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little  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "little" a Español: muy poco, un poco, poco
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": a bit, a little, a little bit, too little, very little, quite little, a fribble, a smidge, a smidgen, a smitch
    Definir significado de "little": A small amount or duration.
  2. He accepted the little they gave him.

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little  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "little" a Español: pequeño, chico, chiquito, diminuto, canijo, pelo, petiso, petizo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": minute, short, small, slight, small-size, tiny
    Definir significado de "little": Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent.
  2. A little dining room.
    A little house.
    A small car.
    A little (or small) group.
    A small voice.

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  3. Traducir "little" a Español: pequeño
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": minor, slight, small
    Definir significado de "little": Small and of little importance.
  4. A fiddling sum of money.
    A footling gesture.
    Our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war.
    A little (or small) matter.
    Mickey Mouse regulations.

  5. Traducir "little" a Español: pequeño, párvulo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": small
    Definir significado de "little": Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. ; Of short duration or distance. ; Not fully grown.
  6. A little dining room.
    A little house.
    A small car.
    A little (or small) group.
    A small voice.
    A brief stay in the country.
    In a little while.
    It's a little way away.
    What a big little boy you are.
    Small children.

  7. Traducir "little" a Español: poco, un poco de
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": not much, a small amount of, a small quantity of, not quite much, not very much, some
    Definir significado de "little": Small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with 'a') at least some.
  8. Little rain fell in May.
    Gave it little thought.
    Little hope remained.
    Little time is left.
    We still have little money.

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little  Adverbio
  1. Traducir "little" a Español: poco
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "little": not very, not much
    Definir significado de "little": Not much.
  2. He talked little about his family.

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Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "little"
a little
a little bit
a little bit of
a little bit toward
a little bit towards
a little chilly
a little close
a little destructive
a little different
a little difficult
a little distance from
a little drop of
a little earlier
a little elegant
a little entertainment
a little extra
a little food
a little fun
a little further on
a little gift
a little hair
a little hard
a little homely
a little indisposed
a little later
a little less
a little less early
a little like
a little moment
a little more
a little near
a little nonsense
a little number of
a little of
a little one
a little quantity
a little queer
a little rain
a little sad
a little sick
a little snow
a little something
a little sooner
a little strange
a little strong
a little time
a little too steep
a little truthfulness
a little ugly
a little way from
a little while
a nice little business
a nice little earner
a very little bit
abductor muscle of little finger
abductor muscle of little toe
absurdly little
advance in little steps
after a little while
annoying little cough
arid region with very little rainfall
as little
ask for a little bit of
at little expense
at little intervals
attempt too much achieve too little
award of very little value
backward little town
be a big fish in a little pond
be a little crazy
be a little devil
be a little dumb
be a little expensive
be a little like
be a little monster
be fed too little
be little
be little left
be little sunlight
be of little account
be of little consequence
be of little importance
be of little value
be thought little of
be too little
befitting a little girl
believe little of
believe very little of
big fish eat little fish
big fish in a little pond
bonds having high yield but relatively little security
Brandy Little
break into little pieces
build little by little
burst into little pieces
can you spare a little money
care very little
care very little about
characteristic of a little girl
chubby little boy
chubby little girl
chubby little thing
Clay Little
close a little bit
coffee with little milk
come back little by little
cost little
cost very little
cozy little room
cut in little pieces
cut up in little pieces
dear little one
Denise Little
descend little by little
dirty little secret
dirty little trick
distal phalanx of the little finger
do as little as
drink a little
during a little time
earn too little
ease off a little
eat a little
eat little
eat too little
eat very little
employee who accomplishes very little work
every little bit
every little while
expose too little
extensor muscle of little finger
extensor muscle of the little finger
extensor of the little finger
far too little
father who feels particularly devoted to his little children
feel a little sick
fight of little duration
first phalanx of the little finger
for a little
for a little time
form one's own little clique
gain a little weight
get a little fat
get a little sleep
get one's way paved little by little
give a little push
go for a little walk
go out for a little walk
going about with little secrets
Graham-Little syndrome
group discussion or public forum debates that have a lot of drama and very little information
have a little fling
have a little time
have little
have little choice
have little education
have little expectation of
have little hope
have little importance
have little left
have little practice
have very little
have very little choice
have very little importance
have very little left
have very little of
have very little to
having little to
having very little to
he who talks too much does too little
hold in little esteem
how little
how very little
in a little while
in a very little place
in a very little space
in a very little way
in little
in little amounts
in very little time
insignificant little country
insignificant little town
intriguing little gadget
intrinsic muscle of the hand that abducts the little finger
intrinsic muscle of the hand that flexes the little finger
isolated peaceful little place
just a little bit
just a little bit toward
just a little way toward
know a little about
know a little of
know little
know little about
know so little
know so very little
know very little about
know very little of
last little
last very little
last very little time
life's little ironies
like a little angel
like a little bit of
little by little
littler and littler
made little by little
make food go a little further
make little of
make the food go a little further
Malcolm Little
man of little import
metacarpal of the little finger
middle phalanx of the little finger
miserable little house
miserable little room
move a little
move in little jumps
move little by little
move little by little toward
much bran and little meal
much cry and little wool
much in little
much law but little justice
my dear little one
naughty little girl
no matter how little
not a little
not so much not so little
not too much and not too little
object of little value
odd little quirk
odd little ways
of little account
of little consideration
of little importance
of little moment
of little use
of little worth
of very little value
on a little scale
only a little bit
opposer muscle of little finger
own little world
pay little attention
Penny Little
perhaps a little bit
person who is bad-tempered supposedly because they have little sex
poky little room
poky little shop
poor little fellow
poor little thing
proximal phalanx of the little finger
put on a little weight
quite a little
quite little
quite little to
rather little
realize little by little
realize little by little that
relax a little
repair work of little importance
resemble very little
rest a little
rest a little bit
retreat little by little
rise little by little
run a little
salary earned unclearly and with little effort
save a little bit of
second phalanx of the little finger
see a little bit
seedy little café
seedy little store
shabby little house
shabby little room
shaped like a little drop
short flexor muscle of little finger
short flexor muscle of little toe
show little surprise
sleep a little
sleep a little bit
sleepy little village
small little problem
so little
something of little importance
something of little value
something of very little value
something that gives you great benefits with little effort
spend a little moment with
spend a little while with
spend very little money
spotted little owl
squander and dissipate little by little
stoop a little
subordinate with little authority
surpass little by little
sweet potato little leaf
take a little nap
take a little nip
take a little rest
take a little time
take little effort
tell little lies
that little
the big fish swallows up the little one
the Little Corporal
The Little Giant
the little one
the little ones
the little people
there is little doubt
thing of little value
think little of
think little of oneself
think very little of
third phalanx of the little finger
this little
tiny little bit
to little avail
to little purpose
too little
too little too late
treat as of little importance
treat with little emphasis
trim little house
typical of a little girl
University of Arkansas, Little Rock
very little
very little bit
very little of
very little to
very little trustworthiness
wedding performed with little ceremony
what costs little is little esteemed
which works with little power
with little baggage
with little judgment
with little kindness
with little margin
with little originality
with little room
with little seriousness
with little success
work too little
wrap around one's little finger
yield a little
you little beggar
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