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country  Sustantivo
Plural: countries
  1. Traducir "country" a Español: país, nación, patria, tierra, tierruca
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": nation, father land, home country, homeland, native country, fatherland, native land, region
    Definir significado de "country": A politically organized body of people under a single government. ; The territory occupied by a nation.
  2. The state has elected a new president.
    African nations.
    Students who had come to the nation's capitol.
    The country's largest manufacturer.
    An industrialized land.
    He returned to the land of his birth.
    He visited several European countries.

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  3. Traducir "country" a Español: campo, campiña
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": countryside, field, open land, stretch of land outside outside the city area, champaign, meadow
    Definir significado de "country": An area outside of cities and towns.
  4. His poetry celebrated the slower pace of life in the country.

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  5. Traducir "country" a Español: música country, country
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": country and western, country music, hillbilly music
    Definir significado de "country": A simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States; usually played on stringed instruments.

country  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "country" a Español: campesino, campal, campero, de campo, lugareño, pastoral, pueblerino, rural, villano
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": rural, peasant, farm, farming, pastoral, rustic, village, agrestic, countrified
    Definir significado de "country": Living in or characteristic of farming or country life. ; Relating to rural areas.

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  3. Traducir "country" a Español: bastante competente
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": quite competent

  4. Traducir "country" a Español: confiable
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "country": reliable, responsible, dependable, sure, trustable, trustworthy, jannock, jonnick
    Definir significado de "country": Worthy of reliance or trust. ; Worthy of being depended on.

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "country"
a country mile
a prophet is without honor in his own country
across country
across the country
actual conditions in a country
adapt linguistically and colloquially to another country
adopted country
against one's country
against one's own country
Agrarian Country
agricultural country
agricultural laborer in an Arab country
agricultural laborers in an Arab country
aid to other countries
alien with certain rights of citizenship in the country
all around the country
ambassador in an Islamic country
anise-flavored alcoholic beverage traditional in Mediterranean and North African countries
another country
appeal to the country
Arab Country
around the country
arrears country
ASEAN Country
associate closely with inhabitants of an enemy country
at the limit of the country
authority in an Islamic country
average-inflation country
Axis countries
back country
Baltic country
barring of outgoing international calls except those directed to the home PLMN country
barring of outgoing international calls except to home country
Basque Country
Básquet Country
be a country bumpkin
be going to live in the country
beat someone by a country
beat something by a country
bench of mud or stone built in houses and in public places in Islamic countries
beneficiary country
between countries
bilateral countries
Black Country
blend country
borrowing country
Brazilian Center for Documentation and Studies on Rio de La Plata Basin Countries
capital-exporting country
capital-importing country
Capitalist Country
carry the war into the enemy's country
cattle-farming country
centre country
character in a computer that varies from country to country
co-chair country
come up from the country
commodity producing country
conflict within an organization or country
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
creditor country
crispy pastry shaped like a doughnut typical in Latin American countries
cross-country analysis
cross-country flight
cross-country race
cross-country racing
cross-country review
cross-country runners
cross-country running
cross-country skiing
cross-country study
cross country vehicle
cut across country
damaging for the country
day in the country
debt-distressed country
debt-laden country
debtor country
destination country
developed countries
developed country
developing countries
developing country
devoted support and defense of one's country
dictionaries of the words and phrases peculiar to a part of a country
dictionary of the words and phrases peculiar to a part of a country
diplomat who represents a foreign country
director in an Islamic country
dollarized country
donor country
drawing country
drive out from the country
dull country town
Electrical Interconnection System for Central American Countries
envoy to an Islamic country
equal citizenship in different countries
equality of political rights in different countries
European Union Country
expel from the country
exporting countries
exporting country
expulsion from the country
facilitator country
fear of Spain, Spanish culture or Spanish-speaking countries
fight for one's country
financial market country
flat country
flee to the country
footballing countries
forbidding country
from Basque Country
from inside the country
from the fictitious country of Laputa
geographical area politically controlled and exploited by a distant country
go cross-country
go on a country excursion
go out of the country
go to live in the country
go to the country
Group of Latin American and Caribbean Sugar Exporting Countries
group of leading industrialised countries
group of leading industrialized countries
Gulf countries
hand-wrought steel made in various Asian countries
harmful to the country
heavily indebted countries
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
heavily indebted poor country
high-inflation country
high-latitude country
high officer or minister in a Muslim country
Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
highly indebted poor country
hill country
home country
host country
importing country
in-country programming
in-country travel
in the open country
indebted developing country
indebtedness of a country
industrial countries
Industrial Country
inside and outside the country
insignificant little country
interior of the country
interior part of the country
introduce into a country
investment in other countries
investments in foreign countries
inward the country
inwards the country
Iron Curtain Countries
irrational fear of Spain, Spanish culture or Spanish-speaking countries
Islamic Country
island country
issuing country
Joint Declaration of the Presidents of the Mercosur Countries
land-locked country
landlocked country
Latin countries
law of a particular country
least advanced countries
least developed countries
Least Developed Country
leave the country
lending country
less developed countries
less-developed country
life in the country
line of country
live in the country
living in the country
local character of a disease of ecological condition with occurrence only in a given place or country
love for one's country
love of one's country
Low Countries
low income countries
low-inflation country
lower middle income country
major industrial countries
man from the country
manager in an Islamic country
mandate country
manufacturer's country
member country
Mercosur Countries
mobile country code
most immediately impacted countries
most seriously affected countries
mother country
native country
near the limit of the country
neighboring country
net creditor countries
net exporting country
net importing country
neutral country
newly industrialized country
newly industrializing country
non-member country
non-oil developing countries
non-oil developing country
non-oil primary producing country
non-Party country
nonfranc country
nonmember country
northern part of the country
OECD Country
of one's country
of the country
of the entire country
of the fictitious country of Laputa
of the possession of citizenship in different countries
oil country
oil exporting country
old country
open country
Organization of Arab Petroleum-Exporting Countries
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
origin country
out of the country
outside the home PLMN country
outward-looking country
outward-oriented country
overdue country
overseas countries
participating country
partner countries
partner country
peasant in an Arab country
peasants in an Arab country
person who uses a raft to flee a country
pertaining to the Silures or their country
phobia of Spain, Spanish culture or Spanish-speaking countries
play country
play country boy
point of entry into a country
porter or burden-bearer in Oriental countries
primary exporting country
primary producing country
prison for slaves in some East Mediterranean countries
process of reshaping the country
producing countries
program country
province of Canada located in the east-central part of the country
provision for country risk
public bathhouse in Islamic countries
quota by country
recipient country
relegate to a foreign country
rely on the law of the country
reporting country
representative of another country
retire to the country
run the country
SADC Country
satellite country
send to live in the country
send to the country
serve one's country
severely indebted country
ship's home country
sing country
small country house
small country store
small country town
small hill country town
something unsuited to a location or incongruous with a country
source country
South Carolina low country
sovereign of an Islamic country
Spanish-speaking countries
sponsoring country
stately mansion in the country
stock of logging material and equipment in a country
stump the country
style of heavily accented music evolved from blues, folk, and country music
surplus country
switched-transit country
terminal country
Texas Hill Country
the back country
the Eastern Bloc countries
the free countries
third country
this country
through the country
throughout the whole country
total forest in country
toward the interior of the country
traitor to one's country
transit country
travel throughout the country
tricycle vehicle used as a taxi in Oriental countries
trip to the country
troubled countries
underdeveloped countries
underdeveloped country
unfamiliar country
University of the Basque Country
unknown country
unsalted cod and leek soup from Basque country
up country
upland stretch of open country
walking country
wasteland in a country
West Country
whip made of the hide of a hippopotamus or rhinoceros formerly used in Muslim countries
whole country
wild country
wine country
within and outside the country
without a country
young man from the country
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