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Del verbo Inglés, bag:
bags es:
   3era persona singular (he/she/it) Presente Indicativo

bags  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "bags" a Español: bolsas

  2. Traducir "bags" a Español: ojeras
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bags": bags under the eyes, rings under the eyes

  3. Traducir "bags" a Español: pantalones británicos
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bags": British trousers

  4. Traducir "bags" a Español: pechos de una mujer
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bags": woman's breasts, women breasts, garbonzas

  5. Traducir "bags" a Español: gran cantidad
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bags": great quantity, large number, arsenal, big quantity, blizzard, enormous quantity, large amount, lot, heap

bags  Interjección
  1. Traducir "bags" a Español: mi turno
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bags": it's my turn

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "bags"
bag  Verbo
Plural: bags
  1. Traducir "bag" a Español: poner en sacos, ensacar, bolsear
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": put into sacks, bag up, sack
    Definir significado de "bag": Put into a bag.
  2. The supermarket clerk bagged the groceries.

  3. Traducir "bag" a Español: abultarse
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": bulge, pouch, swell, protuberate, stand out
    Definir significado de "bag": Bulge out; form a bulge outward, or be so full as to appear to bulge.

  4. Traducir "bag" a Español: matar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": butcher, kill, murder, account for, assassinate, bump off, cut down, do in, knock off

  5. Traducir "bag" a Español: conseguir
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": achieve, get, go to get, obtain, bring off, come at, come by, come up with, get made
    Definir significado de "bag": To gain with effort.

  6. Traducir "bag" a Español: capturar, arrestar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": capture, get, grasp, apprehend, bring to justice, catch, hunt down, arrest
    Definir significado de "bag": Succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase. ; Capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping. ; Bring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit.

  7. Traducir "bag" a Español: suprimir
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": ban, delete, eliminate, abolish, clamp down on, cut out, cut out on, quash, suppress
    Definir significado de "bag": Prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure.

  8. Traducir "bag" a Español: deshacerse de
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": dispose of, do away with, get rid of, abandon, cast off, cast out, divest oneself of, chuck, dump

  9. Traducir "bag" a Español: evitar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": avoid, prevent, avert, keep away from, keep clear of, keep from, put by, shun
    Definir significado de "bag": Stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something. ; Refrain from certain foods or beverages.; Prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening. ; Refrain from doing something.

  10. Traducir "bag" a Español: rendirse
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": surrender, drop away, give over, lay down, lay down one's arms, surrender oneself, yield, give up
    Definir significado de "bag": Give up or agree to forego to the power or possession of another. ; Relinquish to the power of another; yield to the control of another.

  11. Traducir "bag" a Español: incluir
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": enclose, include, add in, be inclusive of, bring in, reckon in, count in

  12. Traducir "bag" a Español: inhalar humo de una sustancia tóxica
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": inhale fumes of an intoxicating substance

bag  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "bag" a Español: bolsa, bolsa de papel, bolsa de plástico, bolsa plástica
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": paper bag, polythene bag, sack for shopping, plastic bag, poly bag, sack, carrier bag
    Definir significado de "bag": A flexible container with a single opening. ; A bag used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women). ; The quantity that a bag will hold.
  2. He stuffed his laundry into a large bag.
    She reached into her bag and found a comb.
    He ate a large bag of popcorn.

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  3. Traducir "bag" a Español: saco, talega
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": sack, large bag made of coarsely woven material
    Definir significado de "bag": A flexible container with a single opening.
  4. He stuffed his laundry into a large bag.

  5. Traducir "bag" a Español: bolso, bolsa de viaje, maleta, maleta de mano, maletín, maletín para equipaje
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": carryall, shoulder bag, tote bag, travel bag, carpetbag, grip, traveling bag, travelling bag, holdall
    Definir significado de "bag": A portable rectangular traveling bag for carrying clothes.
  6. He carried his small bag onto the plane with him.

    [ + ] Frases Célebres y Proverbios

  7. Traducir "bag" a Español: bolsa, contenido de una bolsa
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": contents of a bag

  8. Traducir "bag" a Español: maletín, maletín del doctor
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": doctor's bag

  9. Traducir "bag" a Español: bulto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": bundle, pack, package, parcel
    Definir significado de "bag": A package of several things tied together for carrying or storing. ; A collection of things wrapped or boxed together.

  10. Traducir "bag" a Español: cuerpo del arte
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": fishing gear bag

  11. Traducir "bag" a Español: escroto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": cod, scrotum, bursala testium

  12. Traducir "bag" a Español: condón
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": condom, contraceptive, prophylactic, rubber, balloon, fishskin, French safe, French letter
    Definir significado de "bag": Latex sheath used on the penis as a contraceptive and protection against STD. ; Contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse.

  13. Traducir "bag" a Español: almohadilla que sirve de base en béisbol
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": cushionlike marker that serves as base in baseball

  14. Traducir "bag" a Español: porción de narcóticos envuelta con envoltorio satinado
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": portion of narcotics wrapped in glassine envelope

  15. Traducir "bag" a Español: pechos de la mujer
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": woman's breasts, women breast, gazongas, guzungas

  16. Traducir "bag" a Español: mujer fea
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": extremely unpleasant and objectionable woman, ugly woman, barfola, bat, dog, hag, unattractive woman, boiler, cunt

  17. Traducir "bag" a Español: multiconjunto, conjunto múltiple
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bag": multiset

Conjugación verbal de "bag"
Gerundio: bagging



















will bag

will bag

will bag

will bag

will bag

will bag

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "bag"
a mixed bag
air bag
air sickness bag
ambu bag
Ambu bag
barf bag
Barne's bag
Barnes' bag
barracks bag
be in the bag
be left holding the bag
be someone's bag
be unable to find one's way out of a paper bag
be unable to punch one's way out of a paper bag
bean bag
belly bag
belt bag
black-bag job
body bag
boil-in-the-bag meal
breathing bag
brown-bag it
brown bag lunch
brown paper bag test
bum bag
bunting bag
Bunyan bag
canvas bag
carpet bag
carrier bag
carry-on bag
Champetier de Ribes' bag
Chapman's bag
clothes bag
clutch bag
colostomy bag
come out of the bag
contents of a bag
cool bag
cosmetics bag
diddy bag
dime bag
diplomatic bag
ditty bag
doctor's bag
doggy bag
Dorothy bag
douche bag
Douglas bag
draw-string bag
drawstring bag
duffel bag
dust bag
fag bag
fishing gear bag
flight bag
floating bag
garbage bag
garment bag
Gladstone bag
goody bag
grab bag
green bag
gunny bag
Hagner bag
hair bag
half in the bag
have a bag on
have almost in the bag
have half a bag on
hold the bag
homeless person traveling with his belongings in a bag
ice bag
ileostomy bag
in the bag
isothermic bag
jiffy bag
kit bag
ladies' bag
large leather bag
leather bag
leather-coated bag
leather-coated cloth bag
leave holding bag
leave holding the bag
leave someone holding the bag
let the cat out of the bag
luggage bag
make-up bag
man who has no home and travels around carrying his belongingsin a bag
medical snatch bag
mixed bag
mobile bag lifter
moveable bag lifter
nickel bag
nose bag
nuclear bag
nuclear bag fiber
old bag
out of the bag
overnight bag
pannier bag
paper bag
paper bag test
Pertersen's bag
Petersen's bag
Pilcher bag
plastic bag
platform drier with individual bag apertures
Plummer's bag
polishing bag
Politzer bag
Politzer's bag
poly bag
polythene bag
portable bag lifter
pounce bag
property bag
provision bag
punching bag
pus bag
put in a bag
rag bag
rawhide shoulder bag
rebreathing bag
resembling a bag
reservoir bag
roll bag
rope bag hoist
rum bag
saddle bag
sandwich bag
scum bag
sea bag
shepherd's bag
ship's bag
shopper bag
shopping bag
shoulder bag
sick bag
sleaze bag
sleeping bag
slewing bag jib
small bag
sponge bag
sponge-bag trousers
steamer bag
stiff flour pudding boiled in a cloth bag
string bag
survival bag
tea bag
toilet bag
tool bag
tote bag
trash bag
travel bag
traveling bag
traveling bag made of carpet ranging in size from a small purse to a large duffle bag
travelling bag
vanity bag
Voorhees' bag
Voorhees bag
wall-mounted bag hoist
wash bag
water bag
weekend bag
wire suspension rope for bag lift
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