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can  Verb
Plural: cans
  1. Translate "can" to Spanish: poder, tener la habilidad de
    English Synonyms of "can": be able to, may, be apt to, have power to
  2. She is able to run, Ella puede correr.

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  3. Translate "can" to Spanish: enlatar, conservar en lata, conservar, conservar en tarros
    English Synonyms of "can": pot, conserve, preserve, tin
    Define meaning of "can": Preserve in a can or tin.
  4. Tinned foods are not very tasty.

  5. Translate "can" to Spanish: poder
    English Synonyms of "can": be able

can  Noun
  1. Translate "can" to Spanish: lata, pote, tarro, bidón, recipiente de metal
    English Synonyms of "can": tin can, drum, large can, lath
    Define meaning of "can": Airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.

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  3. Translate "can" to Spanish: bote, recipiente de lata
    English Synonyms of "can": canister, bin
    Define meaning of "can": Metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour.

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  5. Translate "can" to Spanish: lata de conserva
    English Synonyms of "can": canned food, preserves, tin, conserve
    Define meaning of "can": Food preserved by canning.

  6. Translate "can" to Spanish: cárcel, prisión, encierro, presidio, bote, capacha, chirola, chirona, gayola, guandoca, talego, tanque, trullo
    English Synonyms of "can": jail, jailhouse, bastille, caboose, cage, calaboose, cally, prison, lockup, bridewell
    Define meaning of "can": Provisional detention place before trial or definitive prison.

  7. Translate "can" to Spanish: nalgas, posaderas, trasero, culo, fundillo
    English Synonyms of "can": buttocks, rear end, behind, breech, bibby, bippy, bombiosity, ass, butt, arse
    Define meaning of "can": The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on.
  8. He deserves a good kick in the butt.
    Are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?

  9. Translate "can" to Spanish: tarro de la basura
    English Synonyms of "can": garbage can, trash can, bin, refuse bin
    Define meaning of "can": A bin that holds rubbish until it is collected.

  10. Translate "can" to Spanish: inodoro
    English Synonyms of "can": toilet, commode, shithouse, Chamber of Commerce, crapper, donagher, convenience, lavatory, bog
    Define meaning of "can": A room equipped with toilet facilities.

  11. Translate "can" to Spanish: onza de marihuana
    English Synonyms of "can": ounce of marijuana

  12. Translate "CAN" to Spanish: CAN, Comunidad Andina
    English Synonyms of "CAN": Andean Community

Verb Conjugation for "can"
Gerund: being able to













will can

will can

will can

will can

will can

will can

Conceptually-related expressions of "can"
a deadly disease neither physician nor physic can ease
aerosol can
American Can
analysis of a logic function using a list of all possible values the function can obtain
and anything one can think of
and anything we can think of
anything you can mention
anything you can think of
as best as I can remember
as best as one can
as far as he can see
as far as I can remember
as far as I can see
as far as I can tell
as far as I can understand
as far as one can
as far as the eye can see
as far as we can gather
as far as we can see
as far as we can understand
as far as you can see
as healthy as can be
as long ago as anyone can remember
ash can
beer can
beer can opener
bite off more than one can chew
blitz can
blow me if I can understand it
blow with a can
butt can
can use all the luck one can get
carry on although one can hardly move
carry the can
colors that a system can display
condition in which a program tries to store more data in a memory area than it can
crazy as can be
cream can
damn me if I can understand it
data volume that a communications means can transmit
do the best one can
do what one can
don't bite off more than you can chew
don't promise more than you can deliver
don't take on more than you can
each one does what he can
easy as can be
even a blind person can see it
even the blind can see it
food can
for as long as I can remember
garbage can
gas can
gasoline can
get a can on
get the can
God defend me from my friends from my enemies I can defend myself
God never give us more than we can handle
have a can on
he who hath not can not give
he who lives well great stories can tell
I Can Catch
I can hardly believe it
I can just imagine
I could
I guess I could
I wish I could
if only I could
if you can dream it, you can do it
if you want to you can do it
in-can cooler
in-can milking
in the can
installation for milking directly inside the can
it can be
jerry can
kicking can
large can
large milk can
largest physical packet measured in bytes that a network can transmit
like sardines in a can
limit of what one can stand
metal can
milk can
milking directly into can
more than words can express
more than words can tell
National Can
need all the luck one can get
no can do
nothing worse than this can happen
oil can
oiling can
olive-oil can
one should not bite off more than one can chew
person that borrows or gambles more than he can pay
petrol can
program for reading and translating images so that the computer can process them
questions to be settled before trial can proceed
refuse can
ring-pull can
serial port error in which the microprocessor sends data at a greater speed than the UART can handle
soda can
speak what you know and what you can do
spray can
sprinkling can
stick in the can
take out of a can
take out of the can
that can differentiate
that he can think of
that I can remember
that I can think of
that one can think of
that she can think of
that they can think of
that we can think of
that you can think of
the best way one can
the less you know the less you can forget
the trash can
the utmost one can do
there is nothing else I can do
there is nothing else we can do
those who hide can find
tin can
to bite off more than one can chew
trash can
trash can liner
twine can
watering can
watering-can perineum
watering-can scrotum
we all do what we can
we'll grab what we can
we'll take what we can get
whatever one can get
wide hallway in a building where people can walk
you can stuff it
you never can tell
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