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failure  Noun
Plural: failures
  1. Translate "failure" to Spanish: fracaso, falla, fallo, chasco, derrota, fallonazo, irregularidad, malogramiento, falencia, malogro, petardazo
    English Synonyms of "failure": breakdown, collapse, dud, fiasco, flop, busted flush, fizz
    Define meaning of "failure": An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose. ; Lack of success.
  2. The surprise party was a complete failure.
    He felt that his entire life had been a failure.
    That year there was a crop failure.

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  3. Translate "failure" to Spanish: fracaso
    English Synonyms of "failure": disaster, ruin, unsuccess, packet
    Define meaning of "failure": An act that fails. ; An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose. ; Lack of success.
  4. His failure to pass the test.
    The surprise party was a complete failure.
    He felt that his entire life had been a failure.
    That year there was a crop failure.

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  5. Translate "failure" to Spanish: fracasado, perdedor, fracaso, nulidad, persona fracasada, zoquete, perdidoso
    English Synonyms of "failure": loser, dud, lame duck, non-achiever, quitter, turkey, also-ran, born loser
    Define meaning of "failure": A person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently.

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  7. Translate "failure" to Spanish: falla
    English Synonyms of "failure": breakdown, failure to operate correctly, faulty operation, malfunction, diddly
    Define meaning of "failure": Loss of ability to function normally.
  8. Kidney failure.

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  9. Translate "failure" to Spanish: obra fracasada
    English Synonyms of "failure": flop, poor and unsuccessful production, turkey
    Define meaning of "failure": A complete failure.

  10. Translate "failure" to Spanish: quiebra, fracaso financiero
    English Synonyms of "failure": bankruptcy, crack-up, liquidation
    Define meaning of "failure": Inability to discharge all your debts as they come due.
  11. The company had to declare bankruptcy.
    Fraudulent loans led to the failure of many banks.

  12. Translate "failure" to Spanish: defecto
    English Synonyms of "failure": failure to pay, nonpayment, default, failure in paymemt

  13. Translate "failure" to Spanish: insuficiencia
    English Synonyms of "failure": inadequacy, incompetence, insufficience, insufficiency
    Define meaning of "failure": A lack of competence.

Conceptually-related expressions of "failure"
abject failure
absolute failure
academic failure
accidental failure
acute circulatory failure
acute kidney failure
acute renal failure
acute respiratory failure
admit failure
assertion failure
backward heart-failure
bank failure
be a failure
be a power failure
be a total failure
be an utter failure
be bordering on failure
be doomed to failure
be exposed to failure
be having a power failure
become a failure
big failure
bone marrow failure
business failure
call-failure signal
cardiac failure
catastrophic failure
category that employs two or more disk drives combined to respondo to unexpected failures
channel failure
chronic coronary failure
chronic heart-failure
chronic renal failure
circulatory failure
compensated heart failure
complete failure
confirm failure
congestive cardiac failure
congestive failure
congestive heart-failure
conspicuous and total failure
conspicuous failure
construction failure
continuity failure
continuity-failure signal
coronary failure
current failure
data carrier failure detector
data channel failure detector
diastolic heart failure
disastrous failure
dismal failure
doomed to failure
dyspnea due to heart failure
ego failure
electrical failure
end abruptly in failure
engine failure
equipment failure rate
error that does not cause irreparable loss of data or system failure
extreme fear of failure
fear of failure
forward heart-failure
forward heart failure insufficiency
general failure
get to be a failure
giving heart failure drugs
growth failure
have a power failure
have water supply failure
heart failure
heart-failure cell
high output failure
humiliating failure
ignition failure
ileocecal failure
in case of a failure of
intermittent failure
irrational fear of failure
Java programming command that signals an operation with the possibility of failure
kidney failure
last-minute failure
left-heart failure
left ventricular failure
liable to failure
liver failure
mains failure
market failure
mean time between failures
mean time to failure
mechanical failure
messy failure
metabolic failure
MUF failure
myoglobinuric renal failure
organ failure
pacemaker failure
particularly spectacular failure
phobia of failure
point failure
power failure
power-failure alarm
power failure transfer
product failure exclusion
prone to failure
proneness to failure
propensity to failure
pump failure
random failure
real failure
renal failure
reproductive failure
respiratory failure
right-heart failure
right ventricular failure
right ventricular heart-failure
risk failure
run into failure
satellite failure
secondary failure
secondary glandular failure
signal unit failure
stoppage in the functioning of machinery of industrial plant due to power failure
student failure rate
suffer a power failure
sure failure
syndrome of chronic renal failure
system or computer components installed to backup primary resources in case of failure
total failure
traffic failure
treatment with heart failure drugs
unforeseen failure
utter failure
verification process to see if a system can recover function after a failure
willful failure
without failure
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