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bad  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "bad" a Español: mal, malo, perverso, mala, vil, truño
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": wicked, evil, base, perverse, abject, ill, oblique, heinous, unrighteous, mean
    Definir significado de "bad": Characterized by wickedness or immorality.
  2. Led a very bad life.

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  3. Traducir "bad" a Español: malo, averiado, descompuesto
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": damaged, in bad condition, deteriorated, impaired, out of service, out of order, broken, broken-down
    Definir significado de "bad": Not working properly.
  4. A bad telephone connection.
    A defective appliance.

  5. Traducir "bad" a Español: malo, de baja calidad, de pacotilla, mal, mala
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": lousy, poor-quality, crappy, crummy, deficient, poor, bad-quality
    Definir significado de "bad": Having undesirable or negative qualities. ; Below average in quality or performance.
  6. A bad report card.
    His sloppy appearance made a bad impression.
    A bad little boy.
    Clothes in bad shape.
    A bad cut.
    Bad luck.
    The news was very bad.
    The reviews were bad.
    The pay is bad.
    A bad chess player.
    A bad recital.

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  7. Traducir "bad" a Español: malo, adverso, lesivo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": adverse, averse, perverse, wrong, inauspicious, opponent, unfavorable, unfavourable
    Definir significado de "bad": Having undesirable or negative qualities. ; Capable of harming.
  8. A bad report card.
    His sloppy appearance made a bad impression.
    A bad little boy.
    Clothes in bad shape.
    A bad cut.
    Bad luck.
    The news was very bad.
    The reviews were bad.
    The pay is bad.
    Bad habits.
    Bad air.
    Smoking is bad for you.

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  9. Traducir "bad" a Español: mal
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": inefficient, poor
    Definir significado de "bad": Piece of work. ; Below average in quality or performance.
  10. A bad chess player.
    A bad recital.

  11. Traducir "bad" a Español: dañino, nocivo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": harmful, damaging, hurtful, injurious, noxious, scathing
    Definir significado de "bad": Capable of harming.
  12. Bad habits.
    Bad air.
    Smoking is bad for you.

  13. Traducir "bad" a Español: severo, inclemente, ingrato
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": inclement, severe, unfriendly, disagreeable, harsh, stormy, turbulent, unpleasing
    Definir significado de "bad": Very intense.
  14. A bad headache.
    In a big rage.
    Had a big (or bad) shock.
    A bad earthquake.
    A bad storm.

  15. Traducir "bad" a Español: malo, descompuesto, en estado de descomposición, no apto para consumo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": rotten, decomposed, in bad condition, decayed, not good for consumption, spoiled, unfit for human consumption, putrid
    Definir significado de "bad": Not in an edible or usable condition.
  16. Bad meat.
    A refrigerator full of spoilt food.

  17. Traducir "bad" a Español: bueno
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "bad": fine, good, okay, bonzer, rattling, reat, excellent
    Definir significado de "bad": Characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment. ; Minutely precise especially in differences in meaning. ; Being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition.; Of texture; being small-grained or smooth to the touch or having fine particles.

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "bad"
a bad beginning makes a bad ending
a bad ending
a bad life a bad end
a bad sort
a good or a bad thing
a good or bad thing
ability to see better in bad light
acquire bad habits
act in a bad way
act in bad faith
action in bad faith
allowance for bad debts
articulate bad
augur bad
bankruptcy due to bad management
be a bad candidate
be a bad dream
be a bad influence
be a bad laborer
be a bad labourer
be a bad match
be a bad painter
be a bad seller
be a bad shot
be a bad sign
be a bad speller
be all bad
be bad
be bad for
be bad luck
be bad manners
be bad news
be bad tempered
be bad weather
be basically bad
be doing bad
be doing bad economically
be doing bad in
be doing bad in one's
be either good or bad
be feeling bad
be feeling very bad
be going bad
be having a really bad day
be in a bad condition
be in a bad fix
be in a bad humor
be in a bad mood
be in a bad nick
be in a bad relationship
be in a bad relationship with
be in a bad situation
be in a bad state
be in a bad temper
be in a bad way
be in a real bad mood
be in a very bad mood
be in a very bad state
be in a very bad way
be in an extremely bad mood
be in bad company
be in bad form
be in bad health
be in bad repair
be in bad shape
be in bad terms
be in someone's bad graces
be in very bad shape
be it good or bad
be left in a bad spot
be looking bad
be neither good nor bad
be not bad
be of bad quality
be off to a bad start
be on bad terms
be on bad terms with
be on very bad terms
be on very bad terms with
be really bad
be sitting with a bad posture
be standing with a bad posture
be too bad
be treated bad
be very bad
be working bad for
better alone than in a bad marriage
better be alone than in bad company
better to be alone than in bad company
bordering on bad taste
both extremes are bad
break bad
bring bad luck
business bad debts
buyer in bad faith
by bad means
capacity of a person to recover in a bad situation
carry on a bad behavior
catch a bad cold
cause of bad luck
classify as bad loan
coefficient of bad debts
come to a bad end
come with bad intentions
conspicuously bad
create a bad effect
create a bad impression
day bringing bad fortune
day of bad weather
delayed by bad weather
disconnect from an online service or Internet due to violation of rules or a bad connection
do bad
do bad for
do bad things
do things bad
drive bad
during bad weather
end up bad
evildoers meet with a bad end
excruciatingly bad
fall back to a previous pattern of bad behavior
fall into bad habits
fall into bad ways
feel awfully bad
feel bad
feel bad about
feel bad for
feel bad with
fit of bad humor
fit of bad temper
for good for for bad
for good or for bad
get a bad impression
get along awfully bad
get along bad
get along very bad
get bad grades
get bad results from
get bad-tempered
get into a bad
get into a bad mood
get into bad habits
get into the bad habit of
get off to a bad start
get rid of all the bad guys
get rid of the bad habit
give a bad example
give a bad image of
give a bad taste
give a bad time
give a dog a bad name
give bad advice
go awfully bad
go bad
go through a bad patch
go through a bad time
go through a period of bad luck
go to the bad
good and bad
good riddance to bad rubbish
hard living leads to a bad end
have a bad day
have a bad effect
have a bad feeling
have a bad night
have a bad odor
have a bad presentiment
have a bad relationship
have a bad relationship with
have a bad spelling
have a bad taste
have a bad temper
have a bad time
have a really bad day
have a run of bad luck
have a streak of bad luck
have an very bad service
have bad eyesight
have bad habits
have bad intentions
have bad luck
have bad luck with
have bad manners
have bad news
have bad opinion of
have bad spelling
have it bad
have very bad luck
hear bad
holder in bad faith
hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper
hunger never saw bad bread
hunger never saw bad food
if you live like that you're bound to come to a bad end
in a bad fashion
in a bad fix
in a bad mood
in a bad sense
in a bad situation
in a bad temper
in a bad way
in a very bad shape
in bad
in bad company
in bad condition
in bad faith
in bad health
in bad humor
in bad order
in bad repair
in bad shape
in bad taste
in bad weather
in really bad shape
in someone's bad books
in very bad condition
in very bad shape
inability to see in bad light
isn't all that bad
it's neither good nor bad
joke in bad taste
keep bad company
keep bad relations
keep from the bad weather
keep on investing in a bad business
keep up a bad relation
lead a bad life
learn bad ways
loans written off as bad debts
look bad
look bad in
make a bad impression
make a bad marriage
make bad use of
make go bad
make look really bad
make the best of a bad bargain
make the best of a bad job
make the best of a bad situation
make the best out of a bad job
make the best out of a bad situation
make turn bad
man unsullied of bad character
Money is a good servant but a bad master
my bad
neither good nor bad
nonbusiness bad debts
not bad
not half bad
not so bad
obtain bad results
of bad breeding
of very bad quality
on bad terms
perform bad
person who brings bad luck
person who is believed to bring bad luck
person with bad intentions
person with bad luck
petulant outburst of bad temper
piece of bad breeding
piece of mail that cannot be delivered because of bad address
possession in bad faith
pretend to be the bad guy
pretty bad
protect against bad weather
provision for bad debts
punish the bearer of bad news
purchaser in bad faith
put a good face on a bad business
put in a bad humor
put in a bad mood
receive bad advice
relapse into bad ways
reserve for bad debts
return repeatedly to a bad situation
return to bad habits
rid oneself of bad habit
run of bad luck
say a bad word
see bad
set a bad example
show one's bad temper
shut in by bad weather
sleep bad
smell bad
smell bad to
smell very bad
solitude is better than bad company
some good and some bad
some good-some bad
something bad
something done in bad taste
something smells bad
something that is bad
spell of bad luck
stir up bad blood
stop looking so bad
storage disk track that contains a bad sector
strike a bad patch
take a bad turn
take the good with the bad
taste bad
teach bad ways
terribly bad
that's too bad
the bad thing
the good and the bad
the height of bad luck
the prevailing bad weather
the sensational always covers up bad workmanship
the weather is bad
there should never be room for bad memories
think it is bad that
through bad means
throw good money after bad
too bad
too bad that
transmit bad luck
turn out all bad
turn out very bad
undergo a spell of bad luck
use bad language
vent one's bad feelings
very bad
very bad flavor
very bad flavour
very bad looking
very bad luck
very bad quality
very bad reputation
victimized by bad luck
walk bad
want bad
wash quick and bad
what a bad luck
what bad luck
when someone gets mad all reasoning is bad
when things are bad
with a bad purpose
with a bad quality
with bad grace
work under bad conditions
worst bad luck
wretchedly bad
write off a bad debt
writing-off of bad debts
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