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back  Verbo
Plural: backs
  1. Traducir "back" a Español: echar para atrás, retroceder
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": move back, pull back, move backward, move backwards, push back
    Definir significado de "back": Cause to travel backward.
  2. Back the car into the parking spot.

  3. Traducir "back" a Español: respaldar, acuerpar, dar apoyo moral, dar respaldo a, secundar, segundar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back up, stand up for, endorse, stand back of, stand behind, stand for
    Definir significado de "back": Support financial backing for. ; Be behind; approve of. ; Give support or one's approval to.
  4. They back the quality, Ellos respaldan la calidad.
    Back this enterprise.
    He plumped for the Labor Party.
    I backed Kennedy in 1960.
    I'll second that motion.
    I can't back this plan.
    Endorse a new project.

  5. Traducir "back" a Español: documentar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": illustrate, document
    Definir significado de "back": Establish as valid or genuine.
  6. Can you back up your claims?

  7. Traducir "back" a Español: venir de retroceso, retroceder, caminar de retroceso, echar para atrás, echarse atrás
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back out, draw back, turn back, back away, back off, back up, bear back, move back
    Definir significado de "back": Shift to a counterclockwise direction. ; Travel backward.
  8. The wind backed.
    Back into the driveway.
    The car backed up and hit the tree.

  9. Traducir "back" a Español: endosar, brindar abierto apoyo a, confirmar, respaldar
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": attest, corroborate, attest to, bear out, confirm, express formal support of, second, testify to
    Definir significado de "back": Strengthen by providing with a back or backing. ; Establish as valid or genuine.
  10. They backed the investment, Ellos endosaron la inversión.
    Can you back up your claims?

back  Sustantivo
  1. Traducir "back" a Español: parte trasera, parte de atrás
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": rear, back part, posterior, rear end, back end, back side, behind, rearward
    Definir significado de "back": The side that goes last or is not normally seen.; The part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer.
  2. He wrote the date on the back of the photograph.
    He stood at the back of the stage.
    It was hidden in the rear of the store.

  3. Traducir "back" a Español: espalda, parte posterior del tronco
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back of the body, dorsum
    Definir significado de "back": The posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine. ; The series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord.
  4. His back was nicely tanned.
    The fall broke his back.

  5. Traducir "back" a Español: espaldar, respaldo, espaldar de la silla, respaldo de la silla
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back of the chair, back of a chair, back rest, backrest
    Definir significado de "back": A support that you can lean against while sitting.
  6. The back of the dental chair was adjustable.

  7. Traducir "back" a Español: lomo, lomo de un animal, parte trasera de un animal
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back side of an animal, back of an animal, ridge
    Definir significado de "back": Back side of an animal.

  8. Traducir "back" a Español: parte de atrás del cuchillo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back of the knife

  9. Traducir "back" a Español: espalda del vestido, espalda
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back of the dress
    Definir significado de "back": The part of a garment that covers your back.
  10. They pinned a 'kick me' sign on his back.

  11. Traducir "back" a Español: fondo de la sala, fondo del teatro
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back of the hall, back of the theater
    Definir significado de "back": The part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer.
  12. He stood at the back of the stage.
    It was hidden in the rear of the store.

  13. Traducir "back" a Español: revés
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": inside

  14. Traducir "back" a Español: respaldo
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back up, backup, backup copy

  15. Traducir "back" a Español: trasdós, curva externa de un arco
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": exterior curve of an arch, extrados

  16. Traducir "back" a Español: envés, reverso de la tela
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back side of a cloth, back side of the fabric, wrong side, wrong side of the fabric, reverse

  17. Traducir "back" a Español: defensa, zaga, zaguero
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back-line player
    Definir significado de "back": The position of a player on a football team who is stationed behind the line of scrimmage. ; A person who plays in the backfield.

  18. Traducir "Back" a Español: Back, comando de explorador que lo devuelve a la página Web inmediatamente anterior
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "Back": browser command which returns you to the immediate previous web page

back  Adjetivo
  1. Traducir "back" a Español: de atrás, posterior, trasero, dorsal
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": posterior, back-end, hind, hindmost, aft, postern, puisne
    Definir significado de "back": Located at or near the back of an animal. ; Related to or located at the back.
  2. Back (or hind) legs.
    The hinder part of a carcass.
    The back yard.
    The back entrance.

  3. Traducir "back" a Español: anterior
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": former, previous, anterior, earlier, early, foregoing, old, onetime
    Definir significado de "back": Of an earlier date.
  4. Back issues of the magazine.

  5. Traducir "back" a Español: de la espalda
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": of the back
    Definir significado de "back": Located at or near the back of an animal.
  6. Back (or hind) legs.
    The hinder part of a carcass.

back  Adverbio
  1. Traducir "back" a Español: de regreso, de vuelta
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": homeward-bound
    Definir significado de "back": In or to or toward a former location.
  2. She went back to her parents' house.

  3. Traducir "back" a Español: hacia atrás
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": backward, backwards, in reverse, rearward, fro
    Definir significado de "back": At or to or toward the back or rear.
  4. He moved back.
    Tripped when he stepped backward.
    She looked rearward out the window of the car.

  5. Traducir "back" a Español: atrás, detrás, en la parte trasera, pos
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": behind, in the rear, in the back, fro
    Definir significado de "back": At or to or toward the back or rear.
  6. He moved back.
    Tripped when he stepped backward.
    She looked rearward out the window of the car.

  7. Traducir "back" a Español: atrás, en el pasado
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": aforetime, at a former time, back in time, formerly, in former times, in the past, over the past
    Definir significado de "back": In or to or toward a past time.
  8. Set the clocks back an hour.
    Never look back.
    Lovers of the past looking fondly backward.

back  Interjección
  1. Traducir "back" a Español: atrás
    Sinónimos en Inglés de "back": back up, get back, jump back, out back, step back

Conjugación verbal de "back"
Participio Pasado:backed



















will back

will back

will back

will back

will back

will back

Expresiones relacionadas conceptualmente con "back"
a look back
a while back
add-back method
adolescent round back
African white-backed vulture
anchor back
angry back
answer back
answer back angrily
answer back sharply
answer-back unit
argue back
as far back as
ask back
ask back for
assemble back together
asset-backed securities
asset-backed security
at her back
at his back
at my back
at the back
at the back of
at their back
at their backs
at your back
back to back
back to back borrowing
back-to-back credit
back-to-back houses
back-to-back loan
back-to-back loans
back-to-back missions
bad back
banded-backed wren
basket for carrying objects on the back
bay-backed antpitta
bay-backed shrike
be a stab in the back
be at the back
be back
be back home
be back soon
be backed
be backed by
be drawn back
be fed up to the back teeth
be flat on one's back
be forced to stay back
be given back to
be going back
be hanging off the back
be held back
be hit on the back
be like water off a duck's back
be made to move back
be made to take a seat at the back
be moved back
be moved from one point to another and back
be moved towards the back
be on one's back
be on one's way back
be on the way back
be paid back
be placed in the back
be right back
be rolled over on one's back
be rolled over onto one's back
be stabbed in the back
be with nothing but the shirt on your back
bear back
beat back
behind her back
behind his back
behind my back
behind one's back
behind our back
behind someone's back
behind their back
behind your back
bellow back
bend back
bend one's back
bite back
black-backed antshrike
black-backed bittern
black-backed grosbeak
black-backed magpie
black-backed oriole
black-backed puffback
black-backed tanager
black-backed thornbill
black-backed tyrant
black-backed uakari
black-backed woodpecker
blink back tears
blow back
blow on the back
blue-backed conebill
blue-backed manakin
blue-backed niltava
blue-backed pitta
blue-backed tanager
bob back
bond buy-back
bond buy-backs
bought-back stock
bounce back
bounce back from
bounce back on
break one's back
break one's back for
break someone's back
break the back of
break the camel's back
bring back
bring back memories
bring back to
bring memories back to
bring on one's back
broad and flat muscle in the back
broadest muscle of back
broadest musculus of back
brown-backed dove
brown-backed flowerpecker
brown-backed honeyeater
brown-backed mockingbird
brown-backed munia
brown-backed needletail
brown-backed parrotlet
brown-backed whistler
brown-backed woodpecker
build back up
burn in one's back
burn on one's back
buy back
buy-back agreement
buy-back option
buying back
call back
carry back
carry on one's back
cast back
cast one's mind back
cede back
change back
change back again
charge back
check back
check back later
check back later on
check back on
chestnut-backed antbird
chestnut-backed chickadee
chestnut-backed owlet
chestnut-backed tanager
chestnut-backed thornbird
chill in the back
choke back
choke back tears
chop back
claim back
claiming back
clap on the back
claw back
comb back
come back
come back again
come back for
come back from
come back home
come back in
come back later
come back on
come back slowly to
come back to
come back up
come in back
coming back
commodity-backed bond
common gold-backed woodpecker
copy-paste back translation
count back
cover one's back
cover someone's back
cover the back of
cream-backed woodpecker
crimson-backed tanager
cross back
cry back
cut back
cut back home
cut back on
cut back on expenses
cutting back
dark-backed goldfinch
dark-backed swift
dash back
date back
date back from
date back to
days back
debt buy-back
decisions taken in the back room
don't flex if you are not able to fight back
don't pat yourself on the back
dot-backed antbird
double back
double back cross
double back on itself
draw back
draw back from
drive back
drive back home
drive back to
drop back
dusky-backed jacamar
Eastern golden-backed weaver
face and back
face in the back
face muscle that pulls the upper eyelid up and back
fall back
fall back into
fall back on
fall back upon
fall flat on one's back
fall on one's back
fall to one's back
feed back
ferruginous-backed antbird
fetch back
fight back
filter back
filter back into
filtered back projection
find one's way back
fire back
fire back at
flash back
flat on one's back
flat on the back
fling back
flow back
fly back
fold back
force back
frame for carrying things on your back
from the back
from the back of
front and back
front to back
front-to-back ratio
further back
gain back
gain back consciousness
gaze back
gear back
get a place in the back
get back
get back at
get back for
get back in
get back into
get back to
get hit from the back
get hit on the back
get in by the back door
get off my back
get off one's back
get one's back up
get one's breath back
get one's own back
get one's way back
get oneself back
get oneself in the back
get stabbed in the back
give back
give back to
give to be paid back
given to answering back
giving back
glance back
glance back at
GNMA mortgage-back securities
go back
go back again
go back home
go back in
go back on
go back over
go back there
go back to
go back up
golden-backed bishop
golden-backed honeyeater
gray-backed hawk
gray-backed shrike
gray-backed tachuri
gray-headed olive-back
great black-backed gull
greater flame-backed woodpecker
green-backed babbler
green-backed bulbul
green-backed firecrown
green-backed flowerpecker
green-backed sparrow
green-backed tit
green-backed twinspot
green-backed whipbird
green-backed woodpecker
greet back
guide back
hackles on back
hairy-backed bulbul
hand back
hang back
hark back
hark back to
have a wide back
have back
have on one's back
have the back turned
have to go back to
head back
head back to
head on back
hear back
hear back from
heave on one's back
help back
Himalayan gold-backed woodpecker
hit back
hit on the back
hitch back home
hold back
hold back from
hold back information
hold back on
hold back on expenses
hollow back
hump back
hump one's back
hunch back
hunch one's back
hurry back
I'll be right back
illuminated from the back
in back of
in the back
in the back of
in the time back in
in the years back in
inch back up
Indian white-backed vulture
initiate the way back
inter-vine ploughing back
it is the last straw that breaks the camel's back
it's like water off a duck's back
it's no skin off my back
it's the last straw that breaks the camel's back
join back
journey there and back
jump back
jump back startled
jump back with
just back of
keep back
keep back information
keep back information from
keeping back
Kenya violet-backed sunbird
key that changes from a status or mode to another and back
kick back
kidney protective back rest
knife back
knock back
ladder-backed woodpecker
land in one's back
lay back on
lay on one's back
lead back
lead back to
lean back
lean back against
leaning back
lease back
lease back
leave back
left-back player
lesser black-backed gull
lesser flame-backed woodpecker
lie back
lie back against
lie on one's back
like water off a duck's back
loan agreement in which creditor takes immediate possession of the collateral and gives it back after payment
loll back on
look back
look back at
look back on
look back to
look back towards
loop back
looped-back clock
loss before tax carry back
low back pain
low-backed chair
lower back pain
mail back
make a come back
make come back
make explosions at the back
make it back
maroon-backed accentor
maroon-backed whistler
money back
money-back guarantee
mortgage-backed bond
mortgage-backed certificate
mortgage-backed certificates
mortgage-backed investment
mortgage-backed securities
moss-backed tanager
mottle-backed elaenia
move back
move back in
move back to
move to the back
moving back
neck muscle that flexes the neck at the atlanto-occipital joint and draws the head back
of the back
olive-backed euphonia
olive-backed flowerpecker
olive-backed oriole
olive-backed pipit
olive-backed sunbird
olive-backed tanager
olive-backed woodcreeper
olive-backed woodpecker
on my back
on one's back
on the back
on the job in the back seat
on with it and don't look back
open-back cabinet
orange-backed woodpecker
order back
out back
over the back
pain in the back
pass back
pat in the back
pat on the back
pat oneself on the back
pay back
pay-back period
pay the debt back to
peel back
person who always talks back
phone back
pink-backed pelican
place back
place back in
place back to back
plain-backed antpitta
plain-backed pipit
plain-backed sunbird
plain unupholstered wooden bench usually with a slat back
play back
plough back
plough back profits
ploughing back
ploughing back plough
plow back
poker back
puff-backed bulbul
puff-backed honeyeater
pull back
pull back to
purple-backed sunbeam
purple-backed thornbill
purplish-backed jay
push at the back
push back
push-back procedure
put back
put back in
put back into
put back on course
put back on probation
put back to
put back together
put back together again
put oneself in the back
put the clock back
putting back
reach back
read back
red-backed buzzard
red-backed honeyeater
red-backed shrike
red-backed warbler
red-backed wren
refer back
referring to the back
region of back
rein back
relative to a back tooth
report back
report back to
rest back
ride back
ride in the back seat
right back of
right-back player
right to the back of
ring back
ring-back signal
roll back
roll-back commitment
roll back prices
roll onto one's back
roll over on one's back
roll over one's back
room at the back
rufous-backed antvireo
rufous-backed negrito
run back
run back home
run back to
rush back
rush back to
russet-backed oropendola
rusty-backed antwren
rusty-backed monjita
rusty-backed spinetail
saddle back
saddle-back nose
sale with option to buy back
scale back
scale-backed antbird
scamper back
scarlet-backed flowerpecker
scarlet-backed woodpecker
seat back
see back side
see the back of
see you when you come back
sell back
sell with the option to buy back
selling back
send back
send to back
set back
set the clock back
settle back
Shelley's olive-back
shoot back
shoot from the back
shout back
shrink back
shrink back from
silver-backed needletail
sit at the back
sit at the back of
sit back
sit back comfortably
sit back of
sit back to
sit in back of
sit in the back
sit in the back seat
sit in the seat at the back
slap on the back
slat back
slate-backed thornbill
slaty-backed hemispingus
slip back
small of the back
smile back
snap back
snap back at
some time back
some way back
sore back
spot-backed antbird
spot-backed antshrike
spot-backed antwren
spot-backed puffbird
sprain of back
spring back
stab in the back
stand at the back
stand back
stand back of
stare back
stare back at
start back
start back to
start on the way back
stay back
step back
step back from
stick back
storm back
straight back syndrome
straighten one's back
strain one's back
straw that breaks the camel's back
streak-backed antshrike
streak-backed canastero
streak-backed oriole
streaked-backed oriole
stretch back
strike back
stripe-backed antbird
stripe-backed bittern
stripe-backed Tanager
stripe-backed wren
strong back
success in life is always moving forward and not looking back
swap back
swayed back
swim on one's back
tail back from
tail back to
take a back seat
take a decision from where there is no going back
take a seat at the back
take back
take back home
take-back mortgage
take back to
take one's word back
take the back seat
talk back
talk back to
talk behind people's backs
Taylor's back brace
the back of
the back row
the last straw breaks the camel's back
the lower part of the back
the road back
the rout back
the small of the back
the time back in
the way back
the years back in
there is no going back
think back
thorny-backed reptile
throw back
throw the ball back at
thrust back
tie back one's
tilted to the back
to the back
tortoise-shell back comb
toss one's hair back
trace back
train or any other kind of transportation operating empty on its way back
translate back
travel from one point to another and back
tread back
turn back
turn back on
turn one's back
turn one's back on
turn one's back upon
turn one's eyes back
turn the back on
turn the clock back
two days back
two episodes back-to-back
Uluguru violet-backed sunbird
upper back pain
violet-backed starling
violet-backed sunbird
walk back
want back
water back
welcome back
Western golden-backed weaver
when we have a thorn we want to take it out but when we remove it we need it back to cover the hole
whistle back
white-backed duck
white-backed munia
white-backed swallow
white-backed woodpecker
white-backed woodswallow
white-collared olive-back
win back
wind back
with one's back up against
words once spoken cannot be taken back
write back
write-back cache
years back
yellow-backed oriole
yellow-backed sunbird
yellow-backed tanager
yellow-backed whistler
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