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Launching in the U.S.A.

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Who Are We?

Word Magic: Translation Intelligence that is Empowering Communications

Monday, February 18th, 2002

Launching in the U.S.A.

Word Magic Software, a developer of English-Spanish translation and communications software, launched today in the U.S. the Professional Suite Premier version of their signature product. The software, which includes the release of the latest version of English-Spanish Interpreter 3.0 (ESI), Translation Dictionary & Tools, Field-Specific Dictionaries (Legal, Business and Finance, Information Technology) and the Point and Click Translation Dictionary, will revolutionize the growing translation, localization, and language communications industry, a byproduct of the increasing trend towards globalization.


Word Magic’s Professional Suite Premier boasts the most advanced language depth, grammatical intelligence and modularity of any English-Spanish translation software. The ESI product currently has the most powerful parser, or grammatical-analyzer on the market and renders contextual rather than literal translations. Comprising the largest database of words, with over 10 times more entries than the average dictionary, Word Magic Software also has the ability to recognize semantics and informal grammar, and contains the largest “Expression Builder” with more idiomatic phrases than any other translation software on the market.


“Word Magic Software increases the rate at which business can be conducted across language boundaries and, in today’s business climate, ensuring timely yet accurate communication is not only essential, but non-negotiable,” said Mr. Ricardo Argüello, president and founder of Word Magic Software. “We provide working professionals and enterprises with cost-effective tools to increase productivity and maximize precision and understanding in their daily communications.”


The Professional Suite 3.0 Deluxe edition includes Word Magic’s English - Spanish Interpreter 3.0 (ESI 3.0), which translates documents automatically or interactively, Translation Dictionary & Tools, a suite of dictionaries that encompasses a thesaurus, a verb conjugator and an expression builder, and Point & Click Translation Dictionary, a quick-reference pop-up translation dictionary. The Premier edition of the Professional Suite 3.0 includes all of the above, and is rounded off with a powerful package of add-on, Field-Specific Dictionaries covering Business & Finance, Law, and Information Technology.



Word Magic at the XIII ALFAL Congress

Word Magic Software Inc., a leading company in the development of communications and English-Spanish translation software, announces its participation in the XIII International Congress of the Latin American Philology and Linguistics Association (ALFAL).


This congress is especially directed towards professionals in Philology and Linguistics from Latin America, North America, Europe and other continents, whose research is centered on languages spoken in Latin America and the discursive production in the corresponding languages.


An encounter of this nature will allow a convivium of researchers who are involved in the linguistic complexity of Latin America and its cultural production.



Who Are We?

Word Magic Software, Inc., from its beginning in 1989, is a company dedicated solely to the production of software designed specifically for English-Spanish translation, corporate communications and education, a market with a growth that has currently spiralled in every field due to the influence of the Internet.


Word Magic Software Inc. specializes in English and Spanish, and that is one of the reasons its products have reached such a high degree of improvement, being able to oust other translation programs that have been in the world market for quite a long time.


Word Magic has ambitious plans for the near future: it has assured an alliance with the prestigious Princeton University; they have placed at our disposal their Word Net data base, to develop Artificial Intelligence applied to translation, which will be the next technological step to be incorporated into ESI. Likewise, the University of Costa Rica, through its Department of Linguistics, is collaborating with the designing of a semantic marking of the already extensive Word Magic data base. All of which, indubitably, promises much for the image Costa Rica has abroad in the field of Software development.


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