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life  Sustantivo
Plural: lives
  1. Traducir "life" a Español: vida, existencia
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": existence, being
    Definir significado de "life": Living things collectively. ; The experience of living; the course of human events and activities. ; A living person.; The organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones. ; The course of existence of an individual; the actions and events that occur in living. ; The condition of living or the state of being alive. ; A characteristic state or mode of living. ; The period during which something is functional (as between birth and death). ; The period between birth and the present time. ; The period from the present until death.
  2. The oceans are teeming with life.
    He could no longer cope with the complexities of life.
    His heroism saved a life.
    There is no life on the moon.
    He hoped for a new life in Australia.
    He wanted to live his own life without interference from others.
    While there's life there's hope.
    Life depends on many chemical and physical processes.
    Social life.
    City life.
    Real life.
    The battery had a short life.
    He lived a long and happy life.
    I have known him all his life.
    He appointed himself emperor for life.

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  3. Traducir "life" a Español: vida, animación, sal y pimienta
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": liveliness, animation, cheerfulness, excitement, spark, sprightliness, zest, ebullience
    Definir significado de "life": Animation and energy in action or expression. ; A motive for living.
  4. It was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it.
    Pottery was his life.

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  5. Traducir "Life" a Español: Vida
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "Life": life everlasting

  6. [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  7. Traducir "life" a Español: vida, criaturas vivientes
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": living creatures

  8. Traducir "life" a Español: la vida
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": living

  9. Traducir "life" a Español: vigencia
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": term
    Definir significado de "life": A limited period of time.

  10. Traducir "life" a Español: vida
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": biography
    Definir significado de "life": An account of the series of events making up a person's life.

  11. Traducir "life" a Español: duración
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "life": term, life of a contract

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "life"
a fact of life
a twisted tree will remain crooked for life
a woman's destiny in her life
absence of life
acceleration life
acceleration life insurance
accommodating style of life
acquired through experience in life
adjustable life
adjustable life insurance
adjustment reaction of later life
adult life
adult stage of one's life
advanced cardiac life support
advanced life support
advocate of communism as a philosophy of life
after life
age-life depreciation
aggregate life table
all my life
all my lousy life
all my miserable life
all my wretched life
all roads of life
all through life
all walks of life
alleviate the chagrins of one's life
American way of life
amphibian that retains its larval tail through its adult life
analysis of the writings produced by a person throughout his or her life
animal life
animal life form
antibody half-life
application life cycle
arrange one's life properly
artificial life
as large as life
as real as life itself
as valuable as life
at my time of life
at the height of life
at the peak of life
average life
average life expectancy
average life span
bachelor life
basic life support
battery life
be brain-damaged for life
be brought back to life
be delighted with life
be full of life
be glad of life
be in the prime of life
be pulled back to life
be set up for life
bear a charmed life
beaten by life
bet one's life
bet one's life on
bet one's life on it
bet your life
biologic half-life
biological half-life
biologist whose specialty is investigating the possible extraterrestrial life
boar in its second year of life
Book of Life
boring life
breath new life into
breathe new life into
breeding life
bring back to life
bring to life
bringing back to life
brought back to life
bubble with life
bulky life preserver
business life insurance
canonical life
capable of generating life
carry oneself bad in life
carry oneself well in life
cash-value life
cash-value life insurance
cat-and-dog life
cat-and-dog's life
celebrate life
celebration of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into Heaven at the end of her earthly life
change of life
change one's life
change one's routine and way of life
change one's way of life
chapter of life
charmed life
chartered life underwriter
circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life
circus life
city life
civilian life
civilian who is thought to be prospering back home with a soldier's life
clean life
come back to life
come to life
come to life again
comfortable life
coming back to life
community life
complicate someone's life
conjugal life
continuity of life
convent life
convertible life
convertible life insurance
convertible term life
convertible term life insurance
convict serving a life sentence
convicted for life
convicted to life imprisonment
cosey life
country life
course of life
cozie life
cozy life
crappy life
credit life insurance
creditor life insurance
criminal act against other people's life
criminal attempt on someone's life
database development life cycle
debit life insurance
decreasing term life insurance
dedicate one's entire life to
dedicate one's life to
deferred life annuities
demanding life
depart from this life
depart this life
depreciable life
devote one's life to
difficult life
digital life
disease and life changes
disorderly life
displayed with complete accuracy and life-like tones
dissolute life
doctrine that holds that matter is inseparable from life
dog's life
domestic life
drastic change in one's life
drawing from life
dream life
dust life
early in the life of
early life
early life experience
earth life
easy, luxurious, and pleasant life
easy life
easygoing style of life
ebb of life
economic life
effective half-life
effective life
elixir of life
emotional life
end of life
end of one's life
end one's life
enjoy a good and effortless life
enjoy life
enjoying an effortless and prosperous life
essence of life
estate for life
estimated life
estimated useful life
eternal life
event experienced in life
events simulated by a computer at the same speed they would occur in real life
everlasting life
excessive protagonism of the judicial system in public life
existence of a cellular organism in two or more distinct forms during its cycle of life
expect from life
expectancy of life
expectation of life
expected economic life
expected life
experience a change in one's life
extra-terrestrial life
facts of life
family life
family life cycle
family life education
fantasy life
fight for one's life
find a meaning in life
flexible-premium life
flexible-premium life insurance
follow the easy path in life
for dear life
for life
for one's own life
for the rest of one's life
for the whole life
friend through strife is a friend for life
friends for life
from life
fulfilling life
full of life
future life
get a life
get from life
get on with one's life
get out of life
get out of one's life
get the fright of one's life
get trained to fight hard in life
give a new lease on life
give a new lease on life to
give life to
give new life to
give one's life
give one's life for
give one's life to
give out one's life
give up on life
give up one's life to
go about one's life
go on with one's life
go through life
go through most of one's life
go through one's life
go through one's own life
go through one's whole life
God give us a long life
God give you a long life
God grant us a long life
God grant you a long life
good life
grab on to life
graded premium life insurance
group life insurance
group permanent life insurance
group term life insurance
guaranteed renewable life insurance
Gypsy way of life
half life
half-life time
half my life
half one's life
half our life
half your life
hard life
hardened by life
hardness of life
harshness of life
have a charmed life
have a dog's life
have a good life
have a long life
have a purpose in life
have a simple life
have all of one's life been
have all one's life been
have been all of one's life
have been all one's life
have life
have one's whole life been
have seen life
have the time of one's life
hazards of life
heavy loss of life
hieroglyphic character of a cross with a loop in the place of the top vertical to represent life
high life
home life
homosexual life
how's life
how's your life
Huntingdon Life Sciences
hustle and bustle of modern life
I bet my life
idealized childhood concept of a loved one retained unaltered in adult life
identity life cycle
idle life
if you've led an honest life
imitative of the sounds of real-life actions
in a transient manner in this life
in all my life
in fear of one's life
in my whole life
in peril of one's life
in real life
in the best of life
in the bloom of life
in the life
in the prime of life
incapability of sustaining its own life
incapable of sustaining its own life
increasing life insurance
indexed life insurance
individual life insurance
industrial life insurance
inner life
intellectual life
intra-uterine life
intrauterine life
investment life cycle
ironies of life
it's a cruel life
it's a dog's life
it's a hard life
joint life annuity
joint life insurance
joy of life
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
kiss of life
know the life story of
land of perfect happiness for those who had lived a righteous life
last-life annuity
late in life
late life forgetting
lay down one's life
lead a bad life
lead a busy life
lead a busy life professionally and socially
lead a charmed life
lead a decent life
lead a different life
lead a dog's life
lead a double life
lead a full life
lead a good life
lead a groveling life
lead a new life
lead a simple life
lead a sinful life
lead a social life
lead a soft life
lead a straight life
lease for life
licentious life
life after life
limited life
limited life assets
limited payment life
limited payment life insurance
limited-payment life policy
line of life
live a difficult life
live a dissipated life
live a dissolute life
live a dog's life
live a double life
live a grand life
live a quiet life
live a self-indulgent life
live a spacious life
live an easy life
live an idle life
live an uneventful life
live half one's life
live one's life
live one's own life
live the high life
long life
long-life friend
loose life
lose control of one's life
lose one's life
loss of one's life
love life
love of life
lucky life
make life worthwhile
make one's life difficult
make one's way in life
man whose dress and manners betoken the nonacademic aspects of college life
marine life
marital sex life
married life
Mass. Mutual Life Ins.
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
mean life
mean-life statistics
mechanical life
membership for life
mental life
mid-life crisis
Minnesota Life Ins.
miserable life
mode of life
modern life
modified life insurance
monastic life
money isn't everything in this life
monotonous life
mortgage life insurance
movie based on some person's life story
Mutual of America Life
my entire life
my whole life
National Life Group
necessities of life
neighborhood life cycle
never in one's life
nevermore in one's life
New England Mutual Life Ins.
New York Life Insurance
night life
noncancelable life insurance
not everybody can appreciate the finer things in life
not everything is work in life
not in this life
not in your life
not on one's life
not on your life
nothing in life
obtain from life
of life
of sea life
of the calculation of length of human life
of the fresh-water life
of the last phase in the life
old line life
old line life insurance
on my life
once-in-one's-life chance
once-in-one's-life opportunity
online life
operational life
orderly life
ordinary life insurance
ordinary life policy
ordinary-life things
outdoor life
outlook on life
pace of city life
pace of life
Pacific Life
partnership life insurance
pass one's life
pay with one's life
peaceful life
pediatric advanced life support
penal servitude for life
period of life
permanent life insurance
person professing a monastic life
person who needs a lot of variety in his or her life
person who studies the aquatic life
personal advisor on how to achieve one's goals in life
pertaining to life
phase of life
phase of life problem
physical half-life
picture of a still life
plant life
political life
pond life
post held for life
postnatal life
potential life
prenatal life
preparation for life
prime of life
prison life
private life
product life
product life cycle
productive life
Program Development Life Cycle
project life cycle
proprieties of life
Protective Life
Protective Life Corp
psychic life
pull back to life
pull one's life together
put new life into
quality of life
quality of work life
quiet life
radical and profound change in one's behavior and outlook on life
real life-tested
rejoice in life
relive one's life
reminder of the shortness and fragility of life
renewable life insurance
renewal of life
restoration of life
retired life
return to life
risk one's life
run for dear life
run for one's life
run for your life
run one's life
run one's own life
rural character or life
sacrifice one's life
safety of life
save one's life
school life
sciences of life collectively
sea life
seafaring life
second half of a man's life
second half of a person's life
second half of a woman's life
sedentary life
see life
sell one's life dearly
service life
serving a life sentence
sex life
shelf life
shelf life
show signs of life
simple necessities of life
single life
single-life annuity
single-premium life insurance
single-premium life policies
social life
software life-cycle
soil life
solitary life
something normal in life
sorrowful feeling that one accepts as a necessary part of life
span of life
spare a life
spend all of one's life
spend all one's life
spend almost all of one's life
spend half of one's life
spend half one's life
spend most of one's life
spend one's life
spend one's life aimlessly
spend one's own life
spend one's whole life
spend one's whole life weeping
spend the majority of one's life
spice of life
spring to life
staff of life
stage of life
stake one's life on
start a new life
start life
still life
still life paint
still-life painter
still life painting
storage life
straight life annuity
student of bird life
study and beliefs about life after death
study of dust and other impurities floating in atmosphere and their effect on life
study of rare forms of animal life
such is life
suffer a lot in one's life
sunny life
sustain life
System Development Life Cycle
system life cycle
take away life from
take away one's life
take for life
take life away from
take one's life
take one's life out of
take one's own life
take one's own life away
take up a monastic life
take up the monastic life
taking one's own life
tell your friend to take care of your wife and lose both for life
temporary life annuity
tenancy for life
tenant for life
term life insurance
that's life
the best in life
the best in one's life
the damned life
the first half of life
the first half of one's life
the good life
the good things in life
the Life
the life story
the meaninglessness of life
the motherfucking life
the penalties life
the prime of life
the right to life
the rough-and-tumble of life
the sunshine of one's life
the thread of life
the time of one's life
the ultimate in life
the ultimate of life
the whole life
the woman's destiny in her life
things of life
things that happen in life
this is life
this life on earth
thread of life
through life
through one's life
through one's whole life
through the whole life
time of life
tired of life
to the close of life
to the very end of life
tree of life
tripod of life
true to life
turn one's life around
turnabout in life
universal life insurance
until the close of life
until the end of life
untrue to life
upon my life
ups and downs of life
useful life
uterine life
value one's life
variable life insurance
variable-premium life insurance
variety is the spice of life
vase life
vegetative life
very long life component
vicissitudes of life
view of life
views of life
village life
violence to life
wake up to the realities of life
walk of life
wanton disregard for human life
way of life
ways of life
we are each given the tools we need to go through life
we don't always get what we want in this life
we forget the things that we have enjoyed in life
wear-out life
weariness of life
weary of life
weighted average life
what a life
what a rotten life
what a sordid life
which comes back to life
which contains the earliest evidence of animal life
which contains the same forms of animal life
which has different forms at different periods of the life cycle
which leads a concealed life
which leads an arboreal mode of life
which regains life
whole life annuity
whole life insurance
wild life
wild plant life
word which initates the sound of a real-life action
working life
yield to average life
you cannot have perfect happiness in this life
your money or your life
youth comes but once in life
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