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public  Sustantivo
Plural: publics
  1. Traducir "public" a Español: público, audiencia, concurrencia
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "public": audience, crowd, assistance, attendance, gate attendance, gathering of people, paying spectators, turnout, concurrence, concurrency
    Definir significado de "public": A gathering of spectators or listeners at a (usually public) performance. ; The part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment.

  2. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "public" a Español: taberna, mesón
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "public": tavern, canteen, licensed saloon or bar, bar, alehouse, barroom, public house, saloon
    Definir significado de "public": A building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks.

  4. Traducir "public" a Español: lugar público
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "public": public place, public square, square

public  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "public" a Español: público, manifiesto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "public": open, patent, visible, aboveground, conspicuous, manifest, not secret, overt, self-apparent
    Definir significado de "public": Affecting the people or community as a whole. ; Not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole.
  2. Community leaders.
    Community interests.
    The public welfare.
    The public good.
    Public libraries.
    Public funds.
    Public parks.
    A public scandal.
    Public gardens.
    Performers and members of royal families are public figures.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  3. Traducir "public" a Español: público, abierto al público, libremente accesible
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "public": freely accessible, open to the public, communal

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "public"
a good public
a public place
accede to public pressure
act of public enemies
act of public enemy
administrative enquiry into a matter of public interest
affected with a public interest
American Association of Public Accountants
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
American Institute of Public Opinion
American Society of Public Health
appeal to the public conscience
appear in public
art of speaking in public
artifice for winning applause or impressing the public
attendant who cleared the way for a procession or public spectacle
attest by notary public
attorney and notary public
attorney who is also a notary public
audit of the public treasury
available to the public again
banking that serves public directly
be affected with a public interest
be for the public
be in the public domain
be in the public eye
be on view to the public
be open to the public
be public spirited
before a notary public
blunder made in public
boisterous public demonstrator
borrowing from the public
breach of trust of a public official
bring back to public light
bring to public notice
business affected with a public investment
by public request
call a public tender
campaign to damage the reputation of a public figure
cave under public pressure
celebrate publicly with boisterous public demonstrations
celebration with boisterous public demonstrations
Center for Science in the Public Interest
certificate of a notary public
certificate of public convenience
certified public accountant
certify by notary public
chartered public accountant
cheap, dirty and ramshackle public place
cinema-going public
close off for the public
coast station open to public correspondence
come into the public eye
come out in public shamelessly
committee on public accounts
common to the general public
compulsory public office
computer system accessible to the public
contract for public works
convert into a public deed
convert into a public document
court level office of public prosecutor
cover public expenditure
cutback on public expenses
dealings with the public
declaration of public utility
defecate in public
deliberate and public affront
deliberate public offense
deliberately ambiguous and contradictory political language use to mislead and manipulate the public
dental public health
Department of Legal Cooperation and Public Information
Department of Public Health
Department of Public Information
designed for oratorical display at public events
Diploma in Public Health
Director of Public Prosecution
dirty linen should not be washed in public
displayed to the public
Doctor of Public Health
don't wash your dirty linen in public
drink in public
driving to the public danger
easement imposed by law for public purposes
eject from a public place
European Center of Enterprises with Public Participation
even if we remain in hiding our reputation is always public
excessive protagonism of the judicial system in public life
excursion at public expense
exhibit anger in a public outburst
exhibit hysterics in a public outburst
exhibited to the public
exposure in front of the public
expropriation for a public purpose
fear of writing in public
filing in a public registry
focus of public attention
follow the public opinion
formal registry of a notary public
free for public use
gag sure to please a gullible public
general public
general public license
GNU General Public License
go against public opinion
go out on a public demonstration
go public
go public with
go to public auction
going-public stock
good public
government permanent telephone connection between two points for providing public services
group of experts on public finances
hang one's laundry in public
heightening of public awareness
historic mansion open to the public
in public
in public meeting
in public view
in the public eye
in the public scene
influential force of public opinion
initial public offering
inquiry into public opinion
institution constituted under public law
institution of public law
Inter-American Strategy for Public Participation
internet search tool for files in the public domain
irrational fear of writing in public
Jan Q Public
Joe Public
John Q Public
keep out from public view
keep public interest
large portable stereo radio and cassette player often carried and played loudly in public places
large public
LaTeX Project Public License
lecture in public
lender to the public sector
lending to the public sector
live on public welfare
Lucent Public License
make available for public use
make oneself known to the public
make public
make public that
male homosexual activity in a public toilet
member of the public
Minister of Public Education
Minister of Public Works
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
Ministry of Public Works
misappropriation of public monies
monarch's allowance of personal expenses taken from the public revenue
motoring public
National Institute of Public Administration
national public institution
net public debt
network inserted as a neutral zone between a private company network and the external public network
nonfinancial public enterprise
not for public use
notary public
notice of a public auction
notice of a public sale
notice to the public
of public speaking
of the public order
of the public sector
offensively in public
office of the alternate public defender
officer in public administration
officer of alternate public defendant
official charged with swearing in public employees
official public translator
open for public use
open to the public
out of public view
paid public holiday
pension to orphans of public official
pension to widow of public official
person in charge of direction and management of public businesses
person in charge of keeping order and respect among the audience of a court room or public office
person subscribed to a public service
person who litters public places
phobia of writing in public
platform for public speaking
policy of withholding information from the public
portable foldable platform for public speaking
post of public treasurer
praise in public
prevailing among the general public
professional ethics of public accounting
proof of public documents
public protest in which participants lie down in a public place
pure public item
put to public shame
put up for public auction
quasi-public company
quasi public corporation
raised platform for public speaking
reading public
recant in public
recipient of public housing
release from entail in order to confiscate and auction off to the public
remove from the public
repulsive thief who plies his trade in public toilets
right of public communication
room equipped with urinals for public use
run naked in a public place
Secretariat of Water Resources, Sanitation, and Public Works
semi-public company
sense of public shame
sexual offender who engages in sex in public lavatories
shabby public place
shameful exposure of a public figure
shock by acting immorally or outrageouly in public
show off in public
skill and eloquence in public speaking
small bus used as public transportation
sound public opinion
speculation with public funds
State Society of Certified Public Accountants
station open to public correspondence
strong winds of public opinion
suitable for the public
sworn public translator
take public
talk in public
the public eye
the viewing public
throw garbage in public places
tour undertaken by a government official at public expense
trick sure to please a gullible public
trip on public expense
united or public prayer
values and behavior of advertising and public relations
viewing public
visual aid or board that displays text for the speaker to read in public
wash one's dirty linen in public
wasteful management of public funds
wide hall in a public building
Working Group on Probity and Public Ethics
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