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Personalized Customer Service


You do not have to believe us on this either. Try asking any other translation software company about a translation problem or any technical question.


Many of our customers have confided to us that Word Magic Software is the only one that responds and does so usually within 24 hours during weekdays!


Our philosophy is completely different.  We respond to all emails, even if some of them may contain harsh criticism, as was the case of a lady from Spain who angrily complained that our dictionary included many Spanish words that were not included in the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (DRAE).  We took our time and explained to her that there are actually thousands of regular words that we have included in Word Magic’s dictionary which are not even mentioned in the DRAE, but which are part of our everyday conversation, especially in Latin America.  We also showed her how many thousands of instances these “taboo” words appear in Internet texts.  She is now a satisfied customer and one more in our long list of friends.


Our personalized Customer Service includes the following:

  • All normal installation and how-to questions regarding the programs

  • Requests for adding a specific word in our dictionary

  • Requests for the addition of complete glossaries for field-specific areas

  • Suggestions for a special feature that you would like to see in a new Upgrade

  • Complaints about translation bugs or other kinds of problems

  • Customized software design for special applications. Compare prices

Let our Customers do the talking; click here to see their testimonials.


Contact us at:

Toll-free number: 1-385-743-1890
Emails: [email protected] [email protected]
Skype: ricardoarguellojr
Forum: http://forum.wordmagicsoft.com