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Two New Translator Solutions

In our continous and neverending innovative streak, we have two more new products/services to offer you, to make your translation needs less of a hassle.


Translator Live Application (for Mac and Windows)

Word Magic Translator Live Quick Start DemoThe first one is an online subscription service: our new and very lightweight Live Text Translator application installs in your computer and accesses our server, providing you with fast, live and automatic translation outputs of your Spanish or English text, in both directions. It also has dictionary, verb conjugation and thesaurus functions, just to make it all easier. And all for a very low quarterly ($10) or yearly ($30) subscription fee. You can see a quick demo by clicking the video on the right.


To download a trial version that will allow 10 free actions click here.


To purchase your quarterly subscription, for $10 USD, click here.


To purchase your yearly subscription, for $30 USD, click here.


Translator for Android Smartphones

Word Magic Translator for Android Quick Start DemoThe second one is a Google Android version of our translator: Translator for Google Android SmartPhones. It is basically a version of our automatic translator especially made for Android SmartPhones; more features will be coming soon – verb conjugator, dictionary, thesaurus. It is available through the Android website marketplace only (free trial and purchase). See a quick demo by clicking the video on the left. Visit http://www.google.com/mobile/android/ for more information on Android Smartphones and Google Android.