
in words of one syllable
indulgence that may be gained repeatedly even several times in one day
instrument in which a mirror is automatically moved so that it reflects sunlight continuously in one direction
instrument in which a mirror turns so as to keep reflecting the sun's rays toward one target
intentional fire provoked to block the progress of another one
interlacing of Web sites so that they can be visited one after the other and return to the first one
intervention in support of one party
it is alleged on count one
it's all one
it's better to confront old problems than new ones
it serves one right
judge specially appointed to hear one case
judge who presides for one week
just about the one thing
just as one thought
just as one wants
just one half
just one half of
just this one time
just to mention one thing
keep itself in one piece
kill two birds with one stone
kill with one shot
knock back in one gulp
knock into one
knock into one another
know not something if it bit one
large one
large rounded glass jug with a narrow neck and a handle fixed to one side
last but one
last one
last ones
laugh till one cries
lay one on
leave to one side
length of wool that grows in one year
let off one insult after another one
levy by one creditor
light two-wheeled one-horse carriage for one person
like one another
like one o'clock
little one
little ones
little thieves are hanged but great ones escape
live one
long ones
long pole in the shape of a number one
love one another
loved one
loved ones
lurch to one side
made entirely from one variety
made to one
make a better one for oneself
make a new one
make a new one for oneself
make number one
make one
make one angry
make one do
make one feel
make one hungry
make one laugh
make one prosper
make one say
make one sick
make one uneasy
make one wonder
make two in one
man one dislikes
manipulate to think and act as one whishes
many a one
material displaced across a soil profile from a horizon to a deeper one
materials displaced across a soil profile from a horizon to a deeper one
meadow of one-cut
meet at one point
melt into one another
merge into one
method for specifying and printing colors each one printed in their one ink
metrical foot comprising two short syllables between two long ones
metrical foot consisting of one long syllable plus a short one and another long one
metrical foot consisting of one short syllable plus a long one and another short one
metrical foot consisting of one stressed syllable plus a unstressed one and another stressed one
metrical foot consisting of one unstressed syllable plus a stressed one and another unstressed one
metrical foot of one short syllable followed by two long ones
metrical foot of one unstressed syllable followed by two stressed ones
metrical foot of two long syllables followed by a short one
metrical foot of two short syllables followed by a long one
metrical foot of two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed one
metrical foot of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed one
mode in which you type over already existing characters that are erased when the new ones appear
mooring place in a river placed to one side
more than one expects
mourning period of seven days observed by Jews after the death of a loved one
move quickly to one side
move to one side
movie or story which makes one cry
moving from one place to another one
multiplet with only one member
multiply by one hundred
murder one
mutual legal charges of one party against another one
my dear little one
my dear one
near to one another
nearer to one another
neither one
neurofibromatosis type one
new one
next one please
next ones
nice one
no matter how hard one tries
no matter what one says
no one
no one else
no other one
no other ones
not a one
not a single one
not even one
not one iota
not one iota of
notify the manufacturer that one bought
number obtained multiplying the specific rotation by the molecular weight divided by one hundred
number one
Number One
number one
Number One
number one
number-one boy
number-one card
number one consideration
number one factor
number one priority
number one suspect
numerical gap between a larger quantity and a smaller one
occasion when several males do the sex act serially with one woman
of one accord
of one color
of one dimension
of one ear
of one eye
of other ones
of the exchange of one-liners
of the mental imagery that arises from sensations of bodily movement rather than from visual or auditory ones
of the sort one prefers
on one condition
on one side
on the one hand
one and none is all one
one by one
one cannot have all one wants
one damned thing after another one
one does as one pleases
one for each one
one must make do with what one has
one of a set of usually three or four small tables graduated in size stacked on top of one another
one of the former ones
one of the previous ones
one on one
one on one
one sees in others the faults that one has
one shall be known by the company one keeps
one silly thing after another one
one thing after another one
one thing instead of another one
one-to-one care
one-to-one correspondence
one-to-one function
one-to-one relationship
only one half
only one half of
only one thing
only one time
other one
other ones
our dear ones
over one ton
owe one
owe one to
paddle with one oar
painful and humiliating means of hurrying one
paralysis of one side
park one
pass one by one
pass one half of
patron saint of a church dedicated to more than one saint
perforated metal sheet in a color monitor so that the electron ray lights up just one point
person living on the opposite side of equator but in the same meridian as another one
person one detests
person that acts like an older person without being one
person who confuses words with similar-sounding ones
person who holds that Christ died only for some elected ones
person whose skull has a depressed or concave top instead of a convex one
petition other than the principal one
phase one study
phenomenon of having a stronger motivation to achieve an interrupted objective than to start a new one
phenomenon resulting from the generation of false frequencies along with the true ones
pick one out
pickax with one end broad and the other one pointed
pickaxe with one end broad and the other one pointed
piece of rope or the like for binding tightly or fastening one thing
pin one on
plaintiff deposition exhibit one
play having only one act
poem consisting of one stanza
point-to-point protocol extension for B-channels on ISDN be used as one
possession of more than one husband
presiding judge for one week
pretty girls are usually not as lucky as the homely ones
previous one
price of one
principle of the third one excluded
priority number one
process by which complex substances are broken down into simpler ones
program designed for only one shot and for resolving only one program
program that carries out more than one task
programming and data distributed in more than one computer
property of having only one meaning
public enemy number one
public two-wheeled covered vehicle drawn by one horse
pull a fast one
pull a fast one on
pull a one-eighty
pull off a good one
pull over to one side
pull to one side
punch one another
push to one side
put all one's eggs in one basket
put on one side
put one over
put one over on
put to one side
quantity collected at one time
quantity of liquor enough to make one drunk
quick one
radix-minus-one complement
reach stage one
reflex that connects the images of both retinas onto a single one
relating to one limb
repeat one another
requiring more than one host
rhetorical figure which allows the substitution of a grammatical type or part of speech for another one
risk everything on one stake
risk everything on one throw
roll a one
roll over to one side
row with one ear
satisfactory rating but not a high one
say but one word
score one
scream like one possessed
set of four cards of the same sort or value in one hand
set of reflexes each acting as a stimulus for the next one
set one back
set one thinking
she for one
shifted to one side
short one
since the year one
single gel diffusion precipitin test in one dimension
six strikes bowled one after another
sixtieth part of one hour
sixtieth part of one minute
slap one
slap one on
slip one on
slippage of one vertebra over another one
slog one
slug one
sly one
smack one
smack one on
small stick with cotton fixed at one end
smaller list extracted from a longer one
some good news amd bad ones also
some one else
some one else's
some other one
some other ones
something one didn't one knew
song performed by one voice
specific to one industry
spend one day
spend one year
square root of minus one
stare at one point
state of being married to three people at one time
state of being two in one
stenosis or obstruction of one nostril
step to one side
strong safeguard between one area and another
strong safeguard between one operation and another
sudden pull to one side
sudden roll to one side
swallow in one gulp
swerve to one side
syllable following an accented one
syllable preceding an accented one
take care of number one
technique in which the microprocessor initiates a second instruction before completing the first one
technique used in laser printers so they can print with a higher resolution than the normal one
tell not what one knows
tendency to remember an unfinished task better than an already completed one
test call of type one
than in the ones of
than the one of
than the one that
than the ones of
than the ones that
that has one and only one sense
that is a good one
that one
that one over there
that one time
that's a good one
the best way one can
the big fish swallows up the little one
the biggest one of
the buyer has need of a hundred eyes the seller of but one
the buyer needs a hundred eyes the seller but one
the educated ones
the eighth one
the eldest one of
the evil you do must have one witness you
the fifth one
the final one
the first one
the higher one flies the harder one falls
the largest one of
the last one
the last ones
the little one
the little ones
the middle one
the most adequate one
the next one
the next ones
the ninth one
the old one-two
the oldest one of
the one
the one and only
the one inside
the one of
the one outside
the one that
the one thing
the one who
the ones inside
the ones of
the ones outside
the only one
the other one
the other ones
the own one
the pretty one
the previous one
the same one
the second one
the seventh one
the sixth one
the third one
the ugly one
the very one
the very same one
the voice of one man is the voice of no one
there's always room for one more
these ones
thick chimney log which serves as support for thinner ones
thin coin struck only on one face
thirty one
this one
this one over here
those ones
three in one
throw things to one another
tie one end of
tie one on
tilt to one side
tip to one side
to bite the hand that feeds one
to each one
to one another
to one side
total slippage of one vertebra with respect to the one beneath it
toward one side
towards one side
transport from one ship to another one
try as one might
turn not one hair
twenty one
twenty one
two at one time
two electrode electronic component that allows electricity to flow in one direction
two heads are better than one
two-plus-one address
type one error
ultrashort poem divided into three lines of which the first and last have 5 syllables and the middle one has 7
united in one piece
veer to one side
verses of one short syllable followed by two long ones
verses of one unstressed syllable followed by two stressed ones
very same one
vitamin K-one
voter which may support one party or another one
walk leaning to one side
what can one do
what should one expect
whatever one likes
whatever one says
whatever one thinks
when one cannot get what one wants
whenever one wants
which appears just one time
which bears but one flower
which combines two in one
which consists of only one enantiometer
which consists of two long syllables followed by a short one
which consists of two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed one
which forms one row
which gives a single tone or note at one time
which gives birth to two young at one time
which has but one eye
which has one color
which has one foot
which has only one electron
which has only one meaning
which has only one one ear
which has only one seed
which lasts one day
which makes one fat
which one
which one of
which ones
which relates with one ear
which shares one line
white toga with a broad purple border added along one edge
whose skull has a depressed or concave top instead of a convex one
with just one hand
with just one meaning
with just one purpose
with more than one meaning
with more than one valence
with no cover or only a paper one
with one accord
with one bedroom
with one blow
with one click
with one hand
with one intent
with one jump
with one meaning
with one mind
with one purpose
with one shoulder
with one stroke
with one thing and another
with one voice
within one year
word symbolized by one letter
work collating all known versions and variants of one text
work that supplements a previously completed one
World War One
write something more quickly than one ought
you for one
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