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woman  Sustantivo
Plural: women
  1. Traducir "woman" a Español: mujer, hembra, fémina, cabra, caraja, chocho, mari, maría
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "woman": female, lady, calico, chick, cooz, cooze, babe, broad, bint
    Definir significado de "woman": Women as a class. ; An adult female person (as opposed to a man).
  2. It's an insult to American womanhood.
    Woman is the glory of creation.
    The woman kept house while the man hunted.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "woman" a Español: esposa, mujer, señora
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "woman": wife, female consort, baby, ball-and-chain, better half, bibi, frau, little woman
    Definir significado de "woman": A female person who plays a significant role (wife or mistress or girlfriend) in the life of a particular man.
  4. He was faithful to his woman.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

woman  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "woman" a Español: de mujer
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "woman": womanly, women, muliebral, muliebrile, of a woman
    Definir significado de "woman": Befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman.

  2. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "woman" a Español: mujer

  4. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "woman"
a single woman
abandoned woman
abrasive woman
abusive woman
accused woman
affair with a woman
African black woman
alert and up-to-date young woman
alluring young woman
ambulance woman
anchor woman
angry woman syndrome
Arab woman
as a married woman
assassination of a woman
attractive curvy woman
attractive woman
attractive woman in the baech
attractive young woman
average woman
awkward woman
bad-tempered woman
bag woman
barren woman
Basque woman
battered woman syndrome
be a real woman
be all woman
be befitting to a woman
be not very much of a woman
be quite a woman
be the wiser woman
bearded woman syndrome
beatified woman
beautiful and glamorous young woman
beautiful and sexually attractive woman
beautiful woman
beautiful young woman
become a woman
befit to a woman
befitting a woman
behave like a woman
behind every great man stands a great woman
betrothal formerly made by bestowing tokens on the part of the man upon the woman
big-assed woman
big woman
black woman
blessed is the woman that
blessed is the woman who
blind woman
blond woman
blonde woman
bookish woman
bothersome woman
bottom woman
brawling old woman
brawling woman
brazen woman
breast-feeding woman
brunette woman
career woman
carefree woman
castrating woman
cherished woman
childbearing woman
chilly reserved woman
chilly woman
Chinese woman
chubby woman
cleaner woman
cleaning woman
comment among friends upon seeing a beautiful woman
con woman
conventionally pretty and shapely young woman
coquettish young woman
corrupt woman
cougar woman
courageous woman
court a woman ardently
crazy woman
criminal's woman accomplice
daily woman
dark-complexioned woman
dark-skinned woman
deified woman
delivery woman
depraved woman
deranged woman
determined woman
devout woman
difficult woman
dirty rude woman
dirty woman
disaster woman
discerning woman
discrimination against woman
disreputable woman
dissolute woman
divorced woman
do the sex act with a woman
dominated by a woman
domineering woman
dowdy woman
drinking woman
drunken woman
easy woman
eighty-year old woman
elastic close-fitting sleeveless blouse for woman use
elderly black woman
elderly woman
employed woman
especially lively, amorous, and attractive woman
every woman
exceptionally gifted or experienced woman artist
expecting woman
extremely unpleasant and objectionable woman
fair-haired woman
fall out over a woman
fallen woman
fancy woman
fascinating woman
fat and old woman
fat woman
fawning woman
female friend of another woman
fifteen-year-old woman
fifty-year-old woman
filthy woman
flashy groomed woman
flattering and smart compliment said to a woman
flighty frivolous young woman
formal asking for the hand of a woman
forty-year-old woman
foxxy woman
foxy woman
frenzied woman
freshman woman student
frivolous and stupid woman
frivolous young woman
gay woman
gentile girl or woman
good-looker woman
good-looking woman
good-looking young woman
good-mannered woman
good-natured woman
good woman
gossipy woman
government ruled by a woman
grieving woman
grown-up woman
hairiness in a woman
handsome young woman
hard-working woman
harsh and disagreeable woman
Harvard woman
he is a one-woman man
heavy drinking woman
hell has no fury like a woman scorned
hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
heterosexual woman
homely woman
homosexual woman
honest and reliable woman
honest woman
hormonal disorder causing the presence of male features in a woman
ill-reputed woman
ill-tempered loud-voiced woman
ill-tempered woman
impudent woman
in the right age to get married to a woman
insane woman
intellectual woman
Japanese woman
Jewess woman
judicious woman
kept woman
key woman
killing of a woman
knockout woman
lactating woman
large woman
layout woman
learned woman
liberated woman
libertine woman
licentious woman
licentious young woman
light-skinned and attractive black woman
light-skinned black woman
literary woman
lithe and pert young woman
little old woman
little woman
loose drunken woman
loose woman
lost woman
lover of a married woman
loving woman
lures of a woman
lying-in woman
mad woman
main woman character
male homosexual who enjoys dressing like a woman
man and woman
man economically dependent on a woman
man in amatory pursuit of a woman
man obsessed with woman
mannish woman
many a woman
married woman
masculine woman
mature woman
medicine woman
menstruating woman
millionaire woman
mindless woman
modern young woman
murderer of a woman
nagging bad-tempered woman
nagging woman
Negro woman
newly-rich woman
nice looking young woman
nice woman
ninety-something-year-old woman
non-gypsy woman
non-Jewish girl or woman
North American indian woman
not befitting a woman
not covert woman
obviously innocent and virtuous young woman
occasion when several males do the sex act serially with one woman
of a woman
of an old woman
old-age woman
old nasty woman
old shrewish woman
old woman
older woman
one-man woman
one should believe in a dog's limp or the tears of a woman
one woman
one woman
one-woman business
one-woman exhibition
one-woman man
one-woman show
ostentatious woman
overbearing butch woman
overly forward woman
painted woman
particularly attractive woman
patient woman
patrol woman
peasant woman
pedantic woman
person that gestures like a woman
person who kills a woman
phallic woman
pianist woman
picture of a young pretty woman
pious woman
play the woman
play the woman card
playful young woman
poor woman
popular and attractive young woman
possessive woman
post woman
powerful and intimidating woman
pregnant woman
pretty and fragile woman
pretty and frivolous young woman
pretty blonde woman
pretty but rather stupid blonde young woman
pretty woman
pretty young woman
professional woman
promiscuous woman
promiscuous young woman
promising young woman
property woman
prove oneself a woman
prove oneself to be a woman
provocative woman
prudish woman
racing woman
railroad woman
renaissance woman
repulsive old woman
repulsively ugly woman
resolute woman
retinitis of pregnant woman
rich old woman
rich woman
right-hand woman
robed woman
robust woman
robust young woman
rowdy woman
run around with another woman
rural woman
rush a woman
saintly woman
scarlet woman
scholar woman
scholarly woman
scolding bad-tempered woman
seductive woman
seductively attractive woman
seductively beautiful woman
self-indulgent predatory woman
self-made woman
separate property of a married woman
sex act between a homosexual man and a heterosexual woman
sexually attractive light-skinned black woman
sexually attractive woman
sexually attractive young woman
sexually available woman
sexually desirable woman
sexually desirable young woman
sexually promiscuous woman
sexually stimulating woman
sexy woman
shameless woman
shapeliness of woman
she's a young woman already
sightless woman
single woman
sixty-year-old woman
skilled woman laborer
skilled woman labourer
skilled woman worker
slave woman
sleazy woman
sleeping woman
slender and graceful woman
slovenly and unkempt woman
slovenly woman
sly gossipy woman
sly woman
smarmy woman
society woman
sophisticated woman
sorrowful woman
space woman
sporting woman
state of a married woman
sterile woman
straight man that takes care of himself like a woman
street woman
striking woman
stunning woman
stunning young woman
stunt woman
stupid young woman
successful woman
suffering woman
suggestive of an old woman
sweet and ordinary young woman
terrifying mean woman
the ordinary woman
the typical average woman
there's a woman in it
toadying woman
token woman
top woman
tough woman
traditional pinafore or jumper dress of Russian peasant woman
triumphant woman
ugly and bad-tempered woman
ugly old woman
ugly woman
unattractive woman
unattractive young woman
unbefitting for a woman
unbelievably attracive woman
uncouth woman
unmarried woman
unpleasant woman
untidy woman
vapid young woman
veiled woman
very attractive and sexy woman
very attractive woman
very attractive young woman
very beautiful woman
very busty woman
very desirable woman
very fat woman
very pretty sun-tanned woman
very pretty young woman
very promiscuous woman
very rich woman
very sensual and attractive woman
very sexy woman
very ugly woman
very wealthy woman
village woman
virtuoso woman artist
volatile and dangerous woman
vulgar woman
wanton woman
wealthy old woman
wealthy woman
weeping woman
well-woman clinic
which kills a woman
which resembles an old woman
white woman
wicked and difficult woman
wicked woman
wild and sexy young woman
wise woman
working woman
wronged woman
young and attractive woman
young woman
young woman especially attractive
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